Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am becoming Mrs Big

OMG ! I am becoming Mrs Big. My big is married to his job and here fashionably yours seems to be married to my job we are on par....2 busy people married to our job. I am so busy with work till I don't feel like talking. My mind is just so engrossed with my work....I have no time to go home nor go to the washroom.

Fashionably yours worked till 2200 hour in the office on a Friday night. I still cannot finish my work, so I brought my work home to do them over the weekends. Phew ! finally I just finished what need to be done. Thank God, I can rest on Sunday, though I burnt my Saturday working. At least I have a sense of accomplishment when getting my tasks completed.

I understand how it feels when you have reports to do and tight dateline. I simply have no mood for other things. Just leave me alone to do my work. The mind will be keep thinking about the reports and works.....that is exactly how my big feel every time. He has so many works to do. Times are bad so cannot employ additional manpower to help him. Next week is gonna be another hectic and stressful week for fashionably yours.

Alrighty, fashionably yours need to have a good rest now, after all my hard work. Now I want a can of beer to relax and unwind myself.

Cheers :)

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