Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last day of February 2009 - 28.02.2009

Today is the last day of February 2009. February is a short month with only 28 days in the calendar and 29 days in a leap year in the calendar. I still cannot believe that today is 28 February 2009 and 2 months has gone in Year 2009. Time really flies, we are entering the 3rd month of Year 2009 tomorrow. Well seems like it was only yesterday when we were counting down to Year 2009 and now March 2009 is approaching us soon in a few hours.

It was raining cats and dogs this afternoon. I took out my camera and captured the rain while I was watching the rain drop falling from my window. This is my neighbourhood..... How nice this is so relaxing.

After the rain has stopped, I was singing :
The rain has stopped, the storm has passed
Look at all the colors now the sun's here at last.

Don't be so caught up with our daily busy stuffy, remember to stop and smell the rose, or rather watch the rain falling and listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.

Fashionably yours was shopping last evening and don't believed that it was a Friday night and the shopping malls are so quiet. Where are all the shoppers ? Guess times are bad that even with the BIG RED WORDING SALES shown on the shops are not attracting shoppers. More people are browsing than buying.....except fashionably yours is still shopping and buying. I bought a pair of 4 inch black high heels last night. Will show picture when I model it. Stay tuned.
Well the weather is rather nice and cooling....and is such a lovely weather to snuggle under the duvet tonight. My babyface just messaged me something horny....he is getting naughty. Got to go now.
Have a nice weekends everyone.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Quote of the day

Death is the only true friend any of us really have.
Gives his warm and loving hug to us when it is time to leave.
(My babyface)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So cartoon !

Fashionably yours have been taking Cod Liver Oil capsule everyday since young
This is the Cod Liver Oil capsule fashionably yours have been taking since last year
My bottle of Cod Liver Oil capsule

Did you notice the expiry date ?

Yes the expiry date was March 2008. Fashionably yours have been consuming the expired Cod Liver Oil capsule for the past one year till few days ago, then realized it has expired. No wonder sometimes I get stomach upset out of the blue.....Oh no, I have been intoxicated. I need to detox. I am so cartoon right ? hahaha.....laughing it must be very careful to check for expiry date.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tai Tai Lifestyle

TGIW....Thank God It is Wednesday. Fashionably yours can hear the weekend's footstep is getting closer. Well well well, leading the tai-tai lifestyle for these two days. Yesterday and today took off in the afternoon from work to rest and relax. Yesterday was on a shopping spree. Bought some toiletries from Robinsons and bought my favourite body wash and body lotions from Crabtree and Evelyn.

In fact fashionably yours have not been shopping for the last few weeks, so yesterday was kinda of make-up retail therapy. Dropped by Gucci yesterday and the sales personnel was so warmth to me. Saw a pair of Gucci's heels but did not buy because it is about 4 inches high, though it is nice....maybe will buy it when it is on sales, provided it has my size. I am still thinking about the Ferragamo's heels.....hmmm.....must try to drop by Manolo Blahnik someday to buy my heels.

Crabtree and Evelyn Lavender Body wash and Body Lotion
Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Body Wash and Body Lotion

Today went to the spa for my full body massage and facial on a lovely Wednesday afternoon. Loving it. Now I look so radiant after the facial and feel so good after the body massage. I am gonna be very busy at work for the next two months because financial year end closing and need to prepare for new financial year stuffy too. I am ready to tackle the battle which will be very stressful.
After I am done with my body massage and facial, felt so hungry, so decided to drink my favourite mushroom soup at the Soup Spoon at the Paragon, which is also my babyface's favourite place. We love drinking soup. After fashionably yours's stomach was satisfied, indulge in some retail therapy. Came across the Body Shop new RoseFlower Make-Up collection. Bought the Rose Blusher and RoseFlower Radiance Stick.

RoseFlower Radiance Stick and the RoseFlower Rose Blush

So I had my retail therapy, body massage and facial done. I am a happy girl....or rather a happy tai-tai lifestyle. Tomorrow will be going for coffee with the guys and have lots of fun & laughters over lunch with them.

Monday, February 23, 2009


So far most of the guys I spoke to said they enjoy watching porn. Most of them watch it for the fun of it. It seems like it is part of their regular routine to watch porn. I am ok if my man wants to watch porn but I will NOT watch it together with him. I don't like to watch porn. I feel that to most guys watching porn is just like watching a football match, which is normal to them, so long as it is just for fun and nothing else. Some guys I spoke to told fashionably yours that porn is actually far better in some circumstances than you might think. It's how you want it, no foreplay in the sense of dinners etc, no afterplay in the sense of she staying at your place: Perfect !

Sometimes the woman may feel sick when they found out that their man are watching porn. Was it something wrong with themselves that they could not fulfill their man so their man are watching porn. I don’t think there is any problem with the woman. It is just that most men generally psychologically has this thing inside them wanting to watch porn and it turns them on. Also sometimes their other half in real life might not perform some of the positions and actions which the porn actress did in the porn. They just wanna enjoy watching it only. I may not be right on this though……

Porn is definitely not my cup of tea and I of course don’t encourage people to watch it. However if my man enjoy watching it just for the fun of it and laugh it off, I will not stop him, as long as it is harmless. Of course I do not want him to watch behind my back…at least inform me he is watching porn. I don’t like my man to lie to me. At least talk it out and be truthful to each other and tell me the reasons why he is watching it. I am rather open on this. I know some of the men watch porn but lie to their wives or girlfriends which can upset them. They watch behind their back and did not tell their wives or girlfriends for fear they will be hurt. Initially the wives and girlfriends will feel hurt , disgusting and sad but I think anything can be discussed and talked it out.

What is your take on man watching porn ? Feel free to give your opinions, especially the man who are reading this. No hard feelings, just your voice only. Cheers :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quote of the day

Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, "Never will I leave you: never will I forsake you.

(Hebrews 13:5)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


These are the fashion magazines which fashionably yours bought this week.

Her World - March 2009
Simply Her - March 2009
ELLE - March 2009

FREE RED pouch from ELLE magazine

Fashionably yours is so busy with work lately and feel so tired. But still manageable. The weather these few days is so hot and humid. I sweat a lot and decided to trim my hair yesterday evening after work. So far so good, except find my fringe is slightly shorter. Hope my fringe will grow soon.
Alrighty would like to knock off soon and looking forward to my exciting and wonderful weekend. I can hear the weekend footstep is getting closer and closer.
Have a nice Thursday evening everyone :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


OMG ! it is now Tuesday and middle of February 2009. How times flew past and Monday just flew past us like that....No Monday blues, was rather relax mood at work though.

Fashionably yours just had my pedicure done at the salon. Feel good and relax to indulge in my pedicure session. My toes are now painted in a shade of plum and I love the purplish shimmering and so lavender like....very peaceful and calm feeling looking at it. Loving it:)

The weather is so hot and humid nowadays. So drinking ice cold beer to quench my thirst now.....Oh la shiok ! Have a nice week ahead everyone.

Cheers :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pre Nuptials Agreement

Last Friday night I was chatting with my American friend. He brought up the topic of Pre Nuptials Agreement (Preups). He said he will not get married unless a Preups is done. Well it was reported in the Sunday Times today about signing Preups.

A Preups is basically a contractual agreement signed before the marriage takes place. It will state terms such as the assets acquired before marriage is not liable to be shared equally with the spouse in case a divorce took place. The couples are only liable to the assets acquired together during the marriage. It can also state other terms and conditions accordingly to what the couples want it to be in the Preups. It is very common in Europe and America. This can avoid quarrels during divorce in the event the marriage broke down. It is also proof that one get married out of love and not money or assets one is after.

Fashionably yours is ok with getting a Preups done before marriage. Will you get a Preups done before marriage, given a choice ? Feel free to give your take on hard feelings. Thanks :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day and I am sure most of you had a good time with your Valentine(s). Most of the the guys out there must have digged a deep hole in their wallets for paying on overpriced flowers, strangers bumping elbows with strangers at restuarants for overpriced food. Actually it is not necessary to splurge on all these overpriced items especially now the economy is so bad. The worst is yet to come, so better spend wisely. It pains my heart to see my man's hard earn cash paid for all these overpriced items, though he has no problem paying for it. The economy is bad now, so we keep low profile even we can afford to splurge. Be empathy.

I feel everyday should be Valentine's day and not only to express your love to your significant other on this Valentine's day. When I was a teenager, I have lots of expectations on this day itself, getting excited on how to celebrate it. However as I grow older and wiser, I just find it too commercialised and kind of show off by couples to declare their love to each other. It is so meaningless. As long as two people know they are in love and truly care for each other deep down in their heart, I think it is good enough.

The restaurants owners and florists are the one laughing their way to the bank now. I wouldn't want my man to pay for the overpriced flowers and food because we know we can always pay normal price on other days and get excellent services. Well, he is on overeseas business trip, so save our money....earning money is more important now than spending it...I support his job though it is keeping him away from me....not easy being the woman behind the successful man with a recession-proof professional. I am used to it anyway:)) I told him the other day that he has a recession-proof job, so I must stick to him closely and hold to him tightly.

Fashionably yours had alot of fun today eating and eating......
Yummy carrot cake bought especially for me by my favourite auntie. Thanks auntie.Ate Ritter Sport Chocolate

Drank Hooch blackcurrant beer
Had strawberry in a nice heart-shaped packing
(Another commercialised item)

Ate my salad

Ate my favourite fruit salad

Wishing everyone a very Happy and memorable Valentine's Day, though it is just a normal day for fashionably yours.
Have a nice weekend too everyone.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

TGIF....Hurray it is Friday....well it is Friday the 13th....hahahaha....Normally people's face change whenever one mentioned Friday the 13th, for fear something bad will happen. Some people are so scared that they can take leave to stay at home whole day....are you one of those ?
Anyway I hope nothing bad happened to anyone of you on Friday the 13th.

Fashionably yours is in a very happy and relax mood today since the weekend is here. Everyone in the office today is also in a very relax stress and no pressure at work. Everybody is feeling good, laughing and joking in the office.

During lunch time, Yuan-san and I went to buy 8-days magazine at the Newstand at Centrepoint. They were having some promotion whereby when customers buy 8-days or I-weekly will get a free gift from L'oreal worth SGD15.00.

My 8-days magazine
My free gift worth SGD15 from L'oreal

After I had paid for my 8-days magazine, somebody asked me if I can read Chinese. I replied yes I can. This auntie is so sweet, she told me she only wants the free gift for her son. She is giving me I-weekly to read.
My FREE copy of I-weekly, given to me by the kind soul.
After we were done with our goodie bags and magazines, Yuan-san and I shopped at John Little. John Little and Robinson Group of companies are absorbing the 7% GST over the weekends, from Friday to Sunday.
I bought my favourite lollipop - Chupa Chups from John Little
Assorted flavour of chupa chups

Also had afternoon tea with my wonderful colleagues just now. We were all simply very relax, chit-chat and laughed alot. Loving it with nice company. All in all, a very happy and lucky Friday the 13th for fashionably yours.
Have a nice weekend everyone.
P.S. Passed by Heeren just now and saw some flower sellers selling 3 stalks of roses for SGD25. OMG ! it is so expensive to pay for 3 stalks of roses at SGD25 that will wither within 3 days. I wouldn't want it. No thanks. It is not necessary to splurge on such unnecessary things, just because it is Valentine's day. I would rather my man donate that sum of money to charity. However I do feel good to receive flowers on my birthday though:)) I think the flowers will be back to normal price on my birthday....Luckily my birthday does not coincide with Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love or Money ?

In a relationship, as a woman will you fall in love with a man because :
1) both of you are in love with each other but he is not financially stable or
2) will you love a man because he is financially stable

Fashionably yours feel that we cannot survive on love alone. Definitely need money to survive in our society. Guess financially stable is part of the love package. Most men have their ego. They would want to provide for their women such as buying nice Valentine's gifts for their women, dinner and so on....Sometimes I ever heard women comparing notes with their girlfriends such as "Oh my hubby bought me this, this and that for me." After their comparing notes session is over, they might go home to feedback to their hubby "Oh so and so hubby bought this and that for her, how come you did not buy for me ?" Sometimes it is not the hubby did not buy for them, but is just they have different financial statements.

Now the economy is bad and so many people are losing jobs and facing some financial problems, especially those with commitments, such as children's education, housing loans and car loans.....All these in terms might cause quarrels among couples dealing with the money issues now. The couples would need to priorities their commitments and recession-proof their relationships. Often I see couples and families quarrel over money issues and caused many unhappiness.

I don't think I will fall in love with a man who is not financially stable. I am a very pratical person....financially stable is part of the love package for me. Of course personality is also an important issue. If he is financially stable but no personality, then sorry it is a no go......I believe love can be cultivated. If the man I love is not financially stable, how can he afford to support my lifestyles. I am better off myself than to open a can of worms and take on additional problems.

Thank God, so far the men I fell in love with are financially stable and high flyers....I know what I want and what Iam looking for in a man.

What is your take ? Feel free to share your view, no hard feelings:) Cheers :))

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My sushi dinner from The Market Place

Was supposed to meet up with Mr BK for dinner tonight but he got stuck at work.

Below is our interesting messages :

Me : Hey, are you meeting me for dinner tonight, as you told me last week.
BK : Nope, sorry I forgot.....I am hopeless
After a while, he messaged me again.....
BK : The truth is I am stuck at work
Me : It's ok. We can arrange dinner another time. You better get on with your work and don't be the last to leave the office.
BK : Thanks I guess I owe you.
Me : OK since you said it.
BK : So do I have to kiss your feet now ?
Me : I think you are missing my feet. Tonight you can kiss your work. Hahahaha...
BK : hahaha.....

Fashionably yours is not angry with Mr BK even though he cannot have dinner with me tonight due to his work. In fact, I am glad that he has a job that keeps him very very busy. Another high flyer in the industry. Since now times are bad, it is thankful that one has a busy job. BK's job is not easy, lots of brainwork and I would say he is a genius :) I respect his job. That's all I am saying, not revealing his professional here. He is sweet to me so far and I find him always worrying that his actions will make me angry..... He is careful with his words with me. He really makes me laugh.

Anyway work come first, our dinner can wait...I am not that demanding. He has been telling me that he is looking forward to our dinner tonight and he even ask for fashionably yours food choice. I believe he will really make it up to me someday. Will update you guys here, so stay tuned.

Anyway, fashionably yours had sushi and miso soup from The Market Place for dinner tonight. full now.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lunch at McDonald

Today Lemon-san dated me to eat McDonald McValue Lunch meal. We ate the fillet o fish meal. Fashionably yours topped up SGD0.60 to drink the cuppacino. I am so sleepy today so need my cuppacino feed. As usual, we chatted alot at McCafe happily. Only the 2 of romantic....just kidding !

Our McValue Meal
Cheap and Good
Only from 12.01 pm to 2pm weekdays only
My cuppacino....yummy

I think McDonald can appoint fashionably yours as their ambassasdor since I blog about it here. Any Manager from McDonald, if you are reading this, please do consider to appoint me as your ambassador, if your are looking for one, and I will blog more about it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lovely Sunday Afternoon

What did I do on a Sunday Afternoon ? See pictures below :

Had afternoon tea
Drank my favourite Crabtree & Evelyn Afternoon Tea

Ate my favourite
Marks & Spencer
Custard biscuits

My biscuits and Tea
Enjoying my afternoon tea with nature in the greenery
While reading my Sunday Times
soaking my sexy feet
with The Body Shop
Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak
to help cleanse, cool and revive tired feet

All in all a very lovely Sunday afternoon pampering myself at the comfort of my lovely home. I love all these me-time which is a luxury to fashionably yours. Worked 5 day week, so Sunday belongs to my own time. Everybody needs to have their own personal space to do the things they enjoy and also to recharge themselves before the work week begins on Monday.
Have a nice week ahead everyone:)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mini Notebook

Well, I am thinking to buy a mini notebook. I am keen on ASUS. My friends are telling me to look around first and can buy at the next PC Show in March 2009.

My requirements are :
1) 2GB ram
2) about 7 inch panel
3) battery life of about 6 hours
4) budget about SGD600

Anyout out there, can you please share information with me about your mini notebook. Such as provide me with some of your feedback. Of course recommendations are welcome too.

Looking forward to hear your suggestions, feedback and recommedations. Thanks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Praise the Lord

I laughed a lot today at work
There are always laughters at work
It is fun at my work place
We are always laughing at each other
I Live to work
Love my working buddies
My work doesn't feel like work at times because
I am surrounded by wonderful people and laughters
It really makes my working life fun though we are under stress
Laughters at work helps to destress
I am HAPPY at where I am now, both at work and home
Thank God for sending all the wonderful people to make my life so fun and interesting
I feel so truly blessed and at peace with myself
Praise the Lord

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enjoyable lunch + office crisis

Today had an enjoyable lunch at McDonald with my wonderful buddies. We ate the SGD4.50 McValue lunch. Alot of funny things happened during our this lunch. First I went to the wrong counter to buy our meal. They nominated me to buy the food so I asked Lemon-san which counter to queue. He pointed me to the other counter, so off I went to the other counter to quene up. We wanted to change the soft drinks to cuppacino so we topped up SGD0.60 each. After I bought the food, Yuan-san then saw me quene up at the wrong counter, because we wanted our cuppacino to be served in those porcelin cup, so should quene up at the McCafe counter. The normal counter will serve cuppacino in those plastic cups which we do not want. Anyway the staff changed it to Porcelin cups for us. So you see, my wonderful buddies did not give me proper instructions when I asked them which counter to quene. Yuan-san said he forgot to tell me to quene up at the McCafe counter. Secondly, did not ordered french fries without salt for Seng-san because he also forgot to tell me. Luckily we have another group of colleagues coming to lunch with us, so they can order french fries without salt and swop with us. Thirdly, I order wrongly for Lemon-san, he wants to eat fillet o fish but I ordered chicken burger for him. In the end, Lemon-san also ate the chicken burger. So many funny things happened and we laughed and laughed. We are always like this, surely have something funny to laugh about. Yesterday lunch also funny things happened, I ordered Pig Stomach soup with pork ribs, but the soup does not have pig stomach meat. I returned the soup to the stall and they change it to other soup for me. Another funny thing was I requested Seng-san bought to buy fruits for me. I told him I want to eat 2 pieces of papaya and 1 piece of water melon. Ended up, the stall helper forgot to give me watermelon. We laughed again over these.

Presenting our McValue Lunch

After our lunch, Lemon-san and I went to HMV to browse CDs. The rest sat and chat at the McCafe followed by shopping at Marks and Spencers for more offer biscuits. All in all an enjoyable lunch with my wonderful buddies.

It was a good day all along today till some work crisis happened in the evening. Some culprit deleted my important folder in my server. I panic, screamed and jumped. Then quickly seek help. Told my people that they cannot go home till they restore my data in my server. They troubleshoot and luckily found my data and restored in my server. That folder contains very important database because it contains important information for my ISO audits. We have cleaned up the security level for my server access and dedicated it to only a few authorised personnels. What a way to end my working day.....Thank God, my data are restored. Was feeling very moody and angry initially but feel better after my important data are restored. At first wanted to investigate who is the culprit but on 2nd thoughts decided not to since my data are restored. Better channel our resources to more productive and efficent usage.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Working life

Today kicked start a project at work. Get the ball rolling and arrowed a few key personnel. I can see they are taking actions at their end after I arrowed them. They are feeling stressful given the tight deadline I gave them. They negotiated with me to extend the deadline. Of course I am negotiable. However I cannot extend too long for them because alot of planning and work is involved at my end. Have another tough and major project coming soon next month. That one can make my people headache. I have forewarned some of my people that next month fashionably yours is gonna kick start that too, so be prepared for it. many projects in the pipeline.....Thank God I still have a job during this economy crisis and is making me so so so busy that I don't have enough sleep.

Yes, major projects are tough, but glad I have wonderful people in my team to work with. Have our fun at work with laughters and we will pull through the projects successfully. They are in safe hands because I am handling it. They knew I maybe tough with them and is stressful for them to see and hear my name, because it means work. Some even try to avoid me when they cannot submit their reports to me on time. My people are so funny. However, nothing can escape fashionably yours' X-ray eyes. I can easily spot their mistakes and ask them to re-submit their reports.

So much so about work. Of course besides work, fashionably yours had my lunch time retail therapy together with my wonderful buddies. We bought lots of biscuits and chocolates at Marks and Spencer because it is on offer. We also had enjoyable lunch together with lots of laughters. Feel blessed to have my group of wonderful buddies, who never fail to bring cheers to my days.

Fashionably yours is tired now after my long day. Need my beauty sleep now. Another long and fun day tomorrow. Good night everyone and sweet dreams :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Naked couple

Just now passed by Wala Wala but I didn't see any naked couple parading at Holland Village.

Monday, February 2, 2009

02022009 = 2nd Feb 2009

The CNY Public Holidays is over oh so fast. The next Public Holiday is gonna only be in April 2009 which is a Good Friday Public Holiday. In other words, there are no Public Holidays in February 2009 and March 2009. Take your own leave to declare self holiday then.

Today is the 2nd day of February 2009 and also the 2nd month of 2009. Phew ! was very busy at work today, running here and there to get things done. Amazingly seems like fashionably yours is jogging in the office in my high heels and pumping up my adrenalin. Never ending tasks which I guess is a good thing, especially now with the bad economy. Thus it is good to be busy at work.

Nevertheless, I still take time to relax over a cup of tea with Lemon-san during lunch time at the Paragon. Nice to hang out with him and chit-chat over a cup of tea. It helps to destress and relax. Saw another lion dance performance at The Paragon. The lion dance performance was for Mondial Jewellery. Enjoy watching the lion dance performance.

I think I am a big fans of Lion Dance Performance. Whenever I saw there is a lion dance performance happening at the malls, surely I must go and take a look.

Alrighty, now time for fashionably yours to rest and relax after a hard day work. Some nice music with a can of beer is good enough for fashionably yours to chill out, with a good book/magazine.

Cheers :))

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tonic Chicken Soup for the soul

Boiled tonic chicken soup just now. Fashionably yours love drinking soup, especially herbal soup. I also enjoy boiling soup. This tonic chicken soup is very nourishing to the soul, improves blood circulations, boost energy and immunity level. It is good for overall well being.

Click here for the recipes.

Yummy and love it. Do try it out.


After the Dior Private Event last night, fashionably yours make my virgin trip to Sephora. After I had read it in the magazine, decided to drop by to have a look. They sold lots of brands of cosmetics and skincare. It is similar to SaSa concepts. However they have some cosmetics and skin care range that are selling exclusively only in Sephora. They also have their house brands of cometics which I saw lots of ladies were trying it on at the store last night.

Fashionably yours came out of the store with a bag in hand

Fashionably yours bought the Sephora anti-shine primer to control oil on my oily face. It is to be applied before applying foundations. Also bought a bottle of nail polish which I like the colour very much.

I wanted to buy their mineral double compact powder but it has run out of stock the colour suitable for my skin tone. Therefore I am on their waiting list. They will call me once the stocks have arrived. Anyone out there has visited Sephora Store at Ngee Ann City ? If yes, please share with me what did you buy and which items you like best from Sephora. Thanks.

More information on Sephora, please click here