Monday, May 30, 2011

19 errors to avoid in your use of the English Language

Came across an interestng article and would like to share it here with all of you. 

Click here  to read.

Great Singapore Sales

The Great Singapore Sales (GSS) has started so have you started your shoppings.  Fashionably yours aka the shopping queen and shopaholic has been shopping non stop at Orchard Road since the GSS preview sales.  Bought my Clarins skincare, a pair of fitflop, an aloe vera memory contour foam pillow, some toiletries and some household items.  I bought what I need.  Must spend wisely and not buy it just because it is on sales.   What have you bought from the GSS ?  feel free to share with me.

For more information on GSS, click  here

Of course, I will be shopping but buying the stuff I need.  However if it is too good a steal like 95% discount, definitely will buy it if it fits my lifestyle. 

Happy shopping everyone. 

Managing stress

Are you managing stress well ?  Stress is part and parcel of life.  More or less everyone has some form of stress in our daily life.  Came across an interesting article on stress, thus would like to share it here with all my wonderful weblogders. 

Click  here  to read on can you handle stress.

Enjoy the article.  Take care. 

Chanel summer collections 2011

Fashionably yours love Chanel and is a Chanel fan.  Love at first sight and fallen in love with the Chanel Summer Collections 2011. Bought Les 4 Ombres Lilium eyeshadow quad. Have been using Chanel eyeshadow for years and loving it.  Thumbs Up.

My Chanel Les 4 Ombres Lilium eyeshadow

Food Glorious Food

The strawberry shortcake I had from Canele cost $7.50 per piece

 The strawberry shortcake I had from Hans Cafe cost about SGD2.50
 My favourite Phizzy pig gummy from Marks and Spencer
 Love this Suiss Muesli bars bought from Cold Storage
It is healthy snack.
 Mixed berry Suiss Muesli bar
I must eat my oranges everyday
Click here for the benefits of eating oranges
 Bought this Pink Lemonade from NTUC finest

My HARUMI teapot and benefits of drinking tea

Fashionably yours bought this Harumi teapot from Isetan. 

 Making hot tea using my Harumi teapot

Fashionably yours love to drink tea and a tea lover.  Tea has antioxidant and help one to relax.  My favourite tea are peppermint, camomile, green tea, harrods apple tea, lipton blue fruit tea, dilmah elegant earl grey and rooibos tea.  I must drink my hot cup of tea everyday.  What is your favourite tea ?  feel free to share with me.

Click here to read the benefits of drinking tea

Happy drinking tea and cheers to good health.

Magazines and freebies

Bought these magazines from books Kinokuniya

Simply Her Magazine

Free gift - a Tony Moly brightening facial mask worth SGD26.90
Have used it and find it very good.  Love this mask

Women's Weekly magazine
Free gift - a box of Post Waffle Crisp worth SGD5.80

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gummy bear long weekend

Fashionably yours has been munching this sour gummy bear on this long weekend
Bought it from Cold Storage


Fruits Glorious Fruits

 My home made ice cold lemonade

 The lemon inside my ice cold lemonade (top view)
 Mango pudding which L-san bought back from his trip to Taiwan.  Yummy
 The amount of fruits fashionably yours had in a day
Pear, Orange, Guava, Golden Kiwi, Prune and Tomato
Lots of vitamin C

My bowl of guavas

Monday, May 2, 2011

Benefits of drinking honey

Fashionably yours  love to drink my hot cup of honey everyday.  It is so yummy and healthy. 

The 3 key health benefits of honey are related to the fact that:

1. Honey is nature’s energy booster

2. Honey is a great immunity system builder
3. Honey is a natural remedy for many ailments  

Fashionably yours is drinking this tub of honey everyday. 
Just mix two teaspoon of honey with warm water is sufficient for me

It is cheap and good, can be bought at any supermarkets and medical halls.  I used to drink manuka honey which might be too strong for me.  It can cause me diarrhoea sometimes.  Thus I decided to switch to drink the normal honey which suits me well so far.  

For more informatoin on honey, Click here to read up on the benefits of honey

ELLE magazine and freebies

Bought ELLE magazine and get a pouch plus bag from Hansel free

OPI Nail Colours

OPI nail colour - Suzi and lifeguard
I love this shimmery pink

OPI is my favourite nail polish.  Their colour can lasts longer than any other nail colours I have used so far.  What is your favourite nail polish and share with me your favourite colours. 


My nicely done pedicure
OPI - Let Me Entertain You

I enjoy my monthly pedicure session.  It is very relaxing. 

Facial Mask and Eyeliner

Bought FANCL Beauty Facial Treatment Mask
There was this 10% discount promotion so I bought it to try. I like to do facial mask.
It helps to refine and restore your complexion to smooth, moisturized suppleness in just 3 minutes.
I only used once and quite like it. 

 Bought this KATE waterproof liquid eyeliner

I am currently using L'oreal gel liner which is smudgeproof. Found it not as lasting as liquid eyeliner. However, liquid eyeliner gotta wait for it to dry whereas gel liner dried immediately. I might try out KATE gel liner if there is discounts during our Great Singapore Sales (GSS)

What eye liner and facial masks are you using now ? Feel free to share with me.  Thanks.

Birthday card from Chanel

Chanel sent fashionably yours a birthday card.  So sweet.
 Thanks Chanel

Strawberry shortcake

Guess what is in the box

Yes my strawberry shortcake from Canele

Fashionably yours bought my favourite strawberry shortcake from Canele last Friday during my lunch hour.  I love to eat strawberry shortcake.  I find the standard has dropped for their strawberry shortcake.  It is tasty but not as filling like last time. I am gonna buy my cake from The Cova.  Not sure if The Cova sells strawberry shortcake.  Must check it out.   If you do know of any places that sells very good strawberry shortcake, please let me know.  Thanks.

Happy Holidays

Time flies and May is already here. May is gonna be an awesome month.  It is fashionably yours birthday month.  There are 3 Public Holidays in May - Labour Day, Polling Day and Vesak Day.  

Fashionably yours has been working like mad since January 2011 till April 2011.  Often worked till the last one to leave office and gotta bring work home to do.  April 2011 was the peak of my peak period at work.  Now things are more or less settled and hoping to be able to knock off work on the dot from May 2011 onwards till the next peak period around October. Well it is good to be busy at work. I try to have work life balance.  I work hard, I play harder and I rest hardest. In between work and during my madness at work, I also went out to have fun with friends.

This morning I woke up to the news of Osama bin  Laden 's death.  Fashionably yours watched the LIVE broadcast of President Obama at the White House addressing on Osama bin Laden's death.   Osama was hiding in the medium-sized city of Abbottabad, home to a large Pakistani military base and a military academy of the Pakistani Army. After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body. Muslim tradition requires burial within 24 hours, but by doing it at sea, American authorities presumably were trying to avoid creating a shrine for his followers. Osama bin Laden's body was taken to Afghanistan and later buried at sea after he was slain in Pakistan. President Obama said Justice has been done.  For more, read here

On our local shore, the Singapore General Election 2011 is keeping the nation busy by attending rallies. A lot of my friends went to attend rallies.  Most of us are going to the polling station this coming Saturday 7 May 2011 to vote.  Tanjong Pagar GRC is the only constituency that has walk over.  It was so exciting on nomination day on 27 April 2011. I was on leave that day and watched it LIVE from Channel News Asia broadcasting LIVE from the various nomination centres.  Have been seeing and hearing the PAP lorry going around the estates announcing Please vote for PAP.   Lots of  partis posters are hang up at the lamposts island wide too.   Fashionably yours belong to the Holland Bukit Timah GRC.  Which GRC or SMC do you belong to ?  I am not gonna blog about elections here but just to remind everybody to vote wisely on 7 May 2011.

Wishing everyone a Happy May Day and hope your have an enjoyable long weekends.


My shoppings from Sasa

Nail Polish that can change colours indoor and outdoor in the sun

 Fashionably yours bought this DEL SOL - DIVA (SGD9.90 - offer price)
I find the nail polish on my nails lasted only a day. 
The colour changes is not that much of a different.
I will not recommend to buy.
 Maybelline Mascara with vibrator to lengthen the lashes. It was on offer at SGD14.90
 I have not used it yet.  If you have used it, please share with me your review.  Thanks.

Magazines and freebies

Fashionably yours bought some magazines from Books Kinokuniya lately and it comes with freebies.  I love freebies

 BAZAAR magazine

 The freebies - Dr Brandt Pores care
Have used it and find it very good. It covers the pores and very light texture

Women's Weekly and freebies - Shampoo and conditional
I have finished using both the shampoo and conditional.  
 Woman Live Well magazine and freebies - shower gel (worth about SGD20)
I am using this shower gel now.  It has those muscle balm smell but still bearable. The smell doesn't linger on your body after shower. It has the nice flowery smell on my body after shower.