Thursday, February 9, 2012

Under the strong virus

Fashionably yours is sick since Monday with cough, running nose, sore throat and fever.  Long quene at the clinic, so many people are ill nowadays.  Is it the virus is so strong that it  takes a longer time to recover.  Sniffle, sniffles and sniffles......

Never been so sick before.  Generally recovered in about 3 days.  This time seems did not recover even after 4 days.  Infact, it started with slight cough last Monday but I didn't bother much and thought it will go away by itself.  It turns out to get worse and so fallen ill.  On Monday I waited at the clinic for about 2 hours before it was my turn. 

These are the medicine the doctor gave me on Monday
Was on anti-biotics

These are the medicine given to me today. 
Another dose of  stronger anti-biotics.
Fashionably yours is coughing like mad, seems coughing out my lungs and so tiring with the running nose.  I have used up about 10 packets of pocket tissue papers and counting. miserable with coughing and running nose now.  I did not recover since Monday.  Therefore went to consult doctor again just now.  Poor me coughing out lots of yellow phlegm.

I just want to get well soon and to be out and about.  My colleague told me this time the virus is very strong and it will take some time to recover, unlike the usual 3 to 4 days recovery. 

I just drank the cough mixture and feeling drowsy.  Gonna zzzzzzzzz........