Friday, October 31, 2008

Article by Singapore's Youngest Millionaire

Read an interesting article here

Tricks or Treats

Happy Halloween Everyone

Tricks or Treats ?

Well definitely Treats from fashionably yours

Click here to redeem your treat. It will expire on 13 November 2008.

Singapore Jewel Fest 2008 - Autumn/Winter Showcase

Feel honoured to be invited to attend the Singapore Jewel Fest 2008 - Autumn/Winter showcase on Wednesday night. Of course, I extended the invitations to bestie. We had lots of fun and laughter together. It was fantabulous and fashionably yours truly enjoyed myself very much. Love the champagne and red wine.......

The Invitations for both
The Spring/Summer showcase and
The Autumn/Winter showcase

Fashionably yours feel very honoured to be able to meet up, closed and personal to chat with the friendly, nice and jovial Mr Gert Hellmuth, the President of Hellmuth. We chatted so happily and it feels like meeting an old friend. Nice meeting you and I enjoyed our chat, Mr Gert Hellmuth. I really like Hellmuth design and it is my favourite.

Mr Gert Hellmuth, President of Hellmuth and fashionably yours
with the famous Hellmuth Oscar Croco

Hellmuth is a favourite among celebrities such as Penelope Cruz and Hilary Swank, Germany's Hellmuth uses diamonds and gold to reinterpret the look of crocodile skin. I am so in love with its signature creation of diamonds and precious stones - the Hellmuth Oscar Croco 7.2 carats necklace.

Fashionaby is wearing Hellmuth Oscar Croco
I am so in love with it, so bling bling with 7.2 carats of diamond

Another highlights of the event is from Mouawad. Mouawad didn't call the Fantasy Collection for nothing. This USD4.5million (SGD6.8 million) set consists of a pair of panties, a bra, hair clip, garter and cuff with poinsettia and holly details. About 10,000 diamonds, emeralds, rubies and yellow sapphires worth more than 1,600 carats were deployed in this labour of love. Fashionably yours feel so happy to see this up, closed and personal too. It is so beautiful and so bling bling.

View bling bling pictures, please click here

View bling bling video clips, please click here and here

The First Time

The first time
when we hold hand
He held my left hand
confessing his love to me.
Deep in his heart
he is planning to
put on a diamond ring
on my left hand, fourth finger
sometimes down the road.
Thus he holds my left hand and
with the diamond ring
It locks our hearts
Together, Forever
United as one
Specially dedicated to My Mr Big
All Rights reserved
Copyright@2008 by Fashionably Yours Classiclicious

Thursday, October 30, 2008

8 days magazine and free goodie bag

Fashionably yours bought 8 days magazine today at the Centrepoint newstand and it comes with a free goodie bag. Many people quene up to buy during the lunch hour from 12pm to 2pm. Yuan-san, Lemon-san, Jerry-san, Kit-san and I bought the 8 days.

The free goodie bag

The freebies inside the goodie bag

I like the Brands essence chicken

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 2008 Meme

Got this from Angela, so here goes.....

1. Classiclicious
2. Classiclicious
3. Classiclicious

1. Sexy long fingernails
2. Sexy long legs
3. Kissable lips

1. Nose
2. Tummy

1. Teochew - Chinese
2. Indonesian Chinese blood
3. Sensitive nose

1. the Dark
2. losing love ones
3. lonely and helpless in life

1. 2 way cake foundation
2. Sony Ericsson W800i
3. Lipstick

1. Red Titanium necklace
2. Anklet
3. OPI nail polish

1. Chage & Aska
2. Ayumi Hamasaki
3. Kinki Kids

1. Feels like heaven by Fiction Factory
2. Sometimes you just cant make it on your own by U2
3. Next plane home by Daniel Powter

1. Communication
2. Trust
3. Sense of humour

1. Smile
2. Eyes
3. Hair

1. Cycling
2. Jogging
3. Yoga

1. Own a Hermes Birkin and a Chanel Classic flap
2. Move to Los Angeles wtih my Mr Big
3. Get rid of the pimple that just pop out on my face and nose

1. Writer
2. Magazine editor
3. Image Consultant

1. Europe
2. States
3. Japan

1. Get married to the man I love
2. Have kids
3. Be a rich Tai Tai

1. Love make up
2. Love dresses
3. Shopaholic

1. Hanging out with guys more than with my gal friends
2. Keen to try new gadgets
3. Not so emotional....can be hard hearted at times

Everybody are welcome to take this quiz.....and have fun

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fashionably Yours Post Long Weekend Life Beyond Work

My Life Beyond Work on Tuesday :

Morning (in the office)
1) Composed and replied emails
2) Answering some phonecalls enquiry
3) Make some phonecalls and done some filing

4) Ate Teochew porridge for lunch at company's cafeteria with Lemon-san
5) Drank and chilled out at Ah Mei's cafe at The Paragon with Lemon-san
6) Shop a little lunch time retail therapy at Kinokuniya Bookstore. Bought 2 pens and browse some books and magazines with Lemon-san.
7) Back to office to work
8) Tea a little. Afternoon tea break with colleagues doing all girlie stuffy and laughing - Bitching, gossiping and updating each other about our long weekends
9) Replied emails and arrow stuffy to other colleagues
10) Ate an apple, which is my fruit of the day
11) Touch up make-up and get ready to knock off.

12) Grocery shoppings at the Market Place at The Paragon, which is fashionably yours favourite mall. Simply love the ambience of grocery shoppings there. It is an experience and lifestyle for fashionably yours.
13) Chilled out and rest fashionably yours sexy feet at Starbucks, drinking my Ice Tall Latte sitting so comfortably at the sofa. Messaged my Mr Big while drinking my latte.
14) Listened to nice music from That CD Shop to unwind.
15) Home Sweet Home
16) Yummy dinner at home
17) Take a nice long hot bubble shower
18) Burn some essential aromatherapy oil in fashionably yours bedroom
19) DIY mask a little. Apply mask on fashionably yours face
20) A good magazine on hand and nice soothing music to relax and unwind.
21) Of course blog a little too.
22) Ate some chocolates and drink some red wine.....Cheers
23) Supper a little, so ate some sushi
24) Remove facial mask and beauty regimen a little. Apply lots of skincare diligently. All the lotions, gel, cream, serum, eye gel and lots of moisturisers. Not forgetting to do firming for fashionably yours neck.
25) Snuggle under the duvet for fashionably yours beauty sleep and sweet dreams.

Fashionably yours is indeed enjoying the high life............RELAXING...........while my Mr Big was so busy working from morning till late night. Actually supposed to go to his apartment on Tuesday night after knocked off from work, but my Mr Big is working late at his office, so fashionably yours ended up at her backyard which is at The Paragon. My Mr Big is a very very very busy man since he is a high flier and has lots of responsibilities. Fashionably yours is the woman behind my successful man, Mr Big.

Interesting message between Mr Big and Fashionably Yours R(A)

Below message between Mr Big and Fashionably Yours is a bit R(A), so if you are below 21 years old, please stop reading here. Thanks.

Our interesting message on Sunday Night :

Me : I was so moody last night because my lappy was not working and showing black screen....I screamed so loud, jumping up and down that my friend come out to help me to fix it. Now it is fixed and I am a happy girl.
Mr Big : Glad you fixed your laptop. Why did it die ? I just did some training and now we are going to eat dinner. U been shopping yet ?
Me : Some vistas unstable problem. Where are you going to eat dinner ? We are at Clarke Quay.
Mr Big : Maybe Bugis....Clarke Quay is very upscale. Which restaurant are your eating at ?
Me : Don't know yet. Why don't your join us at Clarke Quay for dinner together.
Mr Big : We are dressed in shorts and flip flops so cannot go to Clarke Quay
Me : OK, we decided to eat Japanese cuisine at Liang Court. Your enjoy your food at Bugis.
Mr Big : OK, we are at Thai Place.
(After we had our dinner, we continued to message each other. Think though we are apart, but our hearts are join together. Will think of each other even when apart. Sounds like Absence makes the heart grow fonder.)
Me : Yes I went shopping with my gf this afternoon. Can you guess what I bought ?
Mr Big : Did you buy fuzzy slippers ?
Me : No, you are supposed to buy the fuzzy slippers. I bought three sexy bra and 2 pen.
Mr Big : You should have tried on the 3 bra for me before buying because I have very good fashion sense for those things !
Me : OK noted. Add that to your list. You will come with me for bra shopping next time. Anyway I bought the most expensive bra. (Mr Big has a long list of stuffy he is supposed to buy for me, yet to see them)
Mr Big : For my list, what is the required bra size ?
Me : Hmmm.......I think it is better for you to find out yourself :)

My Mr Big is so busy and he keeps adding things to his list......I really don't know when he can fulfill his list of stuffy for me. I am worried for his health because he has been working very hard lately. His company is making him work so hard. Think I must be beside him to take good care of him.....maybe I should boil some herbal chicken soup for him.

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Lovely Sunday

My Sunday was kinda of suck initially because fashionably yours lappy was down. Fashionably yours was so moody. It was due to the vista unstability and it gave me the error message Interactive logon failed. Please check with event log, or something like that. I seek help of course with friends. Thanks to bestie and Billy for their help, that my lappy was up around 12 noon on Sunday. Then I was a happy girl blogging away and surfing the net using my lappy. Think it is a common problem with the vista operating system. Thanks bestie and Billy. Greatly appreciated.

On Sunday afternoon, went for retail therapy with bestie at Isetan Scotts. We bought lots of lingerie and I love my new sexy bra from Triumph. I bought so many Triumph products but they never offered me membership till yesterday that I finally become a Triumph member. It was worth the buy because Isetan Scotts have this promotion whereby for every SGD50 nett, customers are entitled to redeem a SGD5 Isetan voucher. So I redeemed SGD10 Isetan voucher yesterday. In fact, I have lots of Isetan vouchers so I paid using my Isetan vouchers and decided to use the balance amount in my receipt to redeem the new Isetan vouchers. I also earned triumph points since I am now a Triumph member. In fact, I had wanted to buy lingerie a few weeks back but due to my very very busy schedule, it was on hold till yesterday when bestie told me about the promotions, so we headed out for our lingerie retail therapy in the afternoon. Both of us are very happy with our lingerie purchases. Besides fashionably yours also bought 2 pens, a pink and black brown colour pen but I think I don't really like the pink colour because it was quite light. I want to buy another two pens tomorrow, maybe the maroon and purple one.

After we were done with our shoppings, our stomach were calling so we took the train to Clarke Quay for our dinner. Actually bestie wants to buy a Japanese Travel magazine but it was out of stock at Kinokuniya bookstore at Ngee Ann City, so we have to travel to Liang Court for the magazine since only Liang Court branch has the last copy. At the same time, can enjoy my card member 20% discount for the card member promotion for 3 days only from 24 Oct to 26 Oct 2008. We met bestie's two colleagues (Parrot man and Melissa) who are a couple at the station and they are also heading to the same place as us, so we chatted and ride on the train together.

When we reached Clarke Quay station, my Mr Big messaged me that he has just finished his training session and is going for dinner with his training friend. We almost wanted to meet up for dinner last night. Then my Mr Big said they are in shorts and flip flops so not coming to Clarke Quay for dinner, which is upscale according to my Mr Big. They wanted to eat at Bugis. We almost wanted to join them but eventually bestie and I decided to dine at Liang Court. Luckily we didn't join them at Bugis, otherwise we will miss the good food at Nirai kanai Okinawan Restaurant at Liang Court.

On a side note, Mr Big and his friend ate Thai food at Thai Place at Bugis while Bestie and I had Japanese food at Liang Court.

here for our delicious and yummilicious foodie. Both of us really like the food at Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant.......rate it 5 stars....full marks.....yummy ! We are smiling all the way home.

Fashionably Yours at the Nirai Kanai Okinawan Restaurant
I really like this sexy dress

All in all, a very lovely Sunday for fashionably yours. Good food, good company and good retail therapy. We always have lots of fun and laughters when bestie and I went out. Yesterday was our Girls day and night out while my Mr Big had his boys day and night out. One thing for sure is I do miss my Mr Big though.....naughty boy !

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Singapore Jewel Fest 2008 - Mouawad's Bra Set

You can watch the video on Mouawad's Fantasy SGD6.8 million bra set here and here

Enjoy the video.

Video is courtesy sponsored by bestie Eva. Thanks.

Singapore Jewel Fest 2008

Was honoured to be invited to attend the gala opening of the Singapore Jewel Fest (SJF) 2008 on last Friday night (24 Oct 2008). Another by invites only event. Of course, I extended the invitations to bestie and had a good time together. It was spectacular and the Mouawad's fantasy SGD6.8 million bra set simply took my breathe away. I am so in love with the bling bling from Hellmuth and Mouawad.

Jaz said my dress is so Chanel

A lot of guests dressed to the nine turned up and the media was there too. Saw Grace the editor from Nuyou magazine. We got to know Danny the stage designer for the event from Pico. Nice meeting you Danny. Also met a new found friend from Germany. It was nice meeting you too.

We were served cocktails and canapes. I drank a glass of red wine, a glass of champagne and a glass of fruit punch. Of course also ate lots of canapes. Cheers. Each invited guests also received a goodie bag.

The event is currently in its sixth year. It is held at the specially built Jewel Pavilion at Ngee Ann City's Civic Plaza and will run until Nov 2. Admission is free. However, please note some nights are closed for private events by invitations only.

Click here and here for more information on The Jewel Fest 2008 event.

The gala opening started with Kean Ng, the Chairman of SJF, giving an opening speech to the invited guests, followed by the Jewel runway show by the beautiful models. I enjoyed it. The theme for 2008 is "The Nature of Beauty". This is also the first time that the events are divided into 2 showcase - Spring/Summer - showing Pearls and Gem and Autumn Winter - showing Diamonds and Gold.

All in all, an enjoyable bling bling gala opening nite out on town. Fashionably yours is also invited to the Autumn Winter runway honoured to be invited to the gala opening of the Autumn Winter runway showcase.....Stay tuned for more updates. Meanwhile enjoy the pictures here

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Laudable Quote

"It matters more what's in a woman's face than what's on it."
- Claudette Colbert

Through the fire

Through the fire
To the limit, to the wall
For a chance to be with you
I’ll gladly risk it all
Through the fire
Through whatever,
come what may
For a chance at loving you
I’ll take it all the way
Right down to the wire
Even through the fire

Friday, October 24, 2008

Long weekend

TGIF. The long weekend is here in view of Deepavali being a Public Holiday on next Monday.....Hurray ! Next week is gonna be a 4-day working week. However, let's enjoy the long weekend first.

Have a nice long weekend everyone !

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spending for a good cause

Fashionably yours is spending for a good cause. October 2008 is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Encourage all women to go for their annual mammogram. Early dectection, Save Lives, Save Breasts. Fashionably yours bought the Clinique Buttershine Lipstick. It comes with a nice casing. For each item sold, SGD10 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

here for information on Breast Cancer Foundation. I always believe in spending for a good cause. Glad my little act will make a difference to someone and help in one way or another.

Presenting my Clinique Buttershine Lipstick.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sushi parody

This is interesting. Enjoy.

If love is blind.....I will find my way with you

"What do you think. Kid ?"

"Why - do you want to get married ?"

"I want you. So. Okay."

"Well. I wouldn't mind being married to you. Would you mind being married to me ?"

"No. if that's what you want. Is that what you want ? "

"We're getting married."

"Should we get you a diamond ? "

"No. please. don't get me a diamond......get me a really big closet."

On a side note, the man is so naughty. He addressed me as his wife so fast. 好我相信你老婆。

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bee's Day

Fashionably yours has a drama mama experience at 1am on Tuesday when most of you were in slumberland. Text the man just now and below are our interesting exchange :

Me : I rec'd love bite from a bee last night at home. A bee stung my left hand last finger. It was so painful that I almost cry and was bleeding. No worries, seen the doctor and was given an antibiotic cream to apply and on medical leave today. Even the bee cannot resist me. I am so sweet. So drama mama.
Him : Why you got bees in your house ? So terrible ! Poor girl !
Me : Think the bee flew into my house through the open windows. I was so scared last night because I was alone. Luckily I am calm enough to apply antiseptice. Hmmm....maybe the bee was hungry last night and was looking for supper. Blur bee thought I am a kind of flower and stung me. So in pain now. Pain Pain go away.

Thanks but no thanks to the bee, I have a day off today.....going to eat my lunch soon and zzzzz on this cooling afternoon....Heard the weatherman said the weather will be cloudy and rain in the afternoon.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Maternal Instincts

I was with this pair of good looking twins boys this morning. So cute ! How I wish they are maternal instincts is calling....

Actually I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for my bus just now. Then came these two cute little twins boys, who were also waiting for their bus to go to school. Both of them sat down beside me, one on my right and one on my left. They sat so close to me and people might thought they are my children.

Well meeting these two cute little twins boys really brighten up my Monday. Hope to see them again.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

10th storey office before reno begins

My office at 10th storey is gonna be under renovation soon. Currently relocate to 7th storey temporarily until 10th storey office has completed renovation around Dec 2008 for us to move back. Before 10th storey renovation works begin, I took some pictures.

For the rest of the pic, click here

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Riding out the economic recession

Tough times are ahead as we are facing the economy recession. How has the financial crisis affecting your lifestyle with inflations and rising cost of living. Share prices, foreign exchange rates and property prices are dropping. Pay cuts and the prospect of job losses maybe on the cards. We need to brace ourselves for tough times. Guess one need to be prudent and be prepared. It is time to tighten our belts.

Below are some ways to tighten our belts in view of the economy recession :
1) Take the bus and trains. Travel less on cab, unless necessary.
2) Eat at foodcourt and hawker centre. Dine less at expensive restaurants. If possible cook up a storm at home.
3) Cash is king and offers a sense of security. So save as much as possible. Every cents count.
4) Differentiate between needs and wants. Spend on needs and cut down spending on the wants.
5) Cut down on impulsive spending and luxury goods. Think three times before splurging.
6) Always spend within your means.
7) Never incurred outstanding debts and ended up paying the banks more interests. Always pay your debts in full by the due date as stated in statement of account
8) Switch to buy House brands products when shopping at the supermarkets.
9) Look out for discounts, offers items and cut out any discount coupon from newspaper.
10) Use the fans. Switch on the air con only if the weather is extremely hot. Switch off all the main electricity switch instead of putting it on standby mode. This will cut down your electricity bills and at the same time save the earth.
11) Take shorter holidays or budget tour.

The above are just my 2 cents worth of suggestions. Feel free to contribute more on the comments boxes if you have any to contribute.

All is not gloom and doom. As long as you do your part to cut cost. Stay optimistic and we'll ride through the recession and ride out the economic downturn.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Lunch

My lunch on Friday :
Korean BBQ Chicken with rice. Yummy !
Yuan-san lunch
which I bought for him.
Korean BBQ Fish with rice. Yummy !

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My life beyond work

There should be life beyond work.....Work is important, so is enjoying life and live life. I know some people daily routine are just work and home....We need a healthy work-life balance. Let me share with you my life beyond work on Wednesday - which was yesterday.

Morning :
1) Read emails at work
2) Read newspaper
3) Prepare reports

Afternoon :
4) Lunch with colleagues at cafe (Drank Pig Stomach Herbal Soup with rice on Wednesday)
5) Coffee & Tea to sip and nibble with colleagues at Killiney Kopitiam. Tea a little for fashionably yours.
6) Banking & lunch time shoppings. Hit the mall - shop a little.
7) Return to office to continue working.
8) IM a little in between with girlfriends, gossips and updates. What's not to love to spice up working life on a lazy and sleepy afternoon at work.
9) Ate an apple. Healthy lifestyle a an apple a day, keep the doctor away.
10) Eat Jollybean Soy Beancurd for my afternoon desserts. Yum ! Yum !

11) Touch-up make-up and get ready to knock off.

12) Hit the nail spa to get a pedicure done. Relaxing !
13) Shop a little after the pedi session.....window shopping on the way home.

Presenting my nicely done Pedicure - Bright Pink Colour by OPI

14) Home sweet home.
15) Opened letter box to receive a private invitation to a high society event (will blog about it after I attended it).
16) Yummy dinner at home
17) Ate some sweet chocolates and drank some red wine - Both are excellent for healthy hearts and hearty appetites.
18) Beauty Sleep and sweet dreams which is a luxury to fashionably yours.

Life is definitely more than work.....One must learn to smell the roses. Feel free to share with me your life beyond work.

Today went to have tea a little with the guys after we had our lunch at Toast Box.

So now I am knocking off work and going to hit the mall to shop a little for some retail therapy. I have an excuse to shop for a new dress for my upcoming high society event. At the same time, to drop by Holland V to catch up with my friends. The night is still young !

On a side note, the man just IM me. He is also working late today as usual. I am calling it a day and there is life beyond work.....I need to get out of the office now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Four Tips for keeping mentally healthy

Read this in My Paper dated 15 Oct 2008, just now, so just want to share it here with everyone.

Here are a few useful tips for maintaining mental health :

1) Keep your mind clear and your mood calm and balanced, so that when faced with unpredictable or unfavourable circumstances, you would know that you made the best decision. With this in mind, we can rest easy with a clear conscience and let nature take its course.

2) Should anything at work or at home be getting you down, talk about it with someone close. This can help you relieve stress.

3) Stay physically and mentally in shape by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as exercise can help relieve tension.

4) If you feel you are slipping into depression or are suffering from anxiety, seek medical advice.

Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Look, New Image

I have a new look and new image. The comments I received so far from my colleagues are I've got a Happening Harajuku Girls look....very class Japanese girl look now. So Japanese.

Last night went to cut, colour, highlight and do treatment for my hair. Getting tired of my old hairstyle, so decided to change image. After 3 hours at the saloon, reveal a new image for fashionably yours.

I look so tired in the picture because took this at the end of the work day. Golden hair girl in the office.

It is Tuesday today. The midweek is near and soon the weekend will be here too. Alrighty, time to pack and get ready to go home soon.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girls Night Out On Town

It has been ages since I stepped into Chinatown. I am more of an Orchard Road person. I live, breathe, dine, party, work and shop at Orchard Road most of the time. However it is such a deja-vu for me when I visited Chinatown last Friday. I feel like a tourist while I was there.

I met up with the girls (Bestie, Kai Jun and Si Yin) at Chinatown for our girls night out of karaoke-ING at the Ten Dollar Club which is my virgin visit. I would say it has been ages since I go ktv.....another deja vu for fashionably yours.

It has a nice amibience and we were given a bigger room since all the rooms were fully booked while we were there. We were served shark fins soup, though it may not be the genuine type. We were also served free flow of drinks. They have a wide selection of songs. However, the Jpop were limited. I still like to frequent diamond dust whereby it has a wide selections of jpop. I mainly sing jpop and english songs with some chinese songs. That night we sang lots of songs from canto pop to chinese songs and jpop. Everyone of us had so much fun that night. It is alright if we cannot sing well, most important is everybody have fun because we are not professionally trained singers. Girls just wanna have fun !

The website of ten dollar club is

If you know of any nice KTV places, feel free to share it here with me. Thanks.

here for our KTV session pictures.

After we were done with our KTV session, we adjourned for a chat at McDonald before we called it a night. We have so much laughters and fun chit chatting. We laughed our heads off and it was so fun fun fun fun...........I love chatting with the girls and doing the girlie stuffy. Very enjoyable night out on town with the lovely girls.....let's go out again and have more fun fun fun fun !

Thanks for the lovely company.......loving it.....we can chat and laugh non-stop the whole night that makes me feel really really high high.......If we have some liquor, think I will be super super high high with so much laughters.

I would say I have a deja vu weekends of fun. Well have a beautiful Sunday night everyone before starting work tomorrow which is a Monday. Have a nice week ahead.

Happening week of Private Events

What a happening week. I am so involved in the social front for the past few weeks with so many private invitations and events to attend. It was wonderful and enjoyable. Bestie and I were rushing from one events to another. Thanks for all the private invites to the private events, drinks, pastries and the goodies.

I was invited by Coach to attend their Madison Collection Launch on last Thursday. I brought bestie along. Click here for the pictures.

After we were done with the Madison Collection Launch, we rushed to attend another private event on the same night, which was the Longchamp fashion show for their fall/winter collections. Click here for the pictures. Click here and here for the fashion show videos. Enjoy !
I drank a glass of champagne while watching the fashion show at the Longchamp event. Cheers:)

After the Longchamp event ended, bestie and I shopped at the Paragon. We shopped at Bvlgari boutique and we like a Bvlgari handbag but it is in lamb skin which I am poor at maintaining it. Thereafter, we proceed to Takashimaya to shop. We just browsed at the shoes. My favourite heels and shoes are available at On Pedder and of course from my favourite designer Christian Louboutin. Bestie took a snapshot of me while we were at the shoe department.

Both of us were thinking of eating McDonalds Wasabi Fish Set, so we gave it a shot. I like the wasabi fries than the wasabi burger. Enjoying shaking the wasabi powder.

To the organisers, thanks for inviting me to attend the private events. Actually I have 4 private events invitations to attend on Saturday, but I declined them because I feel so exhausted from the past events. One organiser called to invite me to attend their Dior private party, but I don't have time for myself and sleep deprived. Thus gave it a pass.

Excuse me I need my beauty sleep now. Good night and sweet dreams.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Laudable Quote

It's not what you've got, it's what you use that makes a difference."
- Zig Ziglar

Friday, October 10, 2008


Hurray ! It is is flyday......the weekend is here. Have stuff to update but time not enough now.....many happenings and activities.....everywhere wants a piece of me and my participation. I am hot stuff. Will update the details later.

Have fun and a nice weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happening week of events

Last week was a very happening week for yours truly. I have so many happening events to attend.

Last Tuesday, was invited to attend the Karen Miller event. Click
here for the photos.

Last Wednesday, went to Fash Bash with bestie at Singapore Art Museum. Click
here for the photos. I bought a nice necklace from Fash Bash. In the night, had dinner with my Dan Dan the blue eye boy. It was nice to see him. He is now in Down Under for business trip and will only be back end of this month. My Dan Dan is so sweet to message me before he board his flight last Saturday night. I kinda of missing him now. Anyway we will chill out again together when he is back here. Thereafter he will be flying out of the country again......he flies around the globe frequently due to his job. I am used to it.....but whenever he is in town, he will definitely look for me and have fun together most of the time. He sometimes will surprise me by appearing infront of me in my office to say hello, see me and talk to me. Oh gosh, Dan Dan, you are always so sweet and nice to me. Sometimes I am so touched by your gestures. Guess we speak the same language and are on the same wavelength. We always have so many things to talk, never ending story.....miss talking to each other into the wee hours.....till our eyes are closing and said good night to each other.

Last Friday was office shifting day.....had lots of fun shifting office and the packing. Last Tuesday, My Dan Dan dropped by to see me in the office and saw my huge number of boxes.

Last Saturday was the most happening day because I have two private events in the afternoon. Followed by I have dinner and clubbing with the man and friends. Attended Banana Republic private event at 2pm on last Saturday. Click
here for the photos and click here for the fashion show video. The male models are so good looking.

Attended alldressedup private event at 4pm on last Saturday. Click
here for the photos. For video, click here and here

All the private events are by invitation only. The free goodies bestie and I received from attending Banana Republic are as follows :

The free goodies bestie and I received from alldressedup event are as follows :-

After the events have ended, Bestie and I shopped at Miu Miu boutique, Prada boutique and Bvlgari boutique, where I sent my ring for servicing. We were attended at Bvlgari's private area.

Bestie and I also had our afternoon tea time at CANALE. I had the strawberry shortcake while bestie had the chocolate cake. Yummy !

In the evening, went to meet the man and friends for our dinner at Clarke Quay. Had Chinese dinner. I had the codyceps Chicken soup. Yummy !

For pictures of our delicious food, click here

Thereafter we proceed to clubbing at Bellini Grande. We enjoyed ourselves so much. Bellini Grande is GREAT ! The company is fantabulous. Loving it. We will go again as the man still has two bottles of liquor there.

Marc said that I enjoy good life like a tai-tai. I always enjoy the good life and tai-tai lifestyle. I work hard and I play hard. The man said my one day of events on last Saturday is more than his activities in a week.

I think I am turning socilalite, being invited to attend so many private events and counting.....

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our interesting sms of the day - Part 2

The man and I smsed each other in the evening. I find it very interesting, so decided to jot it down here, for memory and entertainment.

Our interesting sms in the evening :
Me : I'm still working in the office now. Your kfc + taco bell + pizza hut list are making me hungry now. Let's go and eat these food some day.
Marc : hahaha.....don't you like Singapore food better ?
Me : I also like to eat those food in your list. Where are you now ? I miss you
Marc : I'm at work.
Me : When do you think you want to go home ?
Marc : I still got no idea when can go home......
Me : I will be wearing my birthday suit lying on your bed waiting for you at your house. Will this motivates you to come home early ?
(He replied super fast)
Marc : Of course it would ! (smile happily emoticon)
Me : I knew it. Got you ! By the time you reached home tonight, I would have been fallen asleep. You work hard to woo me and win my heart first. Then maybe that will come true.
Marc : You are such a teaser (smile happily emoticon).
(The rest are censored. Only for Marc's and my eyes only)

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Our interesting sms text

Just for a laugh over the man's sense of humour.

Our interesting sms text just now during lunch time :
Me : I am at Funan now running some company errands. Do you need me to buy any IT stuff from Funan ? Let me know and I can buy them for you.
Marc : I just need some kfc + taco bell + pizza hut from Funan ! Haha.....
Me : OK I will buy them and feed you. I like to pamper you like a baby.

I asked him any IT stuff and he replied me with those food really makes me laugh. I think he must be feeling hungry.....I like his sense of humour !

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Interesting conversation at 3am

OMG ! the weekend is over so fast. It has been a happy and happening week for me. Will blog the full details in the later blog. Meanwhile, just sharing something which I find interesting.

This happened at 3am on Sunday morning after Marc and I returned from our clubbing to his condo. Both of us were sitting at his sofa in the hall, watching tv and listening to his favourite music, as we talked.

Our interesting conversation :
Me : I would like to have a pair of Tiffany and Co earrings and a Prada handbag.
Marc : OK, I will do the picking and buy them for you.
Me : Why is it that you are always ok with everything I say.
Marc : Then what do you want me to say ?

The man is always so sweet and nice towards me. He is such a darling. Well, what do you supposed two of us were doing at 3am on Sunday morning which most of you must be sleeping at that hour. Anyway two of us only get to sleep at about 5am on Sunday morning. I slept very well but the man told me he didn't sleep well. I hope he sleeps well tonight. Sweet dreams baby !

Us together - Smiling so happily and sweet together
My larger than life personality man - Marc and I

On a side note, the man is so caring. When I told him my skin on my arms is so itchy (due to my skin allergic condition), he quickly helped me to scratch my arms and took some cream to apply them on my arms. It is better now. Thanks dear.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Quote of the day

We all make mistakes, but those who control their tongues can also control themselves in every other way.

James 3 : 2

Friday, October 3, 2008

Shifting Office

Today is the day which we shifted office. In fact, last night all of us started to shift our own personal stuffy to the temporarily office. I shifted my cabinets and my personal stuffy last night. Thanks to Jon-san and Edwin-san for helping me to shift my personal computers and the cabinets. It was heavy but I realized that I am strong enough to shift cabinets too. We make a few trips moving our stuffy because it has to be a one to one exchange of cabinets.....I don't like the cabinets in the temporarily office so I shifted my cabinets from old office to the temporarily office. We had fun shifting with lots of laughters.......however we shifted till 2100 hour last night.

I am operational ready by last night in the temporarily offfice wtih my PC set up with the help of Jon-san and Edwin-san. Both are very helpful and are like brothers to me, as well as we are good buddies. Thanks !

This morning, the contractors move our heavy boxes to our temporarily office and I unpacked some of the stuffy which I need to use daily. The rest are kept in the boxes in the storeroom waitng for our new office to be renovated and shifted again.

My colleagues commented my cubicle is so cosy and privacy, like a paradise to him. I have placed some of my stuff toys and plants at my cubicle, just like my old office cubicle. My colleagues said I don't look like just shifted in today......seems more like I have seated at the place for a long time.....I like to make my work station as cosy as possible with my stuff......sometimes I hug my stuff toys while I work, just like a small girl :)

Everyone is so tired with the shifting.....however I worked and shifted at the same time. I am on the ball. It is gonna be a hectic month and my peak period too with the costing and budgetting ahead, but I have confidencde I can do it.

Glad I am sitting close to my buddies.......they always make me laugh and we always crap but I like it........ok that's about it of our shifting.......till we shift again sometime in like about 4 weeks time to our new office. I think I am an expert in shifting now.

Have a nice weekend everyone !

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fantabulous day out and about

Yesterday was a Public Holiday - Hari Raya Puasa, so we were off and not working. Hurray ! Met up wtih Bestie in the afternoon to go to Fash Bash at the Singapore Art Museum. It was crowded when we reached the Glass Hall. Besides going to Fash Bash, we also toured around the musuem since we were already there.
Singapore Art Museum
Fash Bash
I bought a nice necklace from granny's day out at Fash Bash.
Love it.
After we were done with Fash Bash and touring the musuem, we shopped a short while at Raffles City. Shortly Bestie left for home. Thereafter Dan met me for our dinner at Raffles City. The boy was at Sentosa the whole day having fun with his friends in the sun, sand and sea.

Our dinner at Basement 1 and I cannot recall the restaurant name. Think it begins with an A.......something.

My dish - Snapper fillet His dish - Some pasta with bacon
His idea of taking this.......hahaDan with his dish
Me with my dish
Us - Dan and I

The food was so so....we find the mash potato is hard and dry....I cannot finish my food, so the boy helped me to finish Anyway, the company is great and we always have fun together. Excuse me, he just messaged me, going to reply his message now.