Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our interesting sms of the day - Part 2

The man and I smsed each other in the evening. I find it very interesting, so decided to jot it down here, for memory and entertainment.

Our interesting sms in the evening :
Me : I'm still working in the office now. Your kfc + taco bell + pizza hut list are making me hungry now. Let's go and eat these food some day.
Marc : hahaha.....don't you like Singapore food better ?
Me : I also like to eat those food in your list. Where are you now ? I miss you
Marc : I'm at work.
Me : When do you think you want to go home ?
Marc : I still got no idea when can go home......
Me : I will be wearing my birthday suit lying on your bed waiting for you at your house. Will this motivates you to come home early ?
(He replied super fast)
Marc : Of course it would ! (smile happily emoticon)
Me : I knew it. Got you ! By the time you reached home tonight, I would have been fallen asleep. You work hard to woo me and win my heart first. Then maybe that will come true.
Marc : You are such a teaser (smile happily emoticon).
(The rest are censored. Only for Marc's and my eyes only)

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