Friday, October 3, 2008

Shifting Office

Today is the day which we shifted office. In fact, last night all of us started to shift our own personal stuffy to the temporarily office. I shifted my cabinets and my personal stuffy last night. Thanks to Jon-san and Edwin-san for helping me to shift my personal computers and the cabinets. It was heavy but I realized that I am strong enough to shift cabinets too. We make a few trips moving our stuffy because it has to be a one to one exchange of cabinets.....I don't like the cabinets in the temporarily office so I shifted my cabinets from old office to the temporarily office. We had fun shifting with lots of laughters.......however we shifted till 2100 hour last night.

I am operational ready by last night in the temporarily offfice wtih my PC set up with the help of Jon-san and Edwin-san. Both are very helpful and are like brothers to me, as well as we are good buddies. Thanks !

This morning, the contractors move our heavy boxes to our temporarily office and I unpacked some of the stuffy which I need to use daily. The rest are kept in the boxes in the storeroom waitng for our new office to be renovated and shifted again.

My colleagues commented my cubicle is so cosy and privacy, like a paradise to him. I have placed some of my stuff toys and plants at my cubicle, just like my old office cubicle. My colleagues said I don't look like just shifted in today......seems more like I have seated at the place for a long time.....I like to make my work station as cosy as possible with my stuff......sometimes I hug my stuff toys while I work, just like a small girl :)

Everyone is so tired with the shifting.....however I worked and shifted at the same time. I am on the ball. It is gonna be a hectic month and my peak period too with the costing and budgetting ahead, but I have confidencde I can do it.

Glad I am sitting close to my buddies.......they always make me laugh and we always crap but I like it........ok that's about it of our shifting.......till we shift again sometime in like about 4 weeks time to our new office. I think I am an expert in shifting now.

Have a nice weekend everyone !

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