Saturday, October 30, 2010

Last Saturday of October 2010

Today is the last Saturday of October 2010.  In about 7 weeks time, Christmas will be here and in about 8 weeks time, 2011 arrives.  The Christmas decorations are up in Orchard Road now.  It has different colour for different sector.  I saw pink, blue and purple deco. I love the purple deco along Somerset. 

Fashionably yours do not enjoy my 2010 so far.  It has been a roller coaster ride so far in 2010 for me.  More tears and sadness than happiness.  Always telling my friends to wake me up when 2010 ended.  Well, I hope 2010 will end with a good note and begin 2011 with a good note for me.  Nevertheless, will let go and let god. 

Last but not least, thanking everyone for your support by visiting and reading my blog.  Feel free to come by my blog anytime.  I will try to update my blog whenever possible.

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend and Happy Halloween.

Cheers *hugs*

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some random stuff

Bought Her World.
No free gift but just wanna read this issue

 Fashionably yours DIY French Manicure
 My pedicure done at the nail salon
OPI A to Z-urich (Swiss collections)
 Bought M&M chocolates to munch last week
 Saw this cute Hello Kitty Tissue Paper
2 boxes at SGD7.79 offer from ShopNSave
Offers ended last Sunday
 This is not a branded bag. 
Got it free when I bought Fasio make up eons ago.
The size is just nice for me to stuff my things
for a casual outing to the nearby neighbourhood and grocery shoppings

Beautiful Clouds

Fashionably yours was looking at the sky this afternoon and saw these beautiful clouds.

White clouds floating in the blue sky
Peace and calm

 Beautiful clouds

Magazines & Freebies

Bought Simply Her from Books Kinokuniya

FREE GIFT - a facail wash from Neem

Magazines & Freebies

Bought this YSL Japanese Magazine at Books Kinokuniya

FREE YSL tote bag
Fashionably yours love the pink lining 
 YSL Tote bag
 The satin YSL logo

Magazines & Freebies

Bought these magazines from books Kinokuniya and has freebies


FREE GIFT - Herbal Body Wash Lavender
Worth about SGD21

 ELLE magazine
 FREE GIFT - An Agnes B Pouch

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Take care of your breasts by leading a healthy lifestyle, being more aware and going for regular breast screening.  Every woman should do yourself a favour by going for a mammogram yearly.  It might be abit painful but you can SAVE your life.  It can be cured if detected early.  Breast cancer is very common among women and the no.1 on the list.  Please go for your mammogram.  Bravo to all the breast cancer survivor. I salute all of you. 

Spending for a good cause, fashionably yours has been supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundations Funds every year.  I bought this Estee Lauder, Evelyn Lauder Lip Design Collection set.  Estee Lauder will donate SGD10 from every set purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundations.  You can do your part too. 

Estee Lauder, Evelyn Lauder Lip Design Collection

3 lipsticks and the pink pouch

the 3 lipsticks colours 
the note

Now do your part by purchasing the pink ribbon collection and help to donate to the Breast Cancer Reserach Foundations.  At the same time, ladies please remember to book your appointment with your doctor to do your mammogram.  Trust me, you are doing yourself a big favour.

Bad Haze

The haze is back to the Lion City. The wind direction has blown the smoke from Indonesia to here.  The farmers are burning their old harvests to create natural fertilizer in order to do new planting.  This haze is affecting fashionably yours.  Last Thursday and Friday, the PSI was above 100.  I was breathless and coughing like mad as I walked along Orchard Road last Friday evening on my way home from work.  I need oxygen tank *LOL*

As a result I fell ill with a very red tonsils from the coughing and nose was blocked.  Seen my company doctor on Monday but the medicines are cheapo and doesn't seem to work.  I did myself a favour today by paying my own money to consult my own family doctor and prescribed me with antibiotics and cough mixtures.  So far, I felt much better after taking 3 antibiotics.  My company doctor only said my tonsils are red but never give me anything for it.  Just gave me lozenges, panadol and cough tablets.  Some other ex company doctor told me they are not allowed to go beyond a certain budget.  They wanted to give you better medicines but are wonder these ex company doctors told me they opted out of the system once the contract ended. 

No wonder when my colleagues and I fell ill, we don't seem to get well so fast, always must go back a few times.  I would rather spend abit more for good medicines coupled with good rest to recover speedily.  Will drink more h20 and rest well to have speedy recovery :)

Haze at Orchard Road when PSI was above 100

So hazy
Did you notice the Christmas deco are up
(work-in-progress though) along Orchard Road?

Now the PSI is about 20. I hope it stays this way or go down further.  I love my clean air and it aids my recovery.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Magazines & Freebies

Bought this Beauty Map magazine from books Kinokuniya
Got this FREE gift - OPI Nail ridge filler worth SGD22.50

Apply this OPI ridge filler before your nail polish. It makes your nail polish easier to apply and smooth. It is said to let the nail polish lasts longer on your nails.  Fashionably yours bougth 2 copies of the magazines.  It is very worth it, do your sum.

Grocery shoppings

My grocery shoppings at the supermarket and bought these


 Hello Panda Strawberry
 Tong Garden Sunflower seed

Lunch at Ramen Play

Last Friday, went for lunch at Ramen Play at 313 Somerset with B-san and L-san.  We quened up for about 5 minutes before we can get a table for 3 of us.  The service staff are attentive to our order and served our ramen pretty fast.  The price is reasonable too.  They have the lunch promotions set at SGD10++.    L-san commented that their ramen is better than marutama's ramen.  I find not bad but not as good as Ippudo's ramen.

Ramen Play

L-san Spicy ramen
 My shoyu ramen
 B-san spicy shoyu ramen
 The topping which we choose egg

 Spice up your ramen with these 

My hot cup of green tea
B-san and L-san ice lemon tea

We had an enjoyable lunch last Friday.  Might go back to lunch there again if there are some other promotions.