Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It has been raining non stop in the last week of Jan 2011.  I remembered it rained for about 3 days 2 night non stop on the last weekend of Jan 2011.  Of course, the laudry was not dried so fast.  The rainy weather was so cooling and temperature was about 23 degree celsius.  Some roads are flooded too, those water ponding type. 

I captured this rainy scene amidst my lush greenery surroundings
You can see how strong the wind was. The trees swayed to one side. 

Chinese New Year Office Deco

In the 2nd week of January 2011, L-san, S-san and I went to Chinatown to buy CNY deco for the office. We are in charge of the CNY deco at work. It was fun going to Chinatown for CNY deco shopppings. Afterall fashionably yours love shoppings. One can feel the spirit of CNY when you are at Chinatown.

That day, we took NEL train to Chinatown to have our lunch followed by CNY deco shoppings.

We had the famous yong tau fu that day. In fact, we went twice to Chinatown for our CNY deco shoppings on that week. 2nd trip there fashionably yours had the fried kway teow while L-san had the fried prawn noodles. On our 2nd trip there, S-san didn't follow us, instead JJ-san came with us.

We bought our CNY deco at the Hong Lim Complex and People's Park Market. It was so fun.

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Magazine and Freebies

Bought this Bazaar magazine from books kinokuniya and have the Izu eye shadow and blusher free. Aslo have the SGD20 izu voucher. Total worth about SGD50

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CNY deco at Orchard Road deco, cny, orchard road

Fasionably yours was walking along Orchard Road looking at the CNY deco. I like this one which is outside Knightsbridge, the new shopping mall at Orchard Road. Love the fat fish.

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Takashimaya CNY fair

Fashionably yours was at the yearly Takashimaya CNY fair this year to do my CNY shoppings for my household. I bought pineapple tarts, kueh bangkit, crispy bananas chips and healthy cranberry mix nuts.

My relatives who came to my house for CNY visitings said they love all these CNY goodies which I bought especially the healthy cranberry mix nuts.

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Lion Dance Performance

Fashionably yours love love love to watch lion dance performance. The other day, L-san, JJ-san and I watched this superb lion dance performance at The Centrepoint Shopping Centre. It was their first show and we are the first few to catch it that day. This troupe is from China.

Gonna catch more lion dance performance during CNY :O)

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Lunar New Year

Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year.  Fashionably yours is so busy with cooking and entertaining my relatives.  My house is like an open house with non stop CNY visitings by my relatives.  My CNY is more busy than my working days because I have to buy grocery for the CNY feasting, clean the house and buy CNY goodies to entertain my guests/relatives. 

It is nice to see my relatives for our once a year catch up.  Glad they enjoyed all the CNY goodies which I bought.  There are pineapple tarts, kuen pang kuet, cranberry mix nuts, honey sour plum sweet and crispy banana chips.  Fashionably yours ate some too and can't resist them.  Ate till my body feels abit heatiness.  Need some cooling drinks to cool down the heatiness in my body.

My family has been eating steamboat since our reunion dinner.  Yummy and ate till so full and getting abit tired of eating it.  Want to eat something else.  Guess most family are eating steamboat for CNY which is common here. 

So what else does people do during CNY. Most of us will gamble, play majong, watching TV, eat and make merry catching up with one anoteher.  During CNY, Singapore seems like shutting down, because most of the shops are closed for business.  Everybody is celebrating CNY. I am looking forward to see Lion dance performance.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.