Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 great things about dating older women

Came across an interesting article on dating older women. 

The 10 benefits of dating older women are :
1. Greater Independence
2. Greater assertiveness
3. Better social skills
4. Better resourced
5. Better at dating
6. More experienced
7. More self reliant
8. More stable outlook
9. Greater sexual experience
10. More perspective

Read the interesting article here

Regardless of you dating an older or younger woman, you must love your woman and cherish her. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Review on Dr Georgia's Lip Balm

Got this Dr Georgia's free lip balm from the magazine which I bought

I find the texture is very light even if you applied a few times on your lips.  My colleague told me this lip balm is worth SGD18.  It is a GWP from the magazine which we bought from books Kinokuniya (refer to my earlier post on the magazine).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pedicure and manicure

my nicely done hot pink pedicure and modelling in my new pair of wedge

my nicely done hot pink manicure

Magazines and Freebies

Bought this magazine

Bought Simply Her magazine from books Kinokuniya

redeem the coffee from Spinelli

Enjoying my hot cup of coffee brew from Spinelli.
Compliments from Simply Her magazine

Chanel Invitation

Received this in the post from Chanel 

An invitation from Chanel to MBS with the fragrance specialist

Lunch - Ayam Penyet

Went to eat Ayam Penyet for lunch with L-san, JJ-san and B-san just now.  It was not crowded and we got our seats immediately when we reached the restaurant at Lucky Plaza.

JJ-san and my ayam penyet

L-san satay sauce chicken

B-san nasi goreng (fried rice)
Our table
The sambal chilli is yummy which L-san and B-san like. JJ-san and I cannot take spicy stuff so we skipped the chilli.  Drinks we ordered are avocado for B-san, Lemon Squash for JJ-san, Joy Tea blackcurrant for L-san and Joy Tea apple for fashionably yours.  Yummy.  All of us ate till so full. 

The address :
Resto Surabaya
Lucky Plaza

Sunday, August 15, 2010


New studies of consumption and happiness show, for instance, that people are happier when they spend money on experiences instead of material objects, when they relish what they plan to buy long before they buy it, and when they stop trying to outdo the Joneses. Acquisition of material goods doesn’t bring about happiness. Yes we can splurge once a while and we really can get by with just a few things in life. So live simply.
A nice article to share here

Have a fabulous week ahead everyone :)

Magazines & Freebies

My colleague told me on last Friday that this magazine has free gifts. Thus I told her to buy one for me since she was going down to books Kinokuniya to get one for herself.

Aesthetics beauty guide

FREE gifts
Dr Georgia Lip balm and powder blotters
Hurry while stocks lasts, get yours today.

Dinner and Fancl

On Friday night, met up with good friend K-san for dinner at Billy Bombers at The Central at Clarke Quay.  It was not so crowded when we reached there and no quene.  We were shown to our table immediately when we reached the place.  Service is pretty fast and friendly staff. 

Billy Bombers

The small game machine on our table
Soup of the day
Cream of mushroom soup
Yuumy Ribs
Our table
My strawberry milkshake
K-san vanilla milkshake
We love eating the ribs, very yummy and sweet.  The milkshake is tasty too, so is the soup.  Overall we enjoyed our meal and would love to go back again.

At the same time, K-san passed me my Fancl stuff which I asked him to bring back to me from Japan.  Thanks to bestie who helped me to purchase them.. Arigatou ne.

My Fancl stuff
Washing powder and Mild Cleansing Oil
Gifts from Bestie

Thank you for the birthday gifts bestie. You shouldn't have but I appreciate it.

K-san will be going to Japan to work for 2 years ++ soon.  I told him to help me buy the same Fancl products for me on his next trip back. He said will try if there is enough space in his luggage.  I will also ask bestie to help me to buy on her next trip back to Singapore.  I miss you bestie, please come back asap and we can go dining, shoppings and bitchings.  Well now 2 of you are base in Japan for long period, definitely missing the 2 of you. 

Looking forward to meet up with your when your are back for holidays. 

Japanese dinner

This is a long overdue post.  In June had Japanese dinner with a good friend K-san at Mino-Q. 

 These are what we ate :

Miso soup
Tamago sushi and Tempura
My favourite
Chawan Mushi

Cold Soba
Cold Soba set
California maki
Our table at the end of our dinner
The interior deco of Mino-Q
Painting on the wall
so many wine and sake

We ate a lot and very filling.  While we were there, it was quiet and not crowded because it was during the world cup period.  Moreover, the restaurant was not showing world cup.  Fashionably yours love the sashimi and chawan mushi.  Would love to go back Japanese food.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lunch at Trattoria Italian Kitchen

Last Wednesday went to eat at Trattoria Italian Kitchen at 313 Somerset for a colleague's farewell lunch.

Trattoria Italian Kitchen
The deco inside the restaurant

Some tomatoes with cream on biscuits

This is my one of my favourite

Bacon on top of Melon
This is another of my favourite
Ceasar Salad

Aglio Oglio

Lingunie with tomatoes and bacon
which is my dish. I find it so so only

Another spaghetti
Our table
So many spaghetti on the table
that I cannot recall which is which

My hot cup of tea

Chocolate pudding

Strawberry pudding
which I had

I like the strawberry pudding, which tasted sweet.  I find the ceasar salad and spaghetti is so so only.  Not that fantastic.  However the calamari and bacon on melon are simply heaven.  It is a nice place to chill out and I might go back again to try out their pizza.  I feel that the spaghetti which my babyface cooked is much nicer than theirs.  Other than that, good service and friendly staff.

Last but not least, wishing my colleague all the best :)