Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wonderful long weekends

Fashionably yours had a wonderful long weekends.  On Sunday, went out with babyface for some shoppings in the afternoon.  Accompanied him to buy a belt, contact lenses and we had grocery shoppings because he wants to cook dinner for me.  Told him I was craving for spaghetti so he cooked it specially for me.  How sweet he is and I find it so romantic for a man to cook for a woman.  Feel so pampered and loved.  While babyface was preparing the meal, I just sit back and relax infront of the telly watching Cougar Town. 

babyface cutting the tomatoes

Stiring the sauce
Cooking the spaghetti
Our spaghetti all done and ready to eat eat eat
It was so yummy that fashionably yours finished everything cleaned.  The best spaghetti I ever eaten and was cooked with love.  Such a luxury to have home cook meal for me and from a man.

After we had our spaghetti, we chilled out at his apartment with drinks and watched a movie titled Yellow Beard.  It was a very comical movie and we enjoyed it.  Nice and lovely time we had together and loving everything about it.  It is all that simple life.  He is now thinking what to cook for me next time.  I would say I really enjoy his cooking and can feel the love and efforts he put into the cooking.  Thanks babyface.  Looking forward to more dishes you gonna cook for me.  Cheers :)

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