Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dinner and Fancl

On Friday night, met up with good friend K-san for dinner at Billy Bombers at The Central at Clarke Quay.  It was not so crowded when we reached there and no quene.  We were shown to our table immediately when we reached the place.  Service is pretty fast and friendly staff. 

Billy Bombers

The small game machine on our table
Soup of the day
Cream of mushroom soup
Yuumy Ribs
Our table
My strawberry milkshake
K-san vanilla milkshake
We love eating the ribs, very yummy and sweet.  The milkshake is tasty too, so is the soup.  Overall we enjoyed our meal and would love to go back again.

At the same time, K-san passed me my Fancl stuff which I asked him to bring back to me from Japan.  Thanks to bestie who helped me to purchase them.. Arigatou ne.

My Fancl stuff
Washing powder and Mild Cleansing Oil
Gifts from Bestie

Thank you for the birthday gifts bestie. You shouldn't have but I appreciate it.

K-san will be going to Japan to work for 2 years ++ soon.  I told him to help me buy the same Fancl products for me on his next trip back. He said will try if there is enough space in his luggage.  I will also ask bestie to help me to buy on her next trip back to Singapore.  I miss you bestie, please come back asap and we can go dining, shoppings and bitchings.  Well now 2 of you are base in Japan for long period, definitely missing the 2 of you. 

Looking forward to meet up with your when your are back for holidays. 

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