Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beautiful Blue Sky

Fashionably yours is looking at the beautiful blue sky and white clouds.
Sipping my hot tea and relaxing on a lovely Sunday afternoon.
I am spending time with nature.
I am counting my blessings

What am I up to recently ?

Last Wednesday night after I knocked off from work, fashionably yours dropped by Robinsons Cardmembers Nights. Robinsions hosted a very special Christmas this year for their distinguished cardmembers and I received their invitation to attend the cardmembers night. They closed their doors to the public on that night from 1830 hour to 2300 hour. I worked late on last Wednesday but since they closed at 2300 hour, so in time for me to shop. I am such a shopaholic and I love good bargains. Another good point is fashionably yours working area is in Orchard Road and surrounded by Shopping malls, so it is easier and convenient for me to hop around after work to indulge in some retail therapy and some drinks too.

Caught the cast of Dim Sum Dollies while fashionably yours was there shopping. They spiced up the holiday seasons with their sexy voices. They sang and carck jokes. It was fun watching them while shopping at The Robinsons.

I bought this - the Serenity, a limited edition True Match Two-way Foundation case that has been designed in collaboration with Singapore's Icon, Nadya Hutagalung.

Fashionably yours is spending for a good cause. For every limited edition Serenity set sold, L'oreal Paris will donate a cosmetic item to help support the Singapore Cancer Society's Look Good, Feel Better program. It will enrich the lives of women who have battled cancer with both beauty and serenity through the purchase of this limited edition collectible.

Le't not forget to do good during this festive season. Fashionably yours always believe in spending for a good cause and my motto is I can and I want to make a difference to someone's life by my little effort. It may not means so much to me, but it may means alot to someone's life.

A free pouch that comes with the purchase of the Limited Edition Serenity True Match Two-way Foundation.

Last Friday, went for tea with Lemon-san at Coffee & Toast after we had our meals during lunch time. As usual, we were yakking away happily. Chatted anything under the sun.

After we had finished drinking our tea, Lemon-san went to run his own errands while fashionably yours did my lunch time Christmas shopping. Was at Crabtree & Evelyn at The Paragon. Met 2 lovely ladies while fashionably yours was shopping at Crabtree & Evelyn. I helped Maggie to get her Crabtree & Evelyn's membership card. She needs about SGD60 to top up to SGD300 to get her membership card. She is a very nice lady, offering me if I wanna buy anything from Aussino as she can get 40% discount since she is an Aussino card membership. I don't need anything from Aussino at that point of time, so I declined her nice offer. Also chatted with one English woman and we exchanged pointers on the products. All-in-all, a very happy shopping experience. Nice meeting you ladies and hope to see your around.

My Christmas Shoppings
Bought this yummy sweets

So after my lunch time retail therapy, fashionably yours worked very hard all the way from Friday afternoon till Saturday. Burnt my weekend. I am now in a Christmas mood and looking forward to the holiday festive seasons.
Cheers :)

Life is fragile

She was so young, talented and pretty
She just got married last year
planning to start a family
But tragedy strikes
while she was in India on a short business trip
My condolences to her family
Rest in peace, Ms Lo Hwei Yen
Life is so fragile and
we do not know what is gonna happen next
Cherish what we have and every moment
Just found out that she was one of my acquaintance's daughter's friend
What a small world
Seems like everybody knows everybody
Maybe fashionably yours have wide network

I feel so bliss

Life is great...Thank God for the blessings and fashionably yours is counting my blessings. I feel so bliss :)

Despite my hectic, stressful and busy schedule, I will find time to enjoy and live life to the fullest.

I love drinking beer....It helps me to relax and unwind. I wanna drink my favourite Carlsberg beer but it is out of stock at the supermarket. Ended up drinking Oranjeboom beer now and it is my first time drinking it. Not bad for the cheaper price compared to Carlsberg.....but give me a can of Carlsberg anytime please.

I am drinking beer,
listening to nice songs,
gazing at the starry starry night sky,
counting stars under the moonlight
Enjoying the quietness & peace
of the night
Wishing upon the stars
to let there be
Peace on Earth
Cheers :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I am becoming Mrs Big

OMG ! I am becoming Mrs Big. My big is married to his job and here fashionably yours seems to be married to my job we are on par....2 busy people married to our job. I am so busy with work till I don't feel like talking. My mind is just so engrossed with my work....I have no time to go home nor go to the washroom.

Fashionably yours worked till 2200 hour in the office on a Friday night. I still cannot finish my work, so I brought my work home to do them over the weekends. Phew ! finally I just finished what need to be done. Thank God, I can rest on Sunday, though I burnt my Saturday working. At least I have a sense of accomplishment when getting my tasks completed.

I understand how it feels when you have reports to do and tight dateline. I simply have no mood for other things. Just leave me alone to do my work. The mind will be keep thinking about the reports and works.....that is exactly how my big feel every time. He has so many works to do. Times are bad so cannot employ additional manpower to help him. Next week is gonna be another hectic and stressful week for fashionably yours.

Alrighty, fashionably yours need to have a good rest now, after all my hard work. Now I want a can of beer to relax and unwind myself.

Cheers :)

Quote of the day

Do nothing and get the BEST.


Friday, November 28, 2008

No time to go home

TGIF....fashionably yours has been so busy punching nos in the office. It is so late now and I want to go home but I simply have no time to go home.....Still alot of things to settle....Looks like it is gonna be a working weekend for me.

Have a nice weekend everyone :)

I am still stuck at work in the office at this hour....urgh ! Fashionably yours is so demanding and authoritative that I command people cannot go home till I have successfully uploaded my budget nos....(lol).....Thank God, my budget nos. are successfully uploaded.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


My big wants me wrapped in a ribbon for his Christmas gift. I think my big and fashionably yours should try to pose and wrapped 2 of of us, like the picture above. It will be fun.....we need a good cameraman !

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interesting Conversation with big

Just now have an interesting conversation with my Big. That man is so jovial.

Extract of our interesting conversation:
Me : What do you want for Xmas ? I am going to buy you a present. Let me know.
Big : You can give me Jo Ann wrapped in a ribbon and nothing else ?
Me : I need to get a ribbon to wrap myself
Big : Don't need much ribbon. Just a small piece is ok.
Me : I tied myself in small ribbon and mail to where ?
Big : Special Declivery

My Big has lots of work to do. He still find some time to communicate with me despite his busy schedule. Greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From Darkness to Light

Received a nice article in my inbox today. Thus sharing it here with everyone. God bless and enjoy reading.

here to read.

Need a good short break

Fashionably yours have the following symptoms since last evening :
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue/Tiredness
  • Cramp in my stomach
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Heartburn

Still not feeling good this morning and have very bad cramp that I have diffiuclty walking. Thus throw in the towel and decided to visit the company doctor. It is diagnosed that I have gastritis and a senstive stomach which is so acidic inside. I have a history of acid reflux (GERD) too. Luckily this time seems mild. Prescribed with some medications and told to rest at home.

I need to rest and relax and not to stress myself. Guess I have been too stressed up at work the past few weeks. This is the effect of how my body is reacting after the past few stressful weeks. OK, I need to relax myself now. I have been working way too hard in the office, clocking long hours. The doctors also gave me some lozenges since my throat is not that good after speaking so much in the office. I always need to talk alot in my line of work, giving advice and answering queries.

Looking out of my window now, the sky seems to turn dark and very windy. Perhaps God is telling me not to work so hard, take some time out to rest my body system. Yes I will. I will rest today. However, fashionably yours is still clearing office emails and sending emails from home. Seems like I am working from home than resting at home.....urgh ! Too many things to do at work, cannot finish......OMG ! I am sounding like my big..........I am at home but my heart is at work.......I am turning workaholic. I think I cannot survive without technology - Mobile Phone and Internet.

Going for my lunchy, then zzzzzz......while the rest of you are working hard in the office. I really need a good short break now before I go battle again tomorrow at work.

On a side note, I find my big's job is more stressful than mine, and he is handling his stress very well. He never raise his voice at me when he is under stress, always talk so sweet to me. I also never raised my voice at him, except grumbling to him about my job. He did too at least he knows I am his listening ear and I still exist (self consolation - haha). I did complain to him before about his job is keeping him away from me, though I am proud of his career. Now I am accepting it slowly. Guess I grow and learn along the way. I am proud to be the woman behind my high flyer man.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Leisure Monday Afternoon

Worked on Monday morning to clear my work in the office. Then had lovely lunch together with my wonderful buddies. Thereafter had a leisure Monday afternoon off. So I had tea with Lemon-san at the Paragon, chatted anything under the sun happily. We window-shopped around the mall, dropped by Gucci and Mondial. Love the diamonds at Mondial. However, I still like the Hellmuth Oscar Croco necklace.

Dropped by Kinokuniya bookstore to buy Simply Her magazine - Dec 2008 issue. It comes with a FREE RED gift box and three beautiful wrappers. The FREE RED gift box is exclusively at Kinokuniya only.

I also dropped by Borders on my way home. Well, picked up 4 books.....don't know why fashionably yours love buying books nowadays. Maybe it is my reading season.
Actually want to look for my friends at Holland V and chill out together for a drink in the evening. Somehow fashionably yours feel so tired, nausea and heartburn, so decided to head home to rest. Will go meet my friends another day at Holland V. Reached home, burn my essential oil and slept for a solid 2 hours. I don't have good appetite and still feeling nausea now, while fashionably yours is blogging. I also don't know how.......maybe will tell my big about it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are You Happy ?

Study show that unhappy folks spend 30% more time in front of TV than happy people.

Happy people spend a lot of time socialising, going to church and reading newspaper, but they do not spend a lot of time watching televison, a new study has found.

Dr John Robinson, co-author of the study said that "TV was the one activity that showed a negative relationship. Unhappy people did it more, and happy people did it less."

University of Maryland analysed 34 years of data collated from more than 45,000 participants and found that watching TV might make you feel good in the short term, but is more likely to lead to overall unhappiness.

Television viewing is a pleasurable enough activity with no lasting benefit, and it pushes aside time spent in other activities - one that might be less immediately pleasurable, but that would provide long-term benefits in one's condition. In other words, TV does cause people to be less happy.

Source : The Straits Times, Saturday, 22 November 2008 (Extract)

Fashionably yours seldom watch TV. I spent most of my time socialising at private events as a socialite, since I often get invited to many private parties. Sometimes I have to attend two private events on the same day, back to back, rushing from one venue to another. I like socialising at these private events. It is interesting. I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. It's something I enjoy doing. My Big commented to our common friends in front of fashionably yours that my events in one day is more than his activities in a week. From these private events which I attended, I noticed mostly are the women folks that turned up together with their girlfriends. Usually their significant other keep low profile and don't turn up together with them at these private events. I knew it because we can see familiar faces rubbing shoulders with each other. It's our networking for like minded people and we chat with each other happily. In other words, it's the wives or girlfriends who turned up minus their significant other. I can see the similarities in my case. My Big has no time to attend such private events wth fashionably yours. Furthermore, I think it's not his cup of tea. I would prefer to attend such private events (in the fashion and arts) with bestie and girlfriends. It's more fun, chic and hip to see and to be seen with your girlfriends at such private events. My Big said he will ask me to accompany him to his private events to rub shoulders with his other VIPs of the State. Those are the very grand and formal private events, given his social status. He needs a woman socialite like me with good PR skills, who knows how to mingle around and can talk to anybody with ease.

Never under estimate the networking power of the wives or girlfriends at such events. The wives or girlfriends network, socialise and connect with each other. In turn, all these somehow play a role in influencing the husbands' or boyfriends' in decision-making in the business world. The wives' or girlfriends' voice carries some weight too. See, it's never easy being the woman behind the successful man. We are their pillar of strength, encouraging them and assisting them quietly in our own ways without making our man losing their male ego. In turn, hoping our significant other to be successful in the society. Also to treat us and cherish us, the wives or girlfriends better and lead a good life together.

When fashionably yours watch TV, it's the news, documentaries and some of my English sitcoms. I usually watch news from one Channel to another. Oh I would love to be the news anchorwoman reading the news. I like watching the news. I don't watch much TV shows though, apart from watching news almost everyday. I also read the newspapers everyday, TODAY, My Paper, The Straits Time and The Sunday Times.

Fashionably yours is generally a happy person. I like to socialise, read the newspaper regularly and watch less TV show, except watching the news and my favourite sitcoms. I don't have enough time to sleep, let alone have the time to watch TV shows. I am too occupied with my other activities. The last thing I wanna do is sleep, so watching TV shows is optional and not compulsory for me. On a side note, bestie lent me a Korean drama DVD the other time. I really have no time to watch it and returned it to her without watching it. Thanks for lending me the DVD, but I really have no time to watch it.

So, are you happy ? Do you watch lots of TV shows ? You may want to reflect and review. Afterall year end is approaching, time to do something about it. New Year Resolution ? Whether one is happy or not is very subjective. This is only a study carried out by the University of Maryland. If you feel happy by watching TV shows, by all means, go ahead and be happy to watch your TV shows.

I wish all my weblogders happiness. See you around !

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Magazine and Food

Yesterday Fashionably yours bought Her World magazine - Dec 2008 issue using my Kinokuniya cardmember 20% discount. It comes with a Free Clutch. It has five colours namely Red, Black, Green, Orange and Grey. I chose the Red one. I think the Red one is selling fast. Not many left while I was there.

Last night I had a bad headache (as blogged in my last post). It is not panadol that cures me. Guess what, it is a can of Heineken beer that cures my headache. I think I have tension headache due to my stressful work schedule for the past few weeks. Immediately after I drank the can of Heineken beer, it relieves my tension headache. Viola ! my headache is gone and I feel so relaxing and slept very well. However, I still prefer to drink Carlsberg and Hoegarden beer.
I just had some munching of tidbits this afternoon, but it is the healthy tidbits, while watching ugly betty.
The bottle of salsa sauce which I bought from Cold Storage
My packet of Yogurt & Green Onion Chips from Kettle brand
This brand is my favourite as it does not contain trans fat,
a healthy choice, though abit expensive

Followed by drinking
my favourite Darjeeling tea

Last evening, fashionably yours dropped by Cold Storage at Holland Village to shop for my grocery shoppings. Bought the Kettle brand chips, Salsa sauce, some chocolates, honey bake ham, a can of Heineken beer and a packet of cream of chicken soup. I enjoyed shoppings and chilling out at Holland Village. Saw three suave and good looking English men at Cold Storage. They are so cute, standing at the fridge choosing Magnum ice cream. At the cashier, another Englishman stirkes up a conversation with me, while I was in the quene. He is a friendly chap. Anyway I am always in contact with Englishman, or rather these friendly Englishman Caucasians expatriates like to be friend with me wherever I go. There are lots of expatriates at Holland Village, the place where I am putting up currently. Sometimes I feel like I am in Europe when I was hanging out there with the expatriates. Love the place and most of the shop owners know me since I am a regular there.
On a side note, Lemon-san commented that fashionably yours is speaking the American accent and slang, which he has difficulties understanding. My big's American accent is stronger than me, you bet. Lemon-san will have a hard time communicating with my big. Actually I am just speaking the proper English, I don't think it is my American accent.

Friday, November 21, 2008


OMG ! fashionably yours is getting a headache now...Think seen too many huge numbers and now get the headache so I told my big. He still can joke about my headache. Naughty him.

Extract is our interesting convesation :
Me : I am going home to rest soon, got a bad headache...
Big : Feel better soon then.
Me: How is your XXXX ?
Big : My XXXX is better than your head.
Me : You bad.

My big is so bad, teasing my headache. (eyes rolling and look at him angrily).

My big will be working and working and working even during the weekend. Fashionably yours need lots of beauty sleep, since I only slept about 5 hours per night for the past few weeks. I shall be sleeping beauty this weekend. Beauty sleep is such a luxury to fashionably yours. I think my big is more tired than me because he has lots of work to do and might not have enough sleep. At least I can be sleeping beauty this weekend.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

My Relaxing Thursday Afternoon & TGIF

Oh la la....finally I can take the afternoon off yesterday to do the things I wanna do. Fashionably yours need a short break. It has been hectic the past few weeks at work. Now I can catch a breathe or two......almost finishing the tasks on hands. Well, I had an enjoyable afternoon off. I make appointment with the nail spa to indulge in my favourite pedi session. It feels so rejuvenating and relaxing. Love it.

Presenting my sexy feet painted in
OPI shade of bright red
(suddenly an idea struck me, shall caress his......I know he likes it.
OMG ! why am I so horny now....what did big do to me ? )
After my pedi session, I dropped by Kinokuniya bookstore to pick up 2 magazines. Currently Kinokuniya bookstore is having 20% discount promotion for cardmembers, 3 days only from Thursday to Saturday.

Style magazine - Dec 2008 issue

Free 2009 Calendar
Free Vanity Case

BAZAAR Magazine - Dec 2008 issue

There were no long lines at the cashier, so I make payment in a breeze and home sweet home shortly. Had some much needed beauty sleep in the evening. Feels wonderful !
TGIF......have a nice weekend everyone. Guess fashionably yours will be catching up on her much needed beauty sleep while her big will be working over the weekend. I am used to it. Career first for him. Big will be so jealous of me because I can sleep so much....never mind, Big I help you to sleep ! zzzzzzz........zzzzzz.........(smiling sweetly at him, with my tongue sticking out, tempting him to come over to the bed......)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Big and Fashionably Yours

My workaholic big messaged me this morning, despite his busy schedule. He told me he always wanna buy me lunch but now his work is killing him and fighting to survive. These 2 months are so desperate for him. Looks like his hands and head are very full now. I wish I could help him but his professional is beyond my knowledge. I am proud of his career though it keeps him away from fashionably yours. At times, he travels too. Think he feels bad for neglecting me for so long. I don't want to make him feel bad, so I try to be the understanding woman behind him. I just keep very quiet, encourage him when he opens up to me and be his pillar of strength.

In fact, I leave him alone to handle his own stuffy. I did not disturb him so that he can concentrate on his work and not to be distracted by me. We are two busy people who are so busy and caught up with our own work and stuffy. I need to work, attend private events and catch up with friends. For the past few weeks, I just feel like sleeping after clocking12 hours everyday at work. Even weekends, I just want to hole up and rest. I just realized fashionably yours has been sleeping for only between 4 to 6 hours per night for the past few weeks. Sounds like a superwoman. How did I survive for sleeping for such a short number of hours. At least I need 7 to 8 hours of beauty sleep. Glad my budgeting and costing is almost done, only need to tie up the lose end and viola, it will be done ! I know I can do it.

I hope my big will complete his current urgent tasks on hand soon, so that he can spend more time with fashionably yours. Well, miss him and especially when he put his strong arms around me. He knows I miss him because I told him so. I know you miss me too. Big, I can see your tiredness in your eyes, when were gazing at each other. You are always gotcha by me. I can break through all your defences. You cannot hide from me. You still owe me lots of things, especially something you told me last month which I am looking forward to, but looks like slim chances. You must filfill them eventually, make it up to me when you are easy and shower me with your love.

For now, I shall leave you alone to do your work.

Phrase of the day

Everyone knows the rules - but no one wants to talk about them. The result is that New York has bred a particular type of single woman - smart, attractive, successful, and.....never married. She is in her late thirties or early forties, and, if empirical knowledge is good for anything, she probably never will get married.

Candace Bushnell

I like this phrase, so sharing it here with my weblogders. It sounds like fashionably yours is one of them. Well, I do get commented by people that my lifestyle is somehow quite similar to the actresses in the sitcom SATC. I dressed stylishly and branded from head to toe. Guess that's my lifestyle. Any similarities is just coincidental.

Christmas Lights Up

I have been clocking 12 hours at work for the past few weeks. Yesterday, as usual, clocked a solid 12 hours at work. Yes, feel tired but have a sense of accomplishments of the work completed. It is teadious and lots of efforts but challenging. So they said my numbers are very accurate and always right. It is no easy dealing with billion dollars. Have an eye for details and able to spot any errors easily. Nothing can escape my x-ray eyes and clutches. No wonder bosses are singing my praises and they trust me with the important tasks. I do have some authority and power at work :) I know my way and where the resources are.....street smart.

Where does one head out to after knocked off from work ? Guess generally one will head home after a hard day work. However, for me, usually I will drop by somewhere, someplace before heading home. Yesterday I chilled out at The Coffee Club at my favourite mall at The Paragon, sipping my Ice Latte while reading SATC novel. It helps fashionably yours to unwind and relax the mind. I like the ambience at the coffee club.

On my way home just now, I took some pictures of the Christmas Lights Up along Orchard Road. Wonder does it create the Christmas atmosphere for you.

As Lemon-san and I were together during lunch time yesterday, fashionably yours was stopped by so many people to say Hi and have brief exchange of words along the way. Lemon-san commented it.

Extract was our interesting convesation :
Lemon : Wow ! so many people say Hi to you. How come you know so many people ?
Me : Well, because I am friendly and I chat with anyone, as long as they are friendly too. Thus form many friendships.

In fact, it has always been like this, always a Hi here and there with people. Maybe I am approchable, easy-going, friendly and can get along pretty well with many people. I am very open about it, as long as they reciproacate and are open about it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Centre of my Life

Centre Of My Life - Hillsong

I am listening to this song this afternoon and I would like to share it here with everyone. This is one of my favourite song. Hallelujah.

You are the centre of it all,

The universe declares in awe

Your majesty

I surrender all

I make you The centre of my life

Lord, I respond with all I am

you placed in me the song

Of heavens melody

Your Majesty I live to sing Your song

Coffee at Centrepoint Mall

It is raining cats and dogs outside now, but I am sitting comfortably in my office doing my work. In fact I enjoy watching the rain drops outside from my window sometimes. I also like to listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, pitter patter, pitter patter.

Just now, went for a cup of coffee with Lemon-san at Centrepoint Mall, after we are done with our meals. As usual, we chat anything under the sun and enjoy each other company. Next, we went to Self Fix hardware shop because he needs to buy something.

Lemon-san bought this

Alrighty, break time over for fashionably yours and time to get back to work. In fact, Lemon-san just came over to my desk to talk to me while fashionably yours is blogging now :) See we are inseparable ! We are always together at work. He cannot be away from fashionably yours for too long :) Fashionably yours know that he will miss me !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

At Starbucks

It feels good to have a nice cup of Starbucks coffee on a lazy Tuesday afternoon, especially after a heavy meal. Yup ! went for a leisure stroll along Orchard Road and dropped by The Paragon for a cup of coffee with Lemon-san. Just the two of us ! We seated so comfortably at the sofa at Starbucks and have nice chat, while sipping our coffee.

Our table

My cup of black coffee

Fashionably yours enjoying my cup of black coffee

After we had finished our coffee, we dropped by That CD shop to browse CDs and listen to music, before we returned to our office.
We had a wonderful time together. Enjoyable afternoon and great company !

I wanna run to you

I wanna run to you (oooh)
I wanna run to you (oooh)
Won't you hold me in your arms
And keep me safe from harm
I wanna run to you (oooh)
But if I come to you (oooh)
Tell me, will you stay or will you run away

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday again

It is Monday again. Time flies and now it is already Monday evening. Time to knock off but fashionably yours is still in the office working very hard now. Most of you might have knocked off work and having fun outside or enjoying yourself at home. Well, it is a rainy Monday today. The weather is so cooling now.

Urgh....still have some work to finish up before fashionably yours can call it a day. It has been a manic Monday for fashionably yours indeed, but I had fun too while working. Of course, went to drink coffee with Lemon-san just now during lunch time at Centrepoint. We had nice hot cup of coffee and chatting away.

Alrighty, need to get going and get out of the office real soon.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Empower Me

Hallelujah, praise the LORD. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. Let fashionably yours share with everyone here another testimonial.

A few days ago, in the wee hours, fashionably yours received a message from big's friend, inviting fashionably yours to attend their friend's birthday party at a 5 star hotel on Saturday night. As a socialiite, fashionably yours will attend most parties and events, if fashionably yours' time permit. Of course, fashionably yours replied yes to attend. By right, fashionably yours should be at the party now and not here blogging. The friend said to let me know once confirmed. Fashionably yours did not receive any confirmation message todate, so here I am blogging. This incident lead me to remember a bible phrase.

Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails (Proverbs 19:21).

Human can plan many things in life, it is the LORD's purpose that prevails though How true that is.

God is good all the time and he knows what is best for us. Fashionably yours trust in the LORD and believe Jesus never fails. Amen.

A few days ago, fashionably yours' right foot, smallest toe was stepped accidentally by a colleague. Fashionably yours was coming out from the office lift while the colleague was going inside the office lift.....think she did not see fashionably yours and stepped into my feet....she was talking to her friends and did not see fashionably yours coming out from the lift. Ouch ! it was so painful......she did apologise but fashionably yours was in pain. It has some blue black painful that fashionably yours is not able to wear my Ferragamo's pumps, though fashionably yours is still able to walk, run and jump. Pray my small toe bruises will recover soon.

After this incident, fashionably yours met with another minor accident last Wednesday night. Only those very very close to fashionably yours know what that was. This minor accident is causing fashionably yours in pain too and with big bruises, like the map of Down Under. Fashionably yours will keep it that way. No more. Period.

Well, the two accident as described above are causing great pain physically to fashionably yours now. If fashionably yours were to attend the Saturday birthday party, fashionably yours will be dancing in pain, though seem to enjoy myself because fashionably yours is very good in camoflage, as a Socialite. It is God's will that fashionably yours stay home to recuperate and rest well to have a speedy recovery, so that fashionably yours can truly enjoy myself at other happening events and parties.

Actually deep down in fashionably yours heart wanted to decline the Saturday birthday party invitation due to my current conditions. Yet replied yes to attend ......this shows how true blue, fashionably yours is, as a socialite. Fashionably yours just do not know how to reject people, so God bless fashionably yours with the best solution in his divine strategy. Thank you know what is best for fashionably yours and I trust the LORD.

Fashionably yours need lots of rest, because fashionably yours has been clocking 12 hours working in the office last week....I am feeling so so so very very tired physically and mentally......Yes LORD, fashionably yours need lots of rest......Thank you my LORD, as I praise your name and sing praises to you.....Empower me......

Nobody knows how weak I am, better than You

Nobody sees all of my needs better than You
And nobody has the power to change me to what I was born to be
Jesus be strong in my weakness, Empower me

Empower me, like a rushing river flowing to the sea
Lord send your holy spirit flowing now through me
'Til I'm living as your child, victorious and free
Send the power of Your love, empower me.

Nobody's eyes, see through my soul better than Yours
Nobody's love can make me whole no love but Yours
And nobody has the power to lift me to reach for eternity
Jesus break through all my defences, Empower me.

Empower Me - Rivers of Living Water Community

Enjoy the song, God bless and have a beautiful Sunday everyone.

God created the world in 6 days and the 7th day is rest day....the sabbatical day. The sabbatical day is for us to rest....yes LORD, I will rest well on this sabbatical day. Amen

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Verse of the day

Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD, is the Rock eternal.

Isaiah 26:4

Friday, November 14, 2008

Meme Meme Meme

Got this from Angela........just for fun of it.

You are grocery shopping for 6 items.
1. Produce: Carrots
2. Bakery: Raisin Buns
3. Meat: Chicken wings
4. Frozen: Garlic Bread
5. Dry goods: Cranberries
6. Dairy: Chocolate milk

You are on weekend getaway with only 3 articles of clothing allowed.
1. Bikini
2. T-shirts
3. Shorts

You are being eavesdropped on through the day for 5 key phrases or words you use.
1. Is it ?
2. Oh I see
3. Are you sure ?
4. Yeah
5. Ok

What 3 things must you do every day?
1. Sleep
2. Surf (the internet)
3. Eat

You have a whole afternoon all to yourself. What 5 activities might you be doing?
1. Read a good novel or magazine
2. Massage
3. Pedicure session
4. Take afternoon nap
5. Shopping

You’re on a quick visit to the Zoo and can only catch 3 exhibits.
1. Penguin
2. Bear
3. Giraffe

You scored tickets to 4 live TV show recordings of your choice.
1. Jamie Oliver
2. PCK Pte Ltd
3. Comedy Night
4. Under one roof

You can choose 3 scoops of ice-cream.
1. Green apple
2. Mint
3. Chocolate Chip

You need to name 5 things in your lost wallet to reclaim it.
1. POSBank Cash online card
2. Books Kinokuniya discount card
3. Identification card
4. Parkway Shenton Card
5. Carrefour lucky draw card

You are at a job fair choosing 4 dream jobs.
1. Fashion magazine editor
2. Writer
3. Public Relatons Manager
4. News anochorwoman

You’ve got a chance to tell your old high school self 4 bits of advice.
1. Go home after school immediately instead of hanging out at fast food restaurants
2. Don't go clubbing every weekend without fail
3. Spend more time studying instead of watching TV shows
4. Don't be so playful and so punky, behave yourself in school and be a good student

Tag everyone to try it is fun. Have a nice weekend :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Opening of Discovery & Journey - 12 Nov 2008 (Wed) - Private Event

Last night met up with Bestie for dinner at The Soup Spoon at The Paragon. It was raining cats and dogs, with very stong wind blowing last night. Fortunately fashionably yours was carrying a huge red walking advertisement for fashionably yours company. I had the Tokyo Chicken Stew, which I find it very saltish ; ate the Roast beef wasabi sandwich and ice tea. Bestie had the mushroom soup, toufu salad and ice tea. It was nice to drink a bowl of hot delicious soup on a rainy cosy and feel so warmth. Oh la la....fashionably yours love drinking soup. I think I prefer to drink the mushroom soup, which I find nicer and more tasty than the Tokyo Chicken Stew. I had some helpings of bestie's toufu salad....Yummy !

My Tokyo Chicken Stew Soup
Bestie's mushroom soup and toufu salad
Our table

After we had dinner, we proceed to Liat Towers for the Hermes Private Event. Was honoured to be invited by Hermes to attend the Opening of Discovery & Journey exhibition by artist Flavia Da Rin. When fashionably yours entered the premise, the Sales Associate saw me and greeted me by fashionably yours' first name. Feel great that the Sales Associate remembered fashionably yours name. Guess could be due to fashionably yours is a regular at Hermes and also fashionably yours is invited to most of the private events......well, the place to see and to be seen. Had a good time last night with Bestie at the opening of the Art Exhibition.
Fashionably yours at Hermes Liat Towers
Opening of the Discovery & Journey
by Flavia Da Rin

Fashionably yours entering the art
(Feel like fahshionably yours is walking in a forest)

Fashionably yours having a good time with the art

This exhibition is open to the Public, runs from Nov 13 to Dec 28, from 10.30am to 7.30pm daily at Third Floor, Hermès, 541 Orchard Road, Liat Towers.

Go and have a look if you are around the area. Enjoy

For more pictures, click here

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do you have a work spouse?

Interesting topic ? Well most of us spent almost all of our waking hours at work. Which means we spent a great deal of our waking hours with our colleagues more than our family members. Some might found work spouse at work. So what exactly is a work spouse ? A work spouse is a co-worker of the opposite sex with whom you have a close platonic relationship. In many ways, these relationships can mirror a real marriage.

Here are seven clear signs you might have a work spouse:
1. You depend on a particular co-worker for office supplies, snacks and aspirin.
2. There are inside jokes that you and a specific co-worker share
3. You can be bluntly honest with this person about his or her appearance, hygiene or hair (and vice versa). You're comfortable enough to point out that the other's hair is sticking up -- or that someone's fly is down.
4. When something eventful happens at work, this co-worker is the first person you seek out for a de-briefing.
5. At breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks, your closest co-worker knows what to order for you and how you like your coffee (and vice versa).
6. You and your co-worker can finish each other's sentences.
7. Someone in your office knows almost as much about your personal life as your best friend or real-life spouse does.

If you have the above signs, you have got yourself a work spouse. For me, yes I do have a work spouse. Do you have a work spouse ? Feel free to share with me.

Source :
seven signs work spouse

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Powerful & Authoritative Fashionably Yours

It is another busy day for fashionably yours today in the I am still working in the office. I feel so shiok that fashionably yours' name is so powerful and authoritative. After fashionably yours sent an email out this morning, it gets everyone moving and working hard.....Fashionably yours name indeed carries weight in the office. Don't play play with fashionably yours. Anyway glad to accomplish lots of stuff though still a long way to go. However, we are almost there....just need some more hard work from fashionably yours. Have been seeing nos....

Well, though today put in lots of efforts in work, fashionably yours did not forget my life beyond work....Went for coffee with Lemon-san during lunch time just now at The Paragon. After that, went to give support to the participants for the Subaru Imprezza Challenge at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. It was raining when we were there and there were 7 contestants while we were there. It is day four today and now there are 4 contestants left - 3 ladies and 1 man as at now at 8pm. Keep going.....

More pictures, click here

Alrighty, time for fashionably yours to call it a day today at the office. Heading out of my office soon....

Have a nice and wonderful evening everyone. Enjoy !