Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Lights Up

I have been clocking 12 hours at work for the past few weeks. Yesterday, as usual, clocked a solid 12 hours at work. Yes, feel tired but have a sense of accomplishments of the work completed. It is teadious and lots of efforts but challenging. So they said my numbers are very accurate and always right. It is no easy dealing with billion dollars. Have an eye for details and able to spot any errors easily. Nothing can escape my x-ray eyes and clutches. No wonder bosses are singing my praises and they trust me with the important tasks. I do have some authority and power at work :) I know my way and where the resources are.....street smart.

Where does one head out to after knocked off from work ? Guess generally one will head home after a hard day work. However, for me, usually I will drop by somewhere, someplace before heading home. Yesterday I chilled out at The Coffee Club at my favourite mall at The Paragon, sipping my Ice Latte while reading SATC novel. It helps fashionably yours to unwind and relax the mind. I like the ambience at the coffee club.

On my way home just now, I took some pictures of the Christmas Lights Up along Orchard Road. Wonder does it create the Christmas atmosphere for you.

As Lemon-san and I were together during lunch time yesterday, fashionably yours was stopped by so many people to say Hi and have brief exchange of words along the way. Lemon-san commented it.

Extract was our interesting convesation :
Lemon : Wow ! so many people say Hi to you. How come you know so many people ?
Me : Well, because I am friendly and I chat with anyone, as long as they are friendly too. Thus form many friendships.

In fact, it has always been like this, always a Hi here and there with people. Maybe I am approchable, easy-going, friendly and can get along pretty well with many people. I am very open about it, as long as they reciproacate and are open about it.

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