Saturday, November 22, 2008

Magazine and Food

Yesterday Fashionably yours bought Her World magazine - Dec 2008 issue using my Kinokuniya cardmember 20% discount. It comes with a Free Clutch. It has five colours namely Red, Black, Green, Orange and Grey. I chose the Red one. I think the Red one is selling fast. Not many left while I was there.

Last night I had a bad headache (as blogged in my last post). It is not panadol that cures me. Guess what, it is a can of Heineken beer that cures my headache. I think I have tension headache due to my stressful work schedule for the past few weeks. Immediately after I drank the can of Heineken beer, it relieves my tension headache. Viola ! my headache is gone and I feel so relaxing and slept very well. However, I still prefer to drink Carlsberg and Hoegarden beer.
I just had some munching of tidbits this afternoon, but it is the healthy tidbits, while watching ugly betty.
The bottle of salsa sauce which I bought from Cold Storage
My packet of Yogurt & Green Onion Chips from Kettle brand
This brand is my favourite as it does not contain trans fat,
a healthy choice, though abit expensive

Followed by drinking
my favourite Darjeeling tea

Last evening, fashionably yours dropped by Cold Storage at Holland Village to shop for my grocery shoppings. Bought the Kettle brand chips, Salsa sauce, some chocolates, honey bake ham, a can of Heineken beer and a packet of cream of chicken soup. I enjoyed shoppings and chilling out at Holland Village. Saw three suave and good looking English men at Cold Storage. They are so cute, standing at the fridge choosing Magnum ice cream. At the cashier, another Englishman stirkes up a conversation with me, while I was in the quene. He is a friendly chap. Anyway I am always in contact with Englishman, or rather these friendly Englishman Caucasians expatriates like to be friend with me wherever I go. There are lots of expatriates at Holland Village, the place where I am putting up currently. Sometimes I feel like I am in Europe when I was hanging out there with the expatriates. Love the place and most of the shop owners know me since I am a regular there.
On a side note, Lemon-san commented that fashionably yours is speaking the American accent and slang, which he has difficulties understanding. My big's American accent is stronger than me, you bet. Lemon-san will have a hard time communicating with my big. Actually I am just speaking the proper English, I don't think it is my American accent.

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