Monday, November 3, 2008

1st Halloween night with my Mr Big

Fashionably yours knew that Halloween is over but before fashionably yours forgot it, just want to jot it down because it is our first Halloween together.

Our interesting conversation between my Mr Big and fashionably yours during Halloween at 2am (extract) :
Big : I found a cockroach in my kitchen
Me : Yuck
Big : Found lots of cockroach shits all over the kitchen. Going to throw away all the foods.
Me : Maybe you did not throw away your used food properly.
Big : I did throw the food away properly. I am not going to eat at home again.
Me : Still can eat at home but must throw away the food properly will do.
(Feel my Mr Big is behaving like a small kid here)
Me : I sometimes eat in bed too because lazy.
Big : Then you get cockroaches crawling all over you, into your lips, nose and ears when you are sleeping.
Me : You are scaring me. I try to avoid eating in bed. I only munched tidbits in bed. I am so scared now.
Big : Me too so scared now.
Me : Two persons scared by the cockroaches....stop your imaginations on the cockroaches.
Big : I am going to make a movie called Cockroach friend
Me : That's not a nice name for the movie.
Big : I am dedicating this movie to you because you motivate me when you mentioned you ate in bed.
Me : Sure, you can do it. I always motivate you, inspire you, entertain you and talk to you even at this hour (at about 2am ++ and 2 of us gotta work next day)
(I think just crap.....wondering when he will make the movie....his hands are full everyday and not much time together with me, let alone making a movie)

Indeed a scary Halloween night with the cockroaches !

Actually My Big finished his work at about 1am on Halloween night. I am greatly appreciated he talked to me at that hour especially he must be so tired after his work. We just talked and talked and talked before we slept at about 3am after we said good night to each other. I just pray that my Mr Big will not be so busy with his work and can spend more time with me. Amen.

On a side note, man can really make us woman laugh one moment; and make us woman mad with them the next moment........just now had a little bitterness with My Mr Big and has been grumbling to my bestie. My Mr Big has apologised to me so I am not that mad with him anymore.....He has said many sorries to me ....I just want him to be nicer to me, cherish me more and spend more time with me.....Is it so difficult ? Guess I have to accept the fact that his work is always busy and career come first for men. It pains my heart to see him work so hard but guess he loves his I have to accept his everything including his chosen career. I am proud of his career too.....Not easy being the woman behind the successful man (sigh...). I will learn along the way and be more understaning towards him.

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