Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are You Happy ?

Study show that unhappy folks spend 30% more time in front of TV than happy people.

Happy people spend a lot of time socialising, going to church and reading newspaper, but they do not spend a lot of time watching televison, a new study has found.

Dr John Robinson, co-author of the study said that "TV was the one activity that showed a negative relationship. Unhappy people did it more, and happy people did it less."

University of Maryland analysed 34 years of data collated from more than 45,000 participants and found that watching TV might make you feel good in the short term, but is more likely to lead to overall unhappiness.

Television viewing is a pleasurable enough activity with no lasting benefit, and it pushes aside time spent in other activities - one that might be less immediately pleasurable, but that would provide long-term benefits in one's condition. In other words, TV does cause people to be less happy.

Source : The Straits Times, Saturday, 22 November 2008 (Extract)

Fashionably yours seldom watch TV. I spent most of my time socialising at private events as a socialite, since I often get invited to many private parties. Sometimes I have to attend two private events on the same day, back to back, rushing from one venue to another. I like socialising at these private events. It is interesting. I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. It's something I enjoy doing. My Big commented to our common friends in front of fashionably yours that my events in one day is more than his activities in a week. From these private events which I attended, I noticed mostly are the women folks that turned up together with their girlfriends. Usually their significant other keep low profile and don't turn up together with them at these private events. I knew it because we can see familiar faces rubbing shoulders with each other. It's our networking for like minded people and we chat with each other happily. In other words, it's the wives or girlfriends who turned up minus their significant other. I can see the similarities in my case. My Big has no time to attend such private events wth fashionably yours. Furthermore, I think it's not his cup of tea. I would prefer to attend such private events (in the fashion and arts) with bestie and girlfriends. It's more fun, chic and hip to see and to be seen with your girlfriends at such private events. My Big said he will ask me to accompany him to his private events to rub shoulders with his other VIPs of the State. Those are the very grand and formal private events, given his social status. He needs a woman socialite like me with good PR skills, who knows how to mingle around and can talk to anybody with ease.

Never under estimate the networking power of the wives or girlfriends at such events. The wives or girlfriends network, socialise and connect with each other. In turn, all these somehow play a role in influencing the husbands' or boyfriends' in decision-making in the business world. The wives' or girlfriends' voice carries some weight too. See, it's never easy being the woman behind the successful man. We are their pillar of strength, encouraging them and assisting them quietly in our own ways without making our man losing their male ego. In turn, hoping our significant other to be successful in the society. Also to treat us and cherish us, the wives or girlfriends better and lead a good life together.

When fashionably yours watch TV, it's the news, documentaries and some of my English sitcoms. I usually watch news from one Channel to another. Oh I would love to be the news anchorwoman reading the news. I like watching the news. I don't watch much TV shows though, apart from watching news almost everyday. I also read the newspapers everyday, TODAY, My Paper, The Straits Time and The Sunday Times.

Fashionably yours is generally a happy person. I like to socialise, read the newspaper regularly and watch less TV show, except watching the news and my favourite sitcoms. I don't have enough time to sleep, let alone have the time to watch TV shows. I am too occupied with my other activities. The last thing I wanna do is sleep, so watching TV shows is optional and not compulsory for me. On a side note, bestie lent me a Korean drama DVD the other time. I really have no time to watch it and returned it to her without watching it. Thanks for lending me the DVD, but I really have no time to watch it.

So, are you happy ? Do you watch lots of TV shows ? You may want to reflect and review. Afterall year end is approaching, time to do something about it. New Year Resolution ? Whether one is happy or not is very subjective. This is only a study carried out by the University of Maryland. If you feel happy by watching TV shows, by all means, go ahead and be happy to watch your TV shows.

I wish all my weblogders happiness. See you around !

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