Friday, November 21, 2008

My Relaxing Thursday Afternoon & TGIF

Oh la la....finally I can take the afternoon off yesterday to do the things I wanna do. Fashionably yours need a short break. It has been hectic the past few weeks at work. Now I can catch a breathe or two......almost finishing the tasks on hands. Well, I had an enjoyable afternoon off. I make appointment with the nail spa to indulge in my favourite pedi session. It feels so rejuvenating and relaxing. Love it.

Presenting my sexy feet painted in
OPI shade of bright red
(suddenly an idea struck me, shall caress his......I know he likes it.
OMG ! why am I so horny now....what did big do to me ? )
After my pedi session, I dropped by Kinokuniya bookstore to pick up 2 magazines. Currently Kinokuniya bookstore is having 20% discount promotion for cardmembers, 3 days only from Thursday to Saturday.

Style magazine - Dec 2008 issue

Free 2009 Calendar
Free Vanity Case

BAZAAR Magazine - Dec 2008 issue

There were no long lines at the cashier, so I make payment in a breeze and home sweet home shortly. Had some much needed beauty sleep in the evening. Feels wonderful !
TGIF......have a nice weekend everyone. Guess fashionably yours will be catching up on her much needed beauty sleep while her big will be working over the weekend. I am used to it. Career first for him. Big will be so jealous of me because I can sleep so much....never mind, Big I help you to sleep ! zzzzzzz........zzzzzz.........(smiling sweetly at him, with my tongue sticking out, tempting him to come over to the bed......)

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