Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yummilicious noodles

A very cloudy Tuesday indeed. Nice and cooling weather. Was at Sim Lim Square for lunch today with Lemon-san, Shawn-san and Seng-san. Ate the yummilicious minced meat mushroom noodle.

The Minced Meat Noodle stall

My yummilicious minced meat mushroom noodle
Our table

Had very good time chilling out with the guys over our yummilicious lunch, with lots of fun and laughters. Of course, we walked around Sim Lim Square, running official errands and bought lots of stuffy back for office usage.

I really really love the yummilicious minced meat mushroom noodles. Will be back to eat it again. Try it if you are around Sim Lim area. Think I am becoming a gadgets geek soon because frequenting IT shows, Sim Lim and Funan so often.

Alrighty, time for fashionably yours to knock off soon. Have a nice and lovely Tuesday evening. Muack !

Monday, March 30, 2009

Confessions of the shopaholic

The shopaholic in me was at the malls, shopping happily over the weekends.
Wow ! wow ! wow ! lots of good deals as per my pictures below :

My favourite Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries

India hicks - Island Night

Body lotion and body wash gel


Sweet candy from Crabtree & Evelyn

Another of my favourite toiletries from

The Body Shop

Make-Up Pouch and wild strawberry body butter
worth SGD31.50
Customers are entitled to this free gifts if you spent SGD60 nett
and must include an item from the Wild Strawberry range

Body Shop Lip Butter

In support of Join the fight against HIV

Spending for a good cause

Every pledge you made
SGD0.30 will be donated to
Staying Alive Foundation and
The Patient Care Centre
to help raise awareness and educate
the public on HIV/AIDS
My pledge card
Bought HER WORLD - April 2009 issue

Well hope everyone had a nice weekends, be it shoppings, chilling out with friends or at home. Seems like the weeekends passed us so very fast and the weekdays has arrived. It is Monday today and I hope no Monday blues for you. Even if you have a bad day or Monday blues, it is soon gonna be over because Tuesday is approaching soon and also the last day of March 2009. April 1st is April Fool's day. Be careful, don't be fooled. Even if being fooled, just have fun then. Life is too short to take it too seriously. Just laughed it off and life will be happier.

Everybody is clearing leave before our Financial Year end close, as required by my company. Fashionably yours is also clearing leave, so took the afternoon off today. Had lunch with Lemon-san. Thereafter we chilled out at the Paragon, chatted and laughed over drinks. Also dropped by for some official errands at Ngee Ann city before fashionably yours headed home sweet home, while Lemon-san headed back to the office.
Since fashionably yours was at Ngee Ann city, so decided to drop by Sephora to get my double compact mineral powder. It is my first time trying it out. Has anyone of you tried it ? If yes, please share with me your feedback. Thanks.
Sephora double compact mineral powder

I like to use mineral make up which I find they last longer and can be used on my sensitive skin. It is not clogging my pores. Oh I am so in love with mineral make up.

Fashionably yours passed by Holland V this afternoon and it was so quiet. I had a lovely afternoon. Very leisure and relaxing..........had a short nap on this nice and cooling weather once I reached home in the afternoon. Loving it. It is nice to have quiet afternoon.

Have a nice week ahead everyone:)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fashionably yours got picked up again............

Fashionably yours was at Holland V just now and got picked up again.

He : Do you know where is the nearest ATM ?
Me : Over there (turned around to point to the windmill mall direction).
He : Thanks. How do I address you ?
Me : It's alright
He : I am Alvin. Do you have a handphone no. whereby I can reach you ?
Me : It's alright.

I walked off after that. I think this Alvin must be very disappointed by my reply. Generally I don't give men whom I don't know, my contact no. If they are interested to get to know me, they could give me their contacts and/or name card. I will get in touch with them if I am keen to get to know them.

Anyway fashionably yours is so used to got picked-up by men and oh so many times. They are so interesting with different types of picked-up lines.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy and Relaxing Thursday

Fashionably yours is very happy today because I have a very wonderful and beautiful day. It is sunshine all the way and the weather is so sunny. Loving it. Was working in the morning, clearing some emails at work and did part of my reports which the rest of the reports will be continued another day. Had lunch with my wonderful buddies. After lunch, went for coffee and tea with Lemon-san and Yuan-san. We chatted happily with lots of laughters. It was nice chilling out with the guys. Afterwhich they wanted to go to Takashimaya to shop whereas fashionably yours need to go for my pedicure session, so we parted ways.

Now my company is asking all the staff to clear some of their annual leave by end of March 2009, so everyone of us are busy clearing our own annual leave now. Fashionably yours took the afternoon off and went to indulge in my pedicure session. Love it. Now my sexy toe nails are painted in a shade of light brown call coffee break by Orly nail polish. What a nice name and I like the colour and the name of course. Went home sweet home after my pedicure session. In fact, a very relaxing day. A nice start to the weekend. Lemon-san commented I am leading a tai-tai lifestyle from my activities - Lunch --->tea/coffee-->Pedicure.

Gonna enjoy my weekend because will be very busy at work for the next two months. A lot of works to do and a good thing to be busy at work, in view of the bad economy. I just have such positive attitude :))

Have a nice weekend everyone :))

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

McValue Lunch & SALES

Lunch of the day at McCafe

My McValue lunch - fillet-0-fish

Had McValue lunch together with Lemon-san at McCafe today. Love the french fries. Yummy.

After we had our lunch, we went to HMV at Heeren, Ferragamo Sales at Takashimaya shopping centre, Kinokuniya Bookstore and back to office to work. Wow ! we went to many places.

Was at HMV to check out some new and nice CDs. Lemon-san bought a CD. Along the way to Takashimaya, saw a long quene at Wellington Building. Many teenagers were lining up and I have no idea what they are queneing up for and I also did not ask them.

Currently there is a Ferragamo sales at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, at fourth floor. Fashionably yours is a fan of Ferragamo heels and shoes. I love Ferragamo heels. How can I miss it. It was crowded when I reached there. Many ladies were trying on shoes and heels. The handbags, wallets, shoes, heels and ties are on sales. Check it out my dear weblogders, if you happen to be around that area. I did not buy anything from the sales, because mostly the one I like do not have my size and some of the heels I want will never go on sale. Would need to drop by their boutique another day to check it out.

Thereafter Lemon-san said he wanted to go bookshop to browse magazines, so we went to Kinokuniya bookstore for a while. We left the bookshop empty handed though.

Wherever I go, fashionably yours saw the big red word SALES very often. It seems like the Great Singapore Sales (GSS) is here and I think it is SALES everyday, 365 days SALES. Though saw the SALES sign but most of the shops hardly have any customers. The malls are so quiet even on weekends. Talk to a few friends and they were saying, economy is bad now, most people are cutting cost, so nobody want to shop and the SALES do not attract them. Furthermore, the retailers might be clearing old stocks, because customers are cutting cost and not buying, so become too many stocks in their warehouse. Thus they need to clear old stocks, so that explained so many SALES going on.

I think Singapore is becoming a SALES city.....365 days SALES, shopping paradise, shop till you drop :)) Come everybody, spend your money here in Singapore.......many nice things to buy and we give lots of discounts. Oooops......sounds like confession of a shopaholic. Excuse me.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do you jump immediately into a new relationship after ended one ?

How long do you need to get over a relationship before you embark on a new relationship ? A few days to a few years ? I think one should not embark on a new relationship immediately after ended one. One should take some time to do some reflections before moving on to a new relationship. I know some people will simply jump to another new relationship once their old relationship has ended. This type of situation might be because there is already an exisitng third party involved even before their current relationship has ended. However if there is no existing third party involved, I feel that one should take some time to do some reflections and soul searching before moving on to another new relationship. There is no hard and fast rules as to how much time one need to be alone to get over a relationship before embarking into another new relationship. I think as long as the individual has met the right person at the right timing at the right place, he or she should go for it. However it is best not to be involved in another new relationship immediately after ended one. At least have a short break to reflect before moving on. Also to give yourself some time to get to know the new person in order not to make the same mistakes or make the mistakes of treating that new person as a substitute for your ex-partner, which is not fair to her or him.

Well that is my take on relationships turn around time on embarking a new relationship after ended old relationship with ex-partners. Feel free to share your opinon and comments, no hard feelings. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot Wednedsay

It is so sunny today and the weather is so hot. The last few days were raining though there were some sunshine. Fashionably yours has bought some fashion magazines and sharing the goodies here again.

BAZAAR Magazine - April 2009 issue

FREE gift - Paul Mitchell's hair serum worth about SGD23.00
(This promotion is only valid at Kinokuniya bookstore)

Drinking my favourite Star Bucks hot latte at work

Women's Weekly - April 2009 issue

The above are fashionably yours fashion feeds. Time to knock off soon home sweet home to rest and relax.
Have a nice Wednesday evening everyone :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Fashionably yours has been very busy recently. So many things to do and time not enough. Was invited to attend a private event today but really very busy that I have to give the event a miss. Alrighty, some updates for my blog and here goes.....it is rather photo-intensive though.

Since fashionably yours need to clear leave, so I took afternoon leave on Thursday to meet up with Bestie, who was also on leave that day. There are so many SALES on going recently. We went to Isetan Private Sales. I bought my skin care products from Clarins and Fancl. It was not so crowded and doesn't seems like SALES was going on. The quene were not that long. Maybe times are bad that consumers are holding back purchases that even SALES are not that attractive anymore. Perhaps, times are bad now and retailers need to boost sales so they are having more SALES to attract shoppers.

My Clarins and Fancl skin care products
bought from Isetan Private Sales
Fashionably yours had a bill of over SGD200 for beauty products, so entitled to redeem a SGD20 Isetan rebates voucher for next purchase. For every SGD100 spent on beauty products, customers can redeem a 10% rebate Isetan Voucher during the Private sales.

Thereafter met Bestie who was waiting for me at Kinokuniya. She reserved a book so went to collect it and also to enjoy my 20% discount for Kinokuniya Privilege Card member. Again, the quene to the cashier was not that long....so it was a breeze queneing up to pay for the book. Our next destination is Suntec City because we want to go to the IT Show. It was a hot afternoon, so we took a bus to Suntec City. Once we reached Suntec City, we went to the Bodyshop warehouse sales. Wow ! no quene to enter the warehouse and no quene to make payment at the cashier, though quite crowded at the sales.
The Bodyshop Warehouse Sales

My purchases from The Warehouse Sales

FREE gift for customers who spent above SGD50 at the Bodyshop Warehouse sales

My FREE gift - A Mascara

Finally we proceed to the IT show 2009

It was very crowded at the IT Show 2009 though it was just the first day. In fact, the whole Suntec City was very crowded and human jam. I am looking for a mini notebook and bestie is looking for a laser printer. We browsed and collected lots of brochures. After making our rounds, we discussed. I decided not to buy my mini notebook for the time being because I don't want to pay such a high price (about SGD700) for just simple function mini notebook with no built-in DVD drive and the screen is too small for me. The most I would be comfortable with is the 10 inch mini notebook. I still love my current HP Entertainment notebook, tablet pc though the battery life is short and need charging regularly. Well save me some money now. Maybe will consider to buy my mini notebook when the price drops a few month down the road. I like the Acer Aspire One AOD150 and the BenQ mini notebook. However not sure how stable is BenQ mini notebook. My dear weblogders, feel free to share with me your mini notebook experience on Acer and/or BenQ. Many Thanks.
After walking and squeezing with the crowds at the IT show, both of us were so tired and hungry, so time for foodie. We settled for Japanese food at Ichiban Boshi.
My Premium Meal bento set

Our table

Our green tea

Bestie's chocolate ice cream desserts

My tempura ice cream dessert

It was yummy.....loving the food especially the salmon sashimi, which I find is fresh. It was home sweet home after satisfying our stomach. Besides it was late and we need to work the next day, which is Friday the 13th.

On Friday lunch hour, fashionably yours hit the malls again.....more retail therapy. Actually had tea with Lemon-san in the afternoon. Thereafter he was so sweet to accompany me shopping. Went to Isetan to buy my Fancl products using the Isetan rebate voucher, so help me to save some money. Bought the new formula MCO which just launched on Friday the 13th. I like the MCO which I find is very good to cleanse my make up.
Bought my Fancl products
New MCO and Vitamin E
FREE gift - a bag for customers who bought SGD80 nett of Fancl products
My FREE bag
Shop some more in the evening............
What is inside the paper bag ?

These are my purchases from The BodyShop
These items are not available at the warehouse sales
I love the Cherry Blossom body lotion and shower gel

FREE gifts for customers who spent SGD100 nett
This free gift is worth about SGD80 if I remember correctly

My FREE gifts

Fashionably yours also redeemed my points for Clarins products
Clarins Lip Gloss

Gifts from bestie, who bought it from her last overseas trip from Shanghai and Korea
Thanks Bestie
The Shopaholic in me shops happily at the malls. The retailers told me they need customers like me. Oops...confessions of a shopaholic here. I am a happy girl and happy with my purchases because there are so many free gifts wtih my purchases.....I love free gifts. Fashionably yours also dropped by Kinokuniya to buy Reader's Digest using my card to enjoy the 20% discounts.
I am going to read my reader's digest which is a very informative magazine. Considering to subscribe it.
My Reader's Digest
Wishing everyone a nice and wonderful weekend. Good night for now and sweet dreams.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Blackberry at work

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stomach Smoother Tea

Was chilling out at The Paragon this afternoon. Had tea with Lemon-san. Thereafter went for grocery shopping at the Market Place. Fashionably yours love chilling out at The Paragon, which is my favourite mall. I also love to shop at the Market Place because I can find most of the stuff I want here. Bought a packet of tea and the brand is Teekanne which is of high-quality tea. Wonder has anyone of you tried before this brand ? I just drank a packet and it is not bad.

It is a herbal tea blended to give our digestive system all all-natural relief. Rooibos, Camomile, Aniseed and Fennel work together to settle the stomach while Spearmint and Peppermint give this comforting tea a refreshing and pleasant aroma. Liquorice Root and Blackberry Leaves add harmony to refine the special taste.

My pack of
Teekanne Harmony for
Body & Soul Stomach Soother
Herbal Tea Blend

Fashionably yours was fed so many stuff today at work. Had potato chips, chocolates, gummy sweets and macademia nuts which is my favourite. Thank God for sending these wonderful angels to feed my stomach with so many nice goodies. Yummy.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Again

It is Monday again. Well in a few hours time, Tuesday is approaching. Had a busy Monday at work though was fun. Cleared lots of work and have started on my appraisal preparations. It was raining during lunch time, but still went for tea with Lemon-san. After our tea session, we shopped around the mall, bought my favourite Marks and Spencer biscuit. Fashionably yours walked in the rain with Lemon-san, sharing an umbrella, wearing my Ferragamo High heels....so romantic :))

So much so for now.....oh it is raining while fashionably yours is blogging now and drinking a cup of nice hot tea. Feel so warmth and loved. Hope your Monday was good. If not, it is ending soon and tomorrow will be a better day.

Good Night and sweet dreams everyone.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy International Women's Day

Today is 8 March 2009 (Sunday) and it is International Woman's Day. Being a woman in today's society is not easy, need to play the role of daughter, grand-daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, sister, aunties and work role at the working place. Well need to struggle to fight against time in our competitive society. It is not easy to balance work, social and personal life. Full of stress and good to have girlfriends to support and encourage one another.
Thank God for all the wonderful angels around me. It has been a very rewarding one and still counting my blessings.
Here is to all my nice girlfriends and sisters, wishing all of you a Happy International Women's Day.
Cheers :))

Saturday, March 7, 2009

1st Saturday of March 2009

The weekend is here....Hurray ! finally can take a good break to recharge. Let down our hair and do whatever we want. It has been raining since this morning, but fashionably yours is enjoying this nice and cooling weather.

Yesterday had McValue lunch with Yuan-san, Seng-san, Lemon-san and Dylan-san. It was fun hanging out with the guys. Lots of laughters and was fun. Thanks guys. Love you all. *hugs*. They never fail to bring laughters to my life. Life would not be the same without them. It really makes a difference to my working life. Thank God for sending these wonderful angels to my life.

Our table at McCafe
After we had our lunch, fashionably yours had some retail therapy before heading out to HMV with Lemon-san. We were looking for some earpiece. Finally we decided to go to Best Denki at Ngee Ann City and bought my panasonic earpiece while Lemon-san bought a headphone which I cannot remember the brand. Thereafter we returned to office to work for the rest of the Friday afternoon.

It was nice to work at Orchard Road because it doesn't make me feel like I am working. Sometimes I am wondering I am at Orchard Road to work or leisure. Afterall, most of the time, I will work and have leisure at the same time. I will relax during my lunch break at the mall nearby and chill out at The Paragon. Also can have some retail therapy during lunch break, especially during SALES, since already at Orchard since early in the morning.

Well having said so much, time for me to go for some drinks......would love to drink some red wine and beer to chill out on this nice and cooling night, while enjoying the cool breeze and gazing at the night sky. Life is beautiful.

Cheers and have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rainy night

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter....it is raining now.....I like to watch the rain drop falling from my window. It is so romantic to watch the rain drop falling at night. I like to see the light on the lamp post too at night. Fashionably yours is a night person and love the night. I can simply do nothing, but enjoying the silence of the night....so solitude, so calm, so peaceful and lovely. Simply love the kind of feeling....Feel happiness is in the air while enjoying the silence of the night.

Guess nice and cooling weather to snuggle under the duvet tonight. Nitey nite and sweet dreams everyone.

I am gonna enjoying watching the rain drop falling from my window....the stars and the moon are sleeping now, cannot see them on the dark sky.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tiring Monday

Tiring Monday indeed. Fashionably yours feel so sleepy yet has so many tasks to do at work. I wore my four inch black high heels to work and caused blisters on my feet. Thank God, one of my colleagues has some good plasters for me and it really eased the pain.

Despite a tiring long day which is driving fashionably yours crazy, I had some fun and relaxation though. Did the following activities during lunch hour :

1) Had lunch together with Yuan-san and Lemon-san.

2) Had tea with Yuan-san and Lemon-san at The Paragon, my favourite mall.

3) Done some banking transactions at UOB.

4) Some retail therapy - bought my Fancl masks

5) Top Up my ezlink card at the train station

Loving it especially working at Orchard Road. It seems like work cum leisure...and times flew by just like that. Though lots of works is driving me crazy, I still had lots of fun and laughters with my colleagues, as well as, the retail therapy and tea time.

Thank God for all the wonderful angels around me.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, All fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living
just because He lives.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday

It is a raining Sunday and the weather is so so so nice and cooling. Loving it. Love this type of nice and cooling weather when I am lazing at home, just doing what I wanna do. It is such a luxury to be enjoying this type of quiet and lazy Sunday. Yes my very own Me-Time, though get disturbances by the boy, my babyface, here and there. It is not that bad though. He is just too cute.

Ate my favourite bar of Ritter Sport Chocolate-ty while
watching the rain drops falling from my window
Nice feeling and loving it
makes me a happy girl

Yes we are now entering March 2009, which means fashionably yours is gonna be so busy for the next two months due to the Financial Year end closing and beginning of new Financial Year. Many reports to do and long long long working hours for me. Was grumbling to babyface about it and he is so good in consoling me, asking me not to think about it....soon May 2009 will be here. OK I know I am gonna be busy for the next two months which is a good thing in view of the bad economy now. Will not think so much about it, just do whatever I can and do my best. My colleagues are gonna be so stressed up by me too for the next two months....they will be avoiding me because it means lots of works for them from fashionably yours. Shoot shoot shoot emails to them.....make them panic and stressed up with tight deadline....do until they need to take panadol. Yes, that is how serious it will get....no kidding....tough job, not easy to work with me who has an eye for details and so strict with work.
It is still drizzling while fashionably yours is blogging now. Think nice weather to snuggle under the duvet tonight.....nice weather is making me getting more and more lazy....don't feel like getting up once lying down on my bed.
How was your Sunday ? Hope everyone have a beautiful and enjoyable Sunday. Have a nice week ahead.