Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yummilicious noodles

A very cloudy Tuesday indeed. Nice and cooling weather. Was at Sim Lim Square for lunch today with Lemon-san, Shawn-san and Seng-san. Ate the yummilicious minced meat mushroom noodle.

The Minced Meat Noodle stall

My yummilicious minced meat mushroom noodle
Our table

Had very good time chilling out with the guys over our yummilicious lunch, with lots of fun and laughters. Of course, we walked around Sim Lim Square, running official errands and bought lots of stuffy back for office usage.

I really really love the yummilicious minced meat mushroom noodles. Will be back to eat it again. Try it if you are around Sim Lim area. Think I am becoming a gadgets geek soon because frequenting IT shows, Sim Lim and Funan so often.

Alrighty, time for fashionably yours to knock off soon. Have a nice and lovely Tuesday evening. Muack !

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