Wednesday, March 25, 2009

McValue Lunch & SALES

Lunch of the day at McCafe

My McValue lunch - fillet-0-fish

Had McValue lunch together with Lemon-san at McCafe today. Love the french fries. Yummy.

After we had our lunch, we went to HMV at Heeren, Ferragamo Sales at Takashimaya shopping centre, Kinokuniya Bookstore and back to office to work. Wow ! we went to many places.

Was at HMV to check out some new and nice CDs. Lemon-san bought a CD. Along the way to Takashimaya, saw a long quene at Wellington Building. Many teenagers were lining up and I have no idea what they are queneing up for and I also did not ask them.

Currently there is a Ferragamo sales at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, at fourth floor. Fashionably yours is a fan of Ferragamo heels and shoes. I love Ferragamo heels. How can I miss it. It was crowded when I reached there. Many ladies were trying on shoes and heels. The handbags, wallets, shoes, heels and ties are on sales. Check it out my dear weblogders, if you happen to be around that area. I did not buy anything from the sales, because mostly the one I like do not have my size and some of the heels I want will never go on sale. Would need to drop by their boutique another day to check it out.

Thereafter Lemon-san said he wanted to go bookshop to browse magazines, so we went to Kinokuniya bookstore for a while. We left the bookshop empty handed though.

Wherever I go, fashionably yours saw the big red word SALES very often. It seems like the Great Singapore Sales (GSS) is here and I think it is SALES everyday, 365 days SALES. Though saw the SALES sign but most of the shops hardly have any customers. The malls are so quiet even on weekends. Talk to a few friends and they were saying, economy is bad now, most people are cutting cost, so nobody want to shop and the SALES do not attract them. Furthermore, the retailers might be clearing old stocks, because customers are cutting cost and not buying, so become too many stocks in their warehouse. Thus they need to clear old stocks, so that explained so many SALES going on.

I think Singapore is becoming a SALES city.....365 days SALES, shopping paradise, shop till you drop :)) Come everybody, spend your money here in Singapore.......many nice things to buy and we give lots of discounts. Oooops......sounds like confession of a shopaholic. Excuse me.

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