Saturday, August 30, 2008

Chanel, Soup Spoon and Borders - Friday Girls Night out on town

I sat so comfortably on the sofa set of Chanel Boutique on Friday afternoon while waiting for the staff to fix my Chanel handbag chain. My Chanel handbag chain came lose after wear and tear, so I brought it back to the boutique for some services. I start snapping away while waiting for my handbag to be ready.

Chanel apparels and model

The flowers on the coffee table beside the sofa I sat

I watched the fashion show on the big screen while sitting at the sofa

It makes me feel like I am at my own house while I was sitting on the sofa, so comfortable. Besides watching the fashion show on the big screen, saw some ladies looking at handbags at the Chanel boutique. The staff are pretty friendly to me and received VIP treatment. Guess I am their regular and potential customer.

After I am done at the Chanel boutique. I proceed to Nature's Farm to collect my vitamins which the staff had called me on Thursday to inform me that my vitamins has arrived in store. Thererafter I went to Skin Food at Far East Plaza to purchase my skincare products, before I returned to the office. While I was on my way back to my office, this lady who was pushing her baby pram at the Paragon, her baby pram wheel hit my Birkenstock and caused slight damaged at the back. She said sorry to me. I was angry at first but thinking the pram wheel hit my Birkenstock and my feet is not injured, so my Birkenstock protects my feet. I am thankful for that, though sad that my Bkirkenstock is slight damaged at the back. I told Eva about this,she said my Birkenstock slight damaged at the back is not obvious. She didn't even noticed it if I don't tell her about it. The lady was lucky as I was not wearing my Gucci heels on Friday. If she damaged my Gucci heels, I will make her compensate me with a new pair of Gucci heels. There is a Gucci boutique in the Paragon building.

In the evening, went to do some shoppings at the Robinson at Centrepoint with Eva-san. Bought some toiletries and enjoyed the 20% discount for OCBC cardmembers. Thereafter, we ate our dinner at The Soup Spoon at The Paragon, which was very crowded. However, we managed to find seats.

The Soup Spoon

My Mushroom soup

Eva's tomtato soup

Our table

We bought some yakitori from TORI Q to eat Yummy yakitori

Latte at Starbucks
Wanted to eat the cakes from Canele but full house
After we are done with our food and drinks, we strolled to Wheelock Place to shop at the Borders. Along the way to Borders, I almost hold hand with a stranger. Eva and I were laughing and talking and I accidentally brushed against this man near Lucky Plaza and we almost hold hands by a second. He and I looked at each other. He was wearing specs, short hair and average looking. It was so drama mama and we laughed it off and continued our journey to Borders.......It was so crowded at the Borders since it was a Friday night and many people were browsing books and magazines. We met Eva's two interesting friends, Chris and I-something which I cannot remember his name at Borders. They are so interesting, so two ladies and two men chatted happily at the Borders while buying books together. Yes it was our Friday Girls Night out Town plus two interesting men near what does two ladies and two men do at midnight.....shall leave it to your imagination..... Below are books which I bought :

Sex and the City, The Movie

Extracts from the book,Sex and the City, The Movie

Another extract from the book, Sex and the city, The Movie

Wishful thinking by Melissa Hill

Shape Magazine - September 2008 issue

I bought the magazines at 25% discount and the books at 35% discount using coupons from Borders. In order to enjoy 35% discount, must buy 4 full price boosk, so I bought 2 books, Eva bought 1 book and Chris bought 1 book, so total we have 4 full price books to enjoy the 35% discount. All of us are happy with our good deal purchases.

Thank you my dear weblogers to read this long post of mine. As a reward and to share the sweet treats from Borders, I shall lead you to the link to get your discount coupon.

To enjoy 35% discount for 4 full priced books, click here

To enjoy 25% discount for one full priced book, click here

To enjoy 25% discount for one full priced magazine, click here

Please print the coupons and redeem the discount at the Borders bookstore.

On a side note, met up with Deena on Thursday evening at Holland V. She is so jovial to call me Miss Purto Ricco. We had so much fun catching up and of course lots of jokes and laughters.

Have a fantastic weekends everyone.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Quote of the day

The show is a valentine to being single. ... Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you; now it means you're pretty sexy and you're taking your time deciding how you want your life to be...and who you want to spend it with."

Kim Cattrall
Sex and the City

Thursday, August 28, 2008

COMEX 2008 & My New Digital Camera

Went to Comex 2008 at Suntec during lunch time just now. Reached there about 12pm. It was not so crowded at all.....very good to browse around.

On the way back to office, passed by the Singapore Flyer
Presenting my New Digital Camera
Nikon Coolpix S550
The camera comes with lots of freebies, such as umbrella, 8GB SD Card, mini tripod, extra battery EN-EL10, LCD Cleaning pad, screen protector and case. I also bought a 4GB Nano thumbdrive at Comex. I am happy with my purchases.

For more information on Comex 2008, click here

More Sex

and the city....
here it goes......
FIRST Movie mag cover
features from FIRST Movie mag
8 days cover
articles from 8days mag
SEX AND THE CITY Novel which I bought
Article from BAZAAR mag
The SATC girls attending a fashion show

I love attending fashion shows too. Now and then receiving fashion show invitations....I am also a model who used to do catway on the runway. It was fun though hectic life rushing from one show to another.....looks glamourous as a model but tough job I would say.
To see recent fashion show I attended, click here and here
View video here here

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Me and Sex and the City

Happen to know someone is commenting something about my lifestyle is comparable to the actress in Sex And the City. Did a quiz before and I am similar to Carrie Bradshaw. I love fashion, love branded shoes and branded bags. A girl can never have enough pair of shoes and bags. There weakness for all these branded stuffy....guess it is all in my blood.

Sex and the City is my favourite sitcom and movie too. Enjoy watching them all along and can watch over and over again, some of the series sometimes.

More information on Sex and the city click here

I am looking for my Mr Big. Where is my Mr Big ? Can you tell me please.

Magazines & Freebies

Was at Kinokuniya bookstore just now and bought these magazines.

Female - September 2008 issue

Free Gift of Laneige travel skin care worth SGD35

Luxx Jewellery magazine - September 2008 issue
Free Gift - Salvador Dali Rubylips eau de toilette worth SGD115

It is worth buying both the abovementioned two magazines since it has the freebies. Buy Female September 2008 issue, get the Laneige travel skin care set worth SGD35 free. Buy Luxx Jewellery September 2008 issue, get the Salvador Dali Rubylips eau de toilette worth SGD115 free. The perfume is kinda of musky fragrance. This promotions is exclusive to Kinokuniya bookstore only. So hurry grab these freebies with purchase of the abovementioned magazines, while stocks lasts.
I am not earning any commissions or promoting for kinokuniya, just sharing the goodies with my dear weblogders. Tell me you found out about this freebies from my blog. Thanks.

Loquat Herbal Jelly

Ate Loquat Herbal Jelly just now.

Comes with a small tub of honey

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When you say you love me

When you say you love me
The world goes still, so still inside and
When you say you love me
For a moment, there's no one else alive
You're the one I've always thought of.
I don't know how, but I feel sheltered in your love.
You're where I belong.
And when you're with me if I close my eyes,
There are times I swear I feel like I can fly


I am a fashionista who appreciates the finer things in life and enjoying the simple things in life.

I live life to the fullest, seize the day and enjoy the moment.

Enjoying and Living the high life.

I am wearing Sentiments necklace and earrings. Endorsing it.

Sentiments outlets are at United Square and Suntec City.

Price ranges from SGD40 to SGD70.

Yours truly, Classiclicious is wearing Sentiments, endorsing it. Get yours today.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I am a fashionista who appreciates the finer things in life and enjoying the simple things in life.

I live life to the fullest, seize the day and enjoy the moment.

Enjoying and Living the High Life.

I am wearing Sentiments necklace and endorsing it.

Sentiments outlets are at United Square and Suntec City.

Price ranges from SGD40 to SGD70.

Yours truly, Classiclicious is wearing Sentiments and endorsing it. Get yours today.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Japanese Buffet Dinner - 22.08.08 Friday

Met up with bestie, Eva-san for Japanese buffet dinner on last Friday at Mino Q Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

This restaurant is frequent mostly by the Japanese. While we were there last Friday night, there were not many customers besides two groups of Japanese customers who were dining there together with us. One group was sitting beside us and the other group was seated in their tatami private room. We enjoyed our dinner though we find that somehow their quality of food has dropped compared to last time. It is still eatable but the sashimi could have been fresher.

We dined and chatted happily anything under the moon while sipping our green the girlie stuffy we chatted and shared. All in all, good food and good company. This makes our fun and wonderful girls night out in town that ended with a high note and a nice start to our weekend.

In fact, my weekend is so happening with the launch of 3G apple iphone at work, filled with so much excitment and fun with my colleagues. The hardwork behind the scene is worth it and well done my dear colleagues, both the backend and frontline support rendered. Also passed some apple iphone goodies to Eva-san and glad she likes it.

For our yummy Japanese foodie pictures, click here

Have a nice week ahead everyone.

Magazines and rainy Sunday

Magazines that I bought recently :

Vanilla - Aug 2008 issue
Free gift, a bag, that comes with Vanilla - Aug 2008 issue
Her World - Aug 2008 issue
With magazines - September 2008 issue
BAZAAR - September 2008 issue
Simply Her - September 2008 issue
Love reading all these fashion and beauty magazines. OMG ! It has been a rainy weekends. Nice and cooling weather. I have my magazines to read while drinking my hot cup of tea, burning my essential oil and with nice music playing from the radio........rather relaxing weekends.....loving it. It is so troublesome to go out on this rainy day. One needs to open the brolly, get yourself wet in the rain since the roads are wet and slippery and traffic jam everywhere. Ideally is to stay home to enjoy this nice and cooling weather, snuggle under the duvet and catching up on lots of beauty sleep on this rainy Sunday afternoon. I also love to watch the rain falling pitter patter from my a waterfall and listen to the rhythm of the falling rain. it is fantastic with such simple life and the joy it brings.

Wet Wet Wet Saturday

It was raining since I woke up on Saturday morning. It feels good to snuggle under the duvet in this nice and cooling weather. And best of all, it is the weekends, which means my off day and can linger longer in bed and don't have to rush to work. I love such cooling weather and I am enjoying doing simple things in life, which is a luxury to me.

Ate a can of Honey Cooling Jelly

Ate some grapes
Drank hot tea on this cooling weather

Feels so warm

As I was drinking my cup of hot tea, I gazed out of my window to look at the sky and greenery. I love the after rain smell of the grass. Suddenly I saw the Eastern & Oriental Express train passed by my house from my window. It is such a luxury train and saw the men in suits, ladies in nice dress standing at the last cabin. At the same time, saw the romantic dining setting in the train. I was captivated by it and cannot get it off my mind. I wish my significant other will bring me to travel onboard this Eastern & Oriental Express someday. It would be an amazing experience for us.

For more information on the train, read here and here

On a lighter note, was glad to receive his messages though he is oversea now, which brought smiles on my face. Praying he will have a smooth business trip. Amen.