Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wet Wet Wet Saturday

It was raining since I woke up on Saturday morning. It feels good to snuggle under the duvet in this nice and cooling weather. And best of all, it is the weekends, which means my off day and can linger longer in bed and don't have to rush to work. I love such cooling weather and I am enjoying doing simple things in life, which is a luxury to me.

Ate a can of Honey Cooling Jelly

Ate some grapes
Drank hot tea on this cooling weather

Feels so warm

As I was drinking my cup of hot tea, I gazed out of my window to look at the sky and greenery. I love the after rain smell of the grass. Suddenly I saw the Eastern & Oriental Express train passed by my house from my window. It is such a luxury train and saw the men in suits, ladies in nice dress standing at the last cabin. At the same time, saw the romantic dining setting in the train. I was captivated by it and cannot get it off my mind. I wish my significant other will bring me to travel onboard this Eastern & Oriental Express someday. It would be an amazing experience for us.

For more information on the train, read here and here

On a lighter note, was glad to receive his messages though he is oversea now, which brought smiles on my face. Praying he will have a smooth business trip. Amen.

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