Thursday, August 7, 2008

Throwing away old stuff mood

In view of our office is undergoing renovation soon, I spent almost half the afternoon sorting out which stuff to throw and which stuff to keep. So tiring after packing some of the stuff. Managed to pack two mountain-ful of files to dispose off. While sorting out the old files, saw some emails and documents dated in 1997, so asked my colleagues, where were you in 1997 ? Most of them answered they were either in Secondary one or Secondary Two in 1997.

Also digged out some anitque huge calculators and printers in the store room. Had a good laugh with my colleagues looking at all these old bulky stuffy......and of course it ended up in the dustbin.

Feel so good to dispose old files and feel lighter somehow. Will continue to sort out some other old files another day to dispose off.....I am in a throwing away old stuff/files mood today.

On a lighter note, had a wonderful lunch gathering with my colleagues in the office just now. The food were delicious and the people were fun to hang out with. Ate till very full.

Click here for the pictures.

Why must it raining now when I want to go home after a hard day work ? Hoping the rain will stop soon so that I don't have to open my umbrella.

Tomorrow is 08.08.08.........Have you bought your TOTO for the SGD8 million draw ? Quick go to quene up and buy TOTO to try your luck. Good luck everyone and win more :) and share your winnings with me.


Billy Chua said...

Wow good food. too bad I not there to enjoy, anyway where is your new office...?

Classiclicious said...

this lunch gathering is organised by another department and they invited me, so touched ! New office is still at HQ 10. HQ 10 will be undergoing renovation soon. We will shift to HQ 7 temporarily and shift back to HQ10 after reno is completed.