Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happening Weekend

My weekend fun started from last Thursday from my card members preview shoppings at Metro and at Zegna Boutique. Last Friday, the guys suggested to have lunch together at the Central Restaurant at Ngee Ann City. Thus I joined Edwin, Rex, Lemon and Jon for lunch at Central.

On our way to Central Restaurant at Ngee Ann City for lunch

At the Central Restaurant

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A side note, Edwin asked me to include his message to Billy in my blog. Edwin said this lunch is to celebrate that Billy is no longer in service in our company. He sounds happy when he said this and told me must include his this messge to Billy in my blog. Billy if you are reading this blog now, this message has nothing to do with me and the rest of the guys. It is from Edwin only. I am only passing the message through my blog. Your two can trash it out yourself or you can message Edwin. Or if you want you can leave comments here and I will pass your replied message to Edwin. (LOL)

Edwin will be on leave this Monday and Friday because he is having exams on these two days. He must be studying very hard now.....Good Luck Edwin.

After we had finished our food at Central restaurant, we went to The Paragon for tea at Ah Mei cafe.

We shopped at the Paragon shortly and went to Chanel boutique at Ngee Ann City to browse at bags, after we finished our drinks. The guys were so nice to shop with me.

In the evening, went to purchase my beauty supplement - Fancl Ex Tense Up.

More pictures and details, please click here

After I am done with my Fancl purchases, met up with Eva for our girls night out on town at Plaza Singapura. We were telling each other about the KFC advertisement we saw on television whereby the passenger wants to pay the taxi driver for his trip fare, but the taxi driver is eyeing his packet of KFC variety meal and would like the passenger to give him the variety meal instead of the taxi fare. Taxi driver wants passenger to use the variety meal as payment. So interesting advertisement. The advertisement is so effective that makes the two of us decided to eat the variety meal at KFC. So off we ate the variety meal. It comes with drinks, a mushroom burger, one piece of fried chicken and two pieces of fried shrimp. We paid additional seventy cents to buy a side meal, which I ate the salad and Eva ate the cheese fries. The mushroom burger is very saltish, other than that the meal is ok.

We sat near the chilli dispenser that night. Eva was telling me that her Taiwanese friends did not believe that chilli dispenser exist in Singapore, so we took picture of the chilli dispenser at KFC to show to her Taiwanese friends. In Taiwan I think there is only ketchup dispenser. In fact, it has been one year since I last ate at KFC. I seldom eat fast food, except drink coffee and eat ice cream at McCafe.

Presenting our KFC variety meal

I ate a regular mashed potato

Presenting the chilli dispenser at KFC (for Taiwanese friends) Seeing is believeing

We shopped at Daiso after our dinner.

My purchases from Daiso

We thought of dropped by to say Hi to Issac at his working place but felt so tired, so we went home after our Daiso shoppings. Issac, we will drop by your working place another day to say Hi to you if we are around the area.

So two happy ladies went home with the shoppings and satified the taste buds with the KFC variety meal. Lovely evening.

Life is wonderful and great to have good company of friends. Feel so bliss......Thank God.

Have received quite a number of private invitation events recently but due to time constraint, will just attend some of them. Will blog about the private event should I attend them. Stay tuned and bookmark my blog site. Thanks and see you, my dear weblogders at my blog. OMG ! Class 95 is playing all the songs from the 80s and I enjoy listening to them now while I am blogging and smelling my nice aromatherapy essentail oil exuding in my cosy room. I am burning Lavender essential oil now.

Meanwhile dear weblodgers stay funky, be cool, be good and have a nice week ahead.

Good night and sweet dreams:)

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