Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ooh la la Tuesday

Indulged in my monthly pedicure session on Tuesday evening. Had my toenails painted in the shade of reddish brown. I think it is OPI I love fondue.

Yours truly at the nail spa salon

After I am done with my pedicure session, went for some retail therapy at Marks & Spencer at the Wheelock Place.

What is inside the green bag ?

Bought 2 packets of Dutch shortcake and 2 bars of Swiss chocolate

It was such a breeze shopping during the weekdays because the malls are pretty empty, no human jam and no traffic jam on the road. I love shoppings during the off-peak and weekdays as the sales staff are more attentive to me and I don't have to squeeze with the crowds.

Had a good start for my Tuesday. Saw him in the morning and sort of lifted my spirits throughout the day. In the evening, enjoyed my pedicure session and felt so relax. Thank God and felt so blissful :)

Life is Great.

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