Friday, August 15, 2008

Leisure Thursday Afternoon

Today went to eat fish fillet set meal wtih Yuan-san and Seng-san at our company's recreation club.

Presenting my fish fillet set meal

Our table

The unagi sauce is very saltish, other than that, it was delicious. Nice company and yummy food.

After I had finished my lunch, I took the afternoon off to pamper myself for a full body massage and facial at the spa. OMG ! my masseur said she couldn't recognised me. She told me she was wondering who this beautiful lady was when I walked into the spa....As usual, fell asleep during the massage session. I feel so relaxing after the massage and love it.

After my massage session, drank my favourite Starbucks latte and chilled out at home, burning my favourite essential oil. Relaxing myself at home while my colleagues were working at the office.

Just saw the offline msn message which Eva wrote : you are already a tai-tai. OMG ! another one calling me tai-tai. I wish I am a full time tai-tai. Think my extravagant lifestyle has made so many friends calling me tai-tai.....used to it. Well, any men out there who can support me in my extravagant lifestyle and wants to make me a full time tai-tai are welcome.

Woo......hooo....the weekend is here....gonna enjoy it. In fact, I think my weekend starts from Thursday.....

On a lighter note, I met him on my way to the spa for my massage. He was very busy and seriously working very hard.....pray everything goes well for him on this launch.

Work in progress

I love and enjoy my tai-tai lifestyle on this leisure Thursday afternoon....Alrighty, time for my beauty sleep now......Good night.

P.S. I took Thursday afternoon nap at home while my colleagues are working...hahaha.....

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