Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Thursday with the guys & Shoppings

Some overdue post. Last Thursday, had lunch with Yuan-san, Seng-san and N Sunny-san at our Company's Recreation Club. We ordered dishes such as curry chicken, long beans and some kind of fried melons dishes to eat with rice. The curry chicken tasted delicious but we find the rice portion served was too little. It comes with FREE ice water. Seng-san bought us each a banana. Thanks Seng-san. Had a great time over lunch with the guys at the recreation club.

Our dishes
Last Thursday was also the last day of service for Billy. We asked him out in the evening to join us for drinks and to have a mini-gatherings with us at a coffee shop near our office.

My milo and roti-prata

Guys at our table (Edwin, Jon, Kel, Shawn, Lemon and Billy)
6 men and me at our table
Billy's small token to us - Denmark Biscuit

It was nice working with Billy though short stay (May 08 to July 08) in our office. He will be starting classes on Monday at NTU. All the best to you. We will miss you definitely. Do give us a call if you are near our office area. We can meet for lunch or tea break or can go coffee bean or starbucks to drink coffee and chit-chat. Also can go for ice cream together with the rest of the guys. Thanks for your help too during your stay in our office. Keep in touch and take care.

Last Thursday evening, went to Metro Cardmembers Sales Preview. For pictures and details, click here

Met my boss with the wife and son at E Zegna boutique while I was shopping at the boutique too after I am done with Metro sales. E Zegna has nice men's suits, shirts, shoes and belts. Highly recommend if you wanna get your man or any guy friend a present, E Zegna is the place. Visit Zegna homepage here


Billy Chua said...

Thanks. Missed you guys. Actually I hate to leave the company but no choice studies need to come first will visit you whenever I can...

Classiclicious said...

Keep in touch. We will miss you. Take care, study hard, play hard and keep in touch. If you got any good lobang, must tell me ok.