Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Eve

It is New Year eve today, the last day of 2009.  Fashionably yours is here blogging to update the happenings before 2010 arrives.  We need to clear all our backlog before the new year arrives.

I enjoyed my festive seasons holiday break and very relaxing.  The last 2 days was Girls Days Out with bestie and very fun.  Lots of retail therapy and food. 

My new sandal purchased from Far East Plaza

Our favourite dining place

Our table
with our soup of the day which is tomato soup

My maincourse
Cod fish

Bestie's salmon salad

The second day of our retail therapy was fruitful because bestie bought her Ferragamo Vera pump. In fact, I think we bought more shoes this time round.  The first day bestie bought 2 pair of shoes at a good discount and I bought my sandal and a pair of black high heels at a good discount.  We are shoes addict.  We wanted to buy clothes but ended up with more shoes purchased.  We love shoes.  Actually I wanted to buy Ferragamo heels but they do not have my size in the colour I like, so I skipped.  Everywhere is having sales now and so crowded at Orchard Road.  Zara sales has just started so still can shop. I haven't been to Zara sales yet but will try to make time for it...think next week most probably.  

On the second day of our retail therapy, fashionably yours bought a nice red dress while bestie bought a nice black blouse.  We had lots of fun and laughters at the fitting room.  One of the lady seek my fashion advise at the fitting room and I happily gave which she appreciated very much. I am glad she trusted me and appreciated my efforts.  It makes my day.  OMG ! I am not only bestie's fashion and stylist consultant, I have new clients now.  I love fashion. 

We had dinner at The soup spoon

My mushroom soup

My tofu salad

Have been eating lots of salad of late. I love eating salad and so healthy.  I want to be eco friendly and reduce my carbon footprints on earth.  Therefore, please don't consume so much meat, especially beef.  Let's do our part to save the earth.

This is my shoppings for the last few days
3 boxers from Watson
Fancl wasing powder
Eye lash curler from sasa
Dior lipstick
Dior lipgloss

It is New Year Eve today, the last day of 2009. 10 yrs have zoomed past. I remembered 10yrs ago today was busy with Y2K project, everyone is geared up for the cut-over, camped overnight at office to ensure no errors after the date run from 1999 to 2000 in the computer system. Looking back, what have you done in the past 10 yrs ? Have you grown to be a better person? Reflecting time. Happy New Year Eve everyone. 

P.S.  Thanks to my reader for the support all these years...will blog more updates.  Cheers :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Big present

Saw this at Orchard Central.
So cute
A big present

Magazine and freebies

Bought CHIC magazine from books kinokuniya and obtained the free gift L'oreal texturising clay

Fasionably yours enjoyed my cardmembership 20% discount for this magazine and get the free gift.  Very worth it. 


The Christmas logcake I ate

Yummy :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Updates and my festive seasons holidays break

Fashionably yours have been enjoying my festive seasons break and very relaxing everyday.  Popped in the office the other day to wrap the gifts for my colleagues. 

This basket of gifts are our gifts from our department to our colleagues.
It is all home made Almond Biscuits and  wrapped with love and care.

Went for a pedicure session Moday evening and feel so relaxing.
Loving the shade of OPI Royal Rajan Ruby painted on my sexy toe nails.

Wednesday was Girls Day Out with Bestie.  We went to the salon to get a new hairdo in the afternoon, followed by Japanese dinner. Will post pics of fashionably yours with the new haido when I take new pictures.  Our dinner at Ichiban Boshi at Suntec :

Green Tea

My salmon set

Bestie's sushi gourmet set

Our table

It was home sweet home after we had our Japanese dinner. 
So filling that I couldn't finish my food so bestie helped me to finish the salmon. 

  Popped in the office for our Christmas Party on Christmas Eve.
The Christmas gifts on my desk that greeted me on Christmas Eve.
Thanks for the gifts and I like them all.  Very practical gifts.

Our food for the office Christmas Party

Fashionably yours had some white wine at the Office Christmas Party. Simply heaven.  Thanks to big boss for the nice white wine. It was fun chilling with colleagues at the party.

After the party, chillax with Lemon-san at Ya Kun.  We also shopped around Orchard Road. It was both human jam and traffic jam, so we just shopped for a while and rushed home sweet home before the crowds rushed into Orchard Road.

Our drinks and my soft boiled eggs

This is the crowds at Orchard Road on Christmas Eve

Saw this interesting parade while crossing the roads at junction of Ngee Ann City and Paragon

Well, another Christmas come and gone so fast.  Hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas.  Counting down to Year 2010....6 days to Year 2010.  Time to reflect and make new year resolutions.  I don't make new year resolutions but I only make short term resolutions which is easier for me to achieve.  I like to make to-do lists for the day, week and month.

Alrighty, time for my beauty sleep now.  Sweet dreams and good night everyone.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Festive seasons holidays

Fashionably yours is very happy now enjoying my tai tai lifestyle. I would say I love this long festive seasons holidays break.  Work is out of mind and out of sight during my long festive seasons holidays break.  Yippee !  I can sleep late and wake up anytime I like...seems to have all the time, free and easy and very relaxing.  This is my most wonderful time of the year and loving it.  Yesterday afternoon chillax at Holland Village and loving this back yard of mine.

Lots of fun happenings and shall update soon.  Remember to come back to check my updates. 

Happy holidays :)

Mandarin Gallery

The other day L-san asked me along to shop around Mandarin Gallery when it first opened.  Has very nice layout of the shops and happy to see Colour Wash located there.  Next time, fashionably yours can just send my branded handbags there for cleaning and maintenance and  it is so near to my working place.   I don't have to bring my branded handbags to China Square anymore. Yippee :)

Mandarin Gallery

Recently lots of shopping malls opening one after another.  The new kids on the block are ION, Orchard Central, 313@Somerset and Mandarin Gallery.  The other day, J-san and I were saying that we are surrounded by malls, how to resist to shop and so near to us.  However fashionably yours have good control of the dollars and cents and not spending too much recently.  Very happy with this habit and seeing the credit card bills as zero amount.  It is always wise to save for a rainy days, spend wisely and don't splurge or spend unnecessarily.  Make sure you spend within your means, differentiate between wants and needs.  We should not support hyper inflation, always ensure your spendings are value for money.  These are advise coming from fashionably yours aka the shopping queen - always know where to get good deals. Just keep a look out and do your calculations.  Feel free to share good deals with me too.  Thanks.

Good luck to those of you who are still doing your last minute Christmas shopping.  You need to beat the human jam.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lunch and Starbucks

What is on my lunch table today ?
Yes it is yummy grilled fish with mushroom sauce.  Yum...yum...yum...

Thereafter drinking my favourite Starbucks Raspberry Black currant drinks

Christmas Lights Up

It was madness for the last few weeks.  Tons of works to clear and deadlines to meet.  Fashionably yours has been working non-stop, seems like working 24/7.  Phew ! all has been cleared now though tiring.   Sunshine after rain.  Looking forward to my long deserved festive season break.  It will be like everyday is Sunday (smiling happily).  Time to slow down, let the hair down to enjoy the festive seasons and rest and relax. 

I believe most of you have been to see the Christmas Lightings at Orchard Road.  I have taken some pictures :

I can feel the Christmas atmosphere with all the malls around me playing Christmas songs.   It is about 8 days to Christmas from today.  Lots of wrappings to be done for our Christmas Party at work next week.  Sometimes wrappings pressie can be so therapeutic after being so stressful at work.  Looking forward to the yummilicious food at the office Christmas Party.  Guess it will be very crowded at the malls whereby people will be doing their last minute shoppings these few days.

Happy Christmas shoppings.  I can hear the weekend footstep getting nearer....Yippee.....

Monday, December 7, 2009

Magazines and fashionably yours updates

Last week bought 2 magazines from Kinokuniya bookstore since cardmembers can get 20% discount.

CHIC Magazine

FREE GIFT - Julie Hewett Lip balm and SGD5 Springfield voucher 

Close Up of Julie Hewett Lip balm (worth SGD30)

HER WORLD magazine with free calender

The weekend come and go so fast....sigh....It is Monday again and fashionably yours have been very busy at work lately. Usually year end I am very busy.  Have been burning midnight oil last week for a few nights and in bad shape that I need lots of beauty sleep over the weekend.  Now at least recharge and ready for another week which is also hectic and tough both the home and work front....I am so stressful that I have a big pimple on my neck near the jawline.  I think people will mistaken it as a love bite....OMG !

OK time for fashionably yours to go to bed.  Thanks for reading my blogs and support given.

Have a nice week ahead everyone and take care.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today is the first day of opening of 313@Somerset and fashionably yours had headed to the mall.  It is very crowded. 

Look at the long quene at Uniqlo

We were at Food Republic

J-san briyani cost SGD7.00. Yummy

At the escalator at 313@Somerset

I have to pass by 313@somerset five days a week, about 4 times a day.  Need to pass by it to get to my office.  Soon will 313@somerset fashionista.