Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mandarin Gallery

The other day L-san asked me along to shop around Mandarin Gallery when it first opened.  Has very nice layout of the shops and happy to see Colour Wash located there.  Next time, fashionably yours can just send my branded handbags there for cleaning and maintenance and  it is so near to my working place.   I don't have to bring my branded handbags to China Square anymore. Yippee :)

Mandarin Gallery

Recently lots of shopping malls opening one after another.  The new kids on the block are ION, Orchard Central, 313@Somerset and Mandarin Gallery.  The other day, J-san and I were saying that we are surrounded by malls, how to resist to shop and so near to us.  However fashionably yours have good control of the dollars and cents and not spending too much recently.  Very happy with this habit and seeing the credit card bills as zero amount.  It is always wise to save for a rainy days, spend wisely and don't splurge or spend unnecessarily.  Make sure you spend within your means, differentiate between wants and needs.  We should not support hyper inflation, always ensure your spendings are value for money.  These are advise coming from fashionably yours aka the shopping queen - always know where to get good deals. Just keep a look out and do your calculations.  Feel free to share good deals with me too.  Thanks.

Good luck to those of you who are still doing your last minute Christmas shopping.  You need to beat the human jam.

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