Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Lights Up

It was madness for the last few weeks.  Tons of works to clear and deadlines to meet.  Fashionably yours has been working non-stop, seems like working 24/7.  Phew ! all has been cleared now though tiring.   Sunshine after rain.  Looking forward to my long deserved festive season break.  It will be like everyday is Sunday (smiling happily).  Time to slow down, let the hair down to enjoy the festive seasons and rest and relax. 

I believe most of you have been to see the Christmas Lightings at Orchard Road.  I have taken some pictures :

I can feel the Christmas atmosphere with all the malls around me playing Christmas songs.   It is about 8 days to Christmas from today.  Lots of wrappings to be done for our Christmas Party at work next week.  Sometimes wrappings pressie can be so therapeutic after being so stressful at work.  Looking forward to the yummilicious food at the office Christmas Party.  Guess it will be very crowded at the malls whereby people will be doing their last minute shoppings these few days.

Happy Christmas shoppings.  I can hear the weekend footstep getting nearer....Yippee.....

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