Monday, March 21, 2011

Healthy snacks

Bought these healthy snacks to munch.
I love to munch cranberries and the berry mix


2 weeks ago, fashionably yours went to indulge in my relaxing pedicure session during my lunch hour.  It is a privilege to work in Orchard area and able to book a slot during lunch hour for a pedicure session.  I had macvalue lunch of fillet o fish while having my pedicure session.
Love the shade of OPI hot pink painted on my toe nails.

Feel free to share with me your favourite OPI nail colours.

Magazines and freebies

Bought these magazines from Books Kinokuniya during their 20% discount for card members

CLEO magazine

FREE Gift - a dress 
 L'officiel magazine
FREE gift -  Cosme Decorte skin care set
Has anyone used this skincare set before ?
Is it good ? Let me know. Thanks.
 Le SportSac magazine which comes with a FREE LeSportSac tote bag

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shoppings and retail therapy

Did some shoppings and retail therapy.
Need to redeem my bodyshop rebates since expiring end of Feb 2011
My shoppings from The Body Shop
Pouch and some toiletries
 The pouch is a limited edition
 Saw this cute Hello Kitty's shower gel at Guardian Pharmacy when fashionably yours walked past the shop
It is so cute that I bought it.
Can use it to refill my shower gel or hand wash after I used up the shower gel
smells so sweet
 Bought my first Etude House lipgloss
Need to redeem my SGD10 wisma voucher by end of March 2011
So dropped by Etude House last Thursday to buy this lipgloss
The SA said this colour suits my skin colour and I am sold
Love it but don't really like the brush, abit thin to apply

Etude house gave me a free moisture-ful facial mask.  Used it last Thurday and find it not bad.  The lipgloss cost SGD16.90 minus my SGD10 wisma voucher and gave me a facial mask costing SGD2.50.  A good deal, you do the maths. 

There are many sales around town lately.  There are the Isetan Private Sales, OG sales and The Body Shop warehouse sales.  However, I did not go to any of these sales because I only buy what I need not what I want now.  Fashionably yours can resist sales.  I did some shoppings at Watsons but mainly to buy my daily toiletries necessities.  It is wiser to save money for a rainy day.  Spend wisely.  Oh yes online shoppings is cheaper too.  Do share with me if you have any good online shopping sites.  Thanks. 

Cheers to a good week ahead.

Magazine and Freebies

Fashionably yours bought this Style Magazine from Books Kinokuniya

 Got this FREE gift - a pouch. 
 They have three colours - blue, pink and beige.
I chose the pink pouch

Old nail polish

My 38 bottles of old nail polish which I threw away.  They have dried up.

Supermoon which fashionably yours saw

The supermoon fashionably yours saw last night. It was so huge, beautiful and bright. It shines so bright just above the sky from my window.  I am a happy girl.  Hope you did not miss this brightest supermoon in 18yrs.   

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Tonight is supermoon night which means the moon is closest to earth. Most of my friends saw the huge moon.  Fashionably yours still cannot see the supermoon from my house yet. 

Hopefully by midnight the huge supermoon will rise further up higher the sky so I can see it.  Let's absorb the power of the huge supermoon....POWER.

Did you catch the supermoon.  Don't miss it.

New Lappy

Last Saturday my old HP tablet lappy refused to switch on.  When I tried to switch it on, it switched off immediately.  Attempted a few times, it was the same scenario.  Hence I quickly consulted my engineers and most of them adviced me to go to the IT Show to get a new lappy.  They suspected my old lappy's motherboard has spoilt.  As fashionably yours was not sure if my old lappy's warranty has expired so I decided to go to IT show at Suntec to get a new lappy.  Of course I did my homework before heading to IT Show to grab my desired lappy.  As some of my colleagues who had gone to the IT Show on last Thursday, the 1st day of the IT Show, they brought back some brochures which I did take a look at them.  

Fashionably yours reached the IT Show last Saturday at about 3pm and it was super crowded.  Since I knew which model I want to buy, I just headed straight to the booth, grabbed and go.  It was a good steal as they gave me some freebies such as lappy's bag, lappy's sleeves, mouse, headphone, notebook cooler pad and keypad film protector which I am using now.  This keypad film protector is a transparent rubber which covers over my keypad.  Fashionably yours feels like my keypad is wearing a condom now and both my hands are touching all over it turning it ON.  *LOL*    Well I love my new lappy which has faster speed and running on Win 7.  It is a HP G32-301TX, a new model.  Added 8g ram for me as a complimentary since I extended 2yrs warranty for this new lappy.  Very thankful to my engineers for their advise.

My old lappy really know when to spoilt because upon checking the warranty, it is expiring in June 2011.  Henceforth last Monday which was my off day, I sent it to HP service centre to service it.  Actually my warranty covers pick up and delivery for faulty lappy.  However as fashionably yours was going to IKEA, it was on the way, so I just dropped by HP service centre.  Thank God when fashionably yours reached HP servcie centre, it was not so crowded.  Within 8mins, I was done and out of the building.  HP confirmed my motherboard is spoilt.  If it is not under warranty, would have cost me SGD800 to replace the motherboard.  HP replaced my motherboard and changed the LCD screen for me.  They delivered my old tablet lappy to my house on Wednesday evening.  I am very satisfy with their efficient services.

Fashionably yours met my niece and her husband at the IT Show last Saturday.  My niece's lappy also spoilt so she was looking for a new lappy, while the hubby was looking for a Maxtor hard disk.   One thing I find it weird at the IT Show is the place is already super crowded, there are some people who pushed pram to cram with the people at the IT Show.   I heard the announcement saying some of the floors due to overwhelming response, it is super crowded and hence no entry till the crowds are cleared inside.  I am smart to go to the IT Show early, otherwise it will be over crowded if went down in the late afternoon.

Now I have two lappy.  Mostly will use that old tablet lappy as an entertainment lappy since it has good sound effects for watching DVD.  For now, I am loving my new lappy for its fast speed.  This is my first entry from my new HP lappy.  Typing out this blog while sipping my hot cup of peppermint tea.

Were you at the IT Show last week and what did you buy ?  Feel free to share with me.