Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shoppings and retail therapy

Did some shoppings and retail therapy.
Need to redeem my bodyshop rebates since expiring end of Feb 2011
My shoppings from The Body Shop
Pouch and some toiletries
 The pouch is a limited edition
 Saw this cute Hello Kitty's shower gel at Guardian Pharmacy when fashionably yours walked past the shop
It is so cute that I bought it.
Can use it to refill my shower gel or hand wash after I used up the shower gel
smells so sweet
 Bought my first Etude House lipgloss
Need to redeem my SGD10 wisma voucher by end of March 2011
So dropped by Etude House last Thursday to buy this lipgloss
The SA said this colour suits my skin colour and I am sold
Love it but don't really like the brush, abit thin to apply

Etude house gave me a free moisture-ful facial mask.  Used it last Thurday and find it not bad.  The lipgloss cost SGD16.90 minus my SGD10 wisma voucher and gave me a facial mask costing SGD2.50.  A good deal, you do the maths. 

There are many sales around town lately.  There are the Isetan Private Sales, OG sales and The Body Shop warehouse sales.  However, I did not go to any of these sales because I only buy what I need not what I want now.  Fashionably yours can resist sales.  I did some shoppings at Watsons but mainly to buy my daily toiletries necessities.  It is wiser to save money for a rainy day.  Spend wisely.  Oh yes online shoppings is cheaper too.  Do share with me if you have any good online shopping sites.  Thanks. 

Cheers to a good week ahead.

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