Monday, December 31, 2012


Satisfying my cravings for chwee kueh. Yummy

Wet wet wet NYE

OMG ! Super duper heavy rain this afternoon. Well fashionably yours skin is so sensitive, itchy and has rashes since last Saturday. I woke up at 5am to scratch it.

Decided to consult the company Dr this morning. She said does not know what trigger the itch, so prescribed some medicines and cream.  Hope it will cure my sensitive and itchy skin soonest possible.

Such a nice and cooling weather, shall take afternoon is good

My lunch of the day : Salad.

Yen-j嚴爵【世界還不錯】MV非官方自製版 HD

Love this song.  This world is not bad.  Enjoy

31.12.2012 - NYE

Time flies and fashionably yours find that year 2012 zoomed past so fast.  In fact, too fast.  It is now the last day of year 2012 and it is NYE.  Have been super duper busy with work and hardly have time to update my blog.  Well still try to make time to update my blog regularly, best effort.  Thanks to all my readers and for your support on my blog.

Looking back on year 2012, fashionably yours still shop but shop less nowadays compared to last time.  Too busy with work and don't have time to spend money which is a good thing.  I can save money and invest it.  Thus in 2013, frugality shall apply and continue the good work of saving and investing money.  Above all I want good health too.  

I don't believe in New Year Resolutions anymore.  I believe in live and let live, enjoy every moment.  Be happy and be healthy.  Of course eat healthy food and don't feed yourself with garbarges such as junk food or any food that has no vitamins and minerals.  Must eat food that are nutritious and nourish one's body system.  It is important to drink enough h20. 

Last Friday, fashionably yours took a break from work since have been working non stop.  It was really a good break from work to recharge, rest and relax.  Was at Holland Village so dropped by Plain Vanilla Bakery to buy cupcakes.  I had the red velvet and white chocolate strawberry cupcakes.  Yummy.  

Also met Nana and she chose a nice classy swaroski crystals and fresh water pearls necklace for me.  It suits my personality.  I love it so much.  

Plain vanilla bakery cupcakes - white chocolate strawberry and red velvet

My gel manicure done last Wednesday. So bling bling
Love this colour and shall be wearing this to welcome 2013

Hope everyone had a fantastic 2012 and more good things in 2013. Whenever you are have a blessed 2013.  *hugs* 

God bless everyone of you.  The final countdown to 2013........

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Hari Raya Haji Friday - A Public Holiday

TGIF and it is a Public Holiday.  Happy Holiday everyone.  Fashionably yours went to do some grocery shoppings at Holland Village.  At the same time, I dropped by Lim's Art and bought some candles.  I love candles. Lim's Art currently are having some sales up to 50% off for regular price items and my candles are 30% off.  What a steal and making me a happy girl.  I really enjoy shopping at Lim's Art because their things are so beautiful and at times can find some very unique items to my liking.  

My purchases - 2 candles
 All lights up 
 My lunch of the day :  teriyaki salmon bento from umisushi

This is my first time eating bento from umisushi.  I find the rice are not those Japanese sticky rice.  However the teriyaki salmon and potato salad tasted yummy.  I love their udon and sushi though.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My new earpiece

Went to HMV just now and bought a Sennheiser earpiece. IMHO, I find the sounds system of Sennheiser earpiece is better than other brands.  What brand is your earpiece at the moment which you are using ?  Feel free to share with me.  Thanks.


Shiseido Warehouse Sales

Fashionably yours went to Shiseido Warehouse Sales today.  It was not so crowded when I was there.   Bought a crayon lipstick, a limited editon lipstick set and a lipgloss.  Total amount spent is SGD42/-.

Details of the sales :
24 Oct to 25 Oct 2012
Orchard Building
12th floor

It is the same building as H&M.

Happy shopping.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue Sky Day

What is blue sky day ?  It is not describing the sky is blue.  Blue Sky Day is the term used for a day of the week when employees do not stay late at work so they can have personal and family time.

Most people stay late at work nowadays and some even has to bring their work home to do.  This is eating into their personal time, not to mention leave work on the dot to have personal and family time.  Fashionably yours most days are dark sky days because I leave my office when the moon and stars are out in the dark sky. At least cooling to leave office when the sun has knocked off.   Thank God my job doesn't eat into fashionably yours personal time.  It would be good to have a day of blue sky day.  For me at least most Friday can be blue sky day for now, which I try to leave my office on the dot on Friday while the sky is still bright.

Hope everyone has blue sky day everyday or at least a day of the week.  Work hard and party harder.  We all need that blue sky day for personal and family time. 

Monday, September 10, 2012


Time flies, it is already September now. Seems another 4 months to year 2013. Have been busy and did not update my blog regularly. I work, I shop, I clean the house, I eat and I cook. Today is on leave to rest, relax and recharge. Work has been hectic and very busy. Other than that, life goes on the same :) 

Below are some of my cookings and shoppings.
American Ginseng chicken soup


My shopping
I will share my recipes.  Stayed tune and look out for it.

Have a great week ahead.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy National Day

Wishing everyone a Happy National Day.

Happy birthday Singapore.

Happy 47th.

I love you Singapore.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Under the strong virus

Fashionably yours is sick since Monday with cough, running nose, sore throat and fever.  Long quene at the clinic, so many people are ill nowadays.  Is it the virus is so strong that it  takes a longer time to recover.  Sniffle, sniffles and sniffles......

Never been so sick before.  Generally recovered in about 3 days.  This time seems did not recover even after 4 days.  Infact, it started with slight cough last Monday but I didn't bother much and thought it will go away by itself.  It turns out to get worse and so fallen ill.  On Monday I waited at the clinic for about 2 hours before it was my turn. 

These are the medicine the doctor gave me on Monday
Was on anti-biotics

These are the medicine given to me today. 
Another dose of  stronger anti-biotics.
Fashionably yours is coughing like mad, seems coughing out my lungs and so tiring with the running nose.  I have used up about 10 packets of pocket tissue papers and counting. miserable with coughing and running nose now.  I did not recover since Monday.  Therefore went to consult doctor again just now.  Poor me coughing out lots of yellow phlegm.

I just want to get well soon and to be out and about.  My colleague told me this time the virus is very strong and it will take some time to recover, unlike the usual 3 to 4 days recovery. 

I just drank the cough mixture and feeling drowsy.  Gonna zzzzzzzzz........

Friday, January 13, 2012

Freebies for my dear readers - Tea

Another goodies for all my readers.  Get your free tea and delivered to your house.

Click here to get your free Dilmah tea

Enjoy your hot cup of tea :)

Freebies for my dear readers

Freebies for my readers. 
Good things must share.
So here goes.....

Enjoy the drink.
Think of Me


TGIF Lunch

TGIF. Yes it is Friday the thirthteenth. Life goes on and don't worry about 13 or 14 or 15. Most important is it is Friday and weekend is here. Woohoo.....Fashionably yours just had our department lunch at Marche.  Lovely lunch.  Thanks boss.  Fashionably yours had rosti with smoked salmon and cream of mushroom soup.  Also had strawberry cake and a chocolate cake with rooibos tea.  Yummy.

Rosti with smoked salmon and cream of mushroom soup

Our desserts - strawberry cake and chocolate cake

We ate till so full. Best of all, there were no quene at Marche.  Good service and thumbs up.  Now I am going to make myself a hot cup of peppermint tea.

Have a nice weekend everyone *hugs* xxx

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magic Clean Wiper

Fashionably yours just bought this and it is very good.  Highly recommended.  Now NTUC Fairprice is having promotion selling at SGD18.95 and give a box of free 20 pieces of the magic clean wipe.  It is very worth buying.  Most of the time I went to NTUC outlets, it is sold out during promotions period. So hurry, while stocks lasts. 

Fashionably yours can become the ambassador for magicclean wiper now.  Wondering if the company wants to consider me to become their ambassador *LOL* 

With this magic clean wiper, it helps me to keep my house, clean, spick and span.  Yay, I am a happy girl.  Love it.  Thumbs UP :)

My HappyCall Pan

Fashionably yours bought a happycall pan recently.  It is a very popular pan now that most family have it.  I just used it to roast some sweet potatoes.  Yummy. 

My happycall pan

 Roasted sweet potato using happycall pan.

 Ready to serve roasted sweet potatoes. Yummy.

I am looking for happycall pan receipes now.  Feel free to share with me. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

View from my house

My new place is very breezy and can see the city skyscrapers and marina bay sands (mbs).  Fashionably yours can see the free laser show from mbs every nite, which I just did. 

View from my house on a cloudy Sunday. Can you spot Marina Bay Sands ?

 Nite scenery view from my house. Pardon my point and shoot camera quality. It will look nicer with a DSLR camera.

At Batam Island

In October 2011, my department went for teambuilding in Batam.  We had a half day teambuilding activities at the golden beach.  Followed by lunch and some shoppings. Some of my colleagues went for spa session too in the afternoon.  We gathered at Harbour Front terminal early in the morning at 8am for an hour ferry journey to Batam.  It was a fun teambuilding despite the hot sun on that day.  We had lunch at the 933 restaurant and fashionably yours find it so so only.    Sorry this is a delayed broadcast.  Nevertheless enjoy the pictures.  Relaxing and love the sea breeze. 

Golden beach, Batam Indonesia.
 Lovely view at golden beach, Batam Indonesia
 Golden beach, Batam Indonesia.

Lemon Kumquats

Munching these. Yum yum lemon kumquats. So refreshing and good for the throat.
 I am so addicted to it.

Mesquite BBQ potato chips and salsa chunky dip

Ma ma mia. Bought these from cold storage@holland village. Yum

Backache and Oat Krunch

Fashionably yours has backache today and on medical leave. I injured my back while lifting 10kg boxes when I was unpacking over the long weekend.  I am getting old so next time cannot anyhow lift 10kg boxes.  Besides backache, I also have a stiff neck.  OMG ! shifting house is so stressful and so many things to unpack.  I still have 10 boxes to unpack. I really must go slow.  I am trying to unpack as much as possible before Chinese New Year.  With the festive seasons holidays in this month, got to rush out alot of works in the office because less days to complete the work.  I also plan to take leave to prepare for Chinese New Year as I need to cook for my family, buy cookies and goodies for my guests.   I must try not to stress myself.  I am always very busy during Chinese New Year because it is always full house at my place.  Fashionably yours has alot of entertainment to do.  Need to shop for a new dress and a pair of heels for Chinese New Year too.  Haven't been shopping for a loooong time except shopping for my household items at the household departments.    Have you done your Chinese New Year shoppings ? 

My backache is now much better after I rested and pasted plasters.  I really need to slow down, rest and relax.  Just now I popped by NTUC and bought this Oat Kruch.  It is on offer, cost about SGD1.48. It is a healthy snack, high fiber and has calcium.  Fashionably yours just had one small packet.


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Most people tend to have New Year Resolutions every year.  Fashionably yours don't believe in it so generally I don't make any New Year Resolutions.  Because most of the time the New Year Resolutions are not achieved by end of the year.  It is better to make simple resolutions that are achieveable.  Slowly one step at a time in order to reach your long term goals in life. 

This year I make a simple New Year Resolutions.  My new year resolution for 2012 is to slow down, relax and more beauty sleep. Live, laugh, LOVE:-)  It seems simple but for a busy woman like me who are always on the go, it might be a challenge.  Nevertheless, I really need to slow down since I have always been living in the fast lane.  I wanna chill, rest and relax. 

What are your New Year Resolutions for 2012 ?  Feel free to share with me.

P.S.  things for me to do in 2012 are to unpack all the boxes and I wanna stoned/relax one corner, don't disturb me.  PEACE.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hello everybody

Fashionably yours is back.  First of all, let me wish everybody a happy and blessed new year 2012.  May good health, happiness, peace, love and joy be with you always.

This is my first blog post on 1st Jan 2012 and first blog post from my new house on the first Sunday of 2012.  Yes fashionably yours has just shifted to my new place last month.  Still very busy with unpacking.  It is so stressful and tiring shifting house.  Been busy with renovations, packing, shopping around to buy big ticket items such as beds, sofa, dining table set, etc.  More or less has settled down by now but still unpacking some more boxes.  It is all my stuff.  Hope to unpack them asap but  I can be lazy at times.  Taking my own sweet time to unpack.  The daily necessities have been unpacked as of now.

Herewith are some breathtaking views of the fireworks displays against the panoramic city skyline from the comfort of my house. Hello 2012 :)

Fashionably yours can view these fireworks display from the comfort of my new house.  I can see the cityskyscrapers and marina bay sands from my house everyday.  I am a happy girl.

I will try to blog as often as I can.  Thanks for visiting my blog and the support.  Please continue to do so.