Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Backache and Oat Krunch

Fashionably yours has backache today and on medical leave. I injured my back while lifting 10kg boxes when I was unpacking over the long weekend.  I am getting old so next time cannot anyhow lift 10kg boxes.  Besides backache, I also have a stiff neck.  OMG ! shifting house is so stressful and so many things to unpack.  I still have 10 boxes to unpack. I really must go slow.  I am trying to unpack as much as possible before Chinese New Year.  With the festive seasons holidays in this month, got to rush out alot of works in the office because less days to complete the work.  I also plan to take leave to prepare for Chinese New Year as I need to cook for my family, buy cookies and goodies for my guests.   I must try not to stress myself.  I am always very busy during Chinese New Year because it is always full house at my place.  Fashionably yours has alot of entertainment to do.  Need to shop for a new dress and a pair of heels for Chinese New Year too.  Haven't been shopping for a loooong time except shopping for my household items at the household departments.    Have you done your Chinese New Year shoppings ? 

My backache is now much better after I rested and pasted plasters.  I really need to slow down, rest and relax.  Just now I popped by NTUC and bought this Oat Kruch.  It is on offer, cost about SGD1.48. It is a healthy snack, high fiber and has calcium.  Fashionably yours just had one small packet.


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