Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last day of July 2010

Wow ! today is the last day of July 2010.  Time flew past so fast.  So many happenings in July.  iPad, Starcraft and Iphone 4 launch.  So many people quened up to buy these new toys. By now most of these proud owners of these new toys are happily playing with it.  Congrsts to your new toys.  Fashionably yours have none of these new toys and not into it either though I have played with iPad and Iphone 4.  I would say  Iphone 4 is very sleek but I am not buying it at the moment. 

Next week is National Day week and long weekends.  Yippee

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Fashionably yours love to snack at times.  Presenting some of my favourite snacks which I have been munching lately.

First Choice Gummy Cola
Snoopy Potato Chips

Sour Scoox

My favourite Florida's Natural cranberry juice

Tudor Dark Chocolate
I like to eat snacks from Marks and Spencer
Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Pretzels
M & S Phizzy Pig tails soft gums

M & S - Percy pig soft gums, Fizzy Fish soft gums and chocolates

M & S - Fruits Sherbets and Fruit gums

Feel free to share with me your favourite snacks. 


Fashionably yours has been eating lots of fruits lately and my favourite is the Gold Kiwifruit. 

Benefits of eating the kiwifruits are :

1) Ultimate Vit-C
Strong fighter of colds and the flu - one serving has 240% of the recommended daily intake !  vitamic C also wards off the effects of aging and stress.  And powers up the immune system.

2) Master of Vit E
Powerful antioxidant to knock-out free radicals, lower cholesterol and thin the blood.

3) Fibre champion
2 kiwifruits contain more fibre than a bowl of bran cereal.  Fibre promotes a healthy heart.  Cleanses and improves digestive system and helps lower cholesterol levels.

4) Antioxidant all star
Antioxidants fight off free radicals and harmful by-products in your body, reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

For more benefits of eating kiwifruits, click here

My Gold kiwifruit
Gold kiwi fruits
Fashionably yours has also been eating tons of strawberries.  I love eating strawberries
My box of strawberries

yummy strawberries

For more benefits of eating strawberries, click  here

Remember to eat more fruits.  It is good for our health.  I eat lots of kiwifruits, strawberries and apples.  Besides I also am drinking about 3Litres of h20 everyday.

Cheers to healthy living.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My new pair of wedge

Fashionably yours is very very happy with my this pair of new wedge.  So comfortable and feels so sexy wearing it.  I am so in the mood for wearing wedge now.

My new pair of  Wedge

Fashionably yours modelling in my new pair of wedge

The difference between the platform and the wedge is that the platform hoists you in one direction, wedge elevates you in another.  A wedge is a more delicate platform, and essentially lifts just the heel to give you all the height yet none of the hassle.  There is a much more generous centre of gravity, so I can run around all day.  The wedge was invented in 1936 by Salvatore Ferragamo.  I love Ferragamo heels but not wearing it on this wet wet wet weather.

Gonna hunt for another pair of wedge.  In the mood for wedge. I am a happy girl walking in my wedge.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


My coffee maker is spoilt

So I bought a new kettle to boil water at work

Presenting my new kettle

Magazines & Freebies

Fashionably yours bought lots of magazines lately from books kinokuniya and it comes with freebies.

Nuyou magazine

FREE eyeshadow

FREE bag
Free bag is big enough to put a copy of Nuyou magazine
Women's weekly magazine

FREE Ginvera green tea jade dark eye circles roll away

CLEO magazine
Bring these 2 booklets to 313 Somerset to exchange SGD20 shopping vouchers

My shopping vouchers redeemed at 313 Somerset Basement 3

Bought Agnes B catalogue
FREE Agnes B Tote

FREE Agnes B chain

Bought Her World magazine

Cut out the coupon

Redeem cake at Bakerzin at Paragon
My yummy piece of mango mousse cake

Lunch At Marche

Last Tuesday had lunch at Marche with L-san and JR-san

At Marche @313 Somerset

The cute cow holding strawberries at the entrance

FREE sign on the table

RESERVED sign on the table
Fashionably yours had the Rosti with Lekeabease and fried egg. Yummy

My complimentary strawberry lemonade

Our table
The decor inside Marche

I like to eat rosti at Marche and was so filling.  What do you like to eat when you are at Marche ?  Feel free to share with me. 

Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 debrief

Finally World Cup 2010 is over after 31 days.  Fashionably yours have been living the waka waka South Africa time. Glad to bid farwell to waka waka South Africa time.  Give me back my Singapore time.  The upside down sleeping hours caused my face to have zits and gums pain now because my body is heaty.

This morning final match between Netherlands Vs Spain was so boring.  It is the most boring match for this world cup.  So drama mama, all the players can act pain so well.  Can join Hollywood for first class acting and bring back a Globe Award.  The players fell down, rolled on  the field,  here pain there pain and so many yellow cards issued by Howard Webb.  Seems like a yellow card festival.  Next time can bet on the no. of yellow cards being issued.  We were joking that is it those players being issued yellow cards has lucky draw at the end of the match.  Keep hearing the commentators said Chubby Chubby. Think he wants to say Xabi.  The match seems like a kung fu and wrestling match. The shocking part is when Da Jong kicked Alonso chest.  Ouch, must be very painful for Alonso. I want to help to massage Alonso chest now. 

The Netherlands were playing very rough and seems nobody of the squad were at the field when time to score goal.  However, Spains were in control of the Jabulani ball well during the match.  I feel that Spains deserved the cup.  Congrats Spains on being the World Cup 2010 Champion.

My most memorable match for this World Cup is when Germany beat Argentina 4 - 0.  In my eyes Germany is the winner. It is very exciting match whenever Germany play. I like to watch Muller, Podolski and Klose on the field.  Glad I watched the 3rd and 4th placing match between  Germany Vs Uruguay on Sunday morning. That was another exciting match despite Klose did not play due to a back injury.  Hope Klose rest well and get well soon for his back injury.  Congrats to Germany on being 3rd place too.

End of World Cup 2010 as the Spanish are celebrating their championship title.  I feel the joy when I saw Casilla held the trophy.  I also want to kiss and touch the trophy.  Talking about trophy now it reminds me of my soccer friend who said want to let me touch the trophy at S League.  Must arrange for that :)  

Have a great week ahead everyone. 

P.S. will miss all the handsome men - Muller, Poldoski, Klose, Diego Forlan, David Villa, and Cristiano Ronaldo

Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Cup 2010

Wow ! now we are entering the 2nd half of 2010.  What have you done in the 1st half of 2010 ? Time to review your new year resolution.  As for me, many things happened in the first half of 2010 and was quite an unpleasant ride and rough path.  However now I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and praying from now onwards it will be a pleasant and smooth ride. 

Fashionably yours have not been blogging recently but very busy with work and watching World Cup.  I am a World Cup addict.  Tonight there is no match to watch and I am missing world cup now during this short break.  Fashionably yours totally enjoyed last night match between Germany and Argentina.  Glad Germany won. I love Klose.  Now Paraguay can share bus with Argentina and Brazil to go home. They can sing together don't cry for me Argentina on the bus.  Sorry to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay's fans.  I feel that Germany will be this World Cup champion.

My life is still very happening and fashionably yours have many updates which I will find time to blog. Thus stay tuned.  Thanks for visiting my blog regularly despite my irregularly updates.  Neverthess, thanks for your support.

Have a nice week ahead and enjoy the remainder of the World Cup matches for those of you who are watching.