Monday, July 12, 2010

World Cup 2010 debrief

Finally World Cup 2010 is over after 31 days.  Fashionably yours have been living the waka waka South Africa time. Glad to bid farwell to waka waka South Africa time.  Give me back my Singapore time.  The upside down sleeping hours caused my face to have zits and gums pain now because my body is heaty.

This morning final match between Netherlands Vs Spain was so boring.  It is the most boring match for this world cup.  So drama mama, all the players can act pain so well.  Can join Hollywood for first class acting and bring back a Globe Award.  The players fell down, rolled on  the field,  here pain there pain and so many yellow cards issued by Howard Webb.  Seems like a yellow card festival.  Next time can bet on the no. of yellow cards being issued.  We were joking that is it those players being issued yellow cards has lucky draw at the end of the match.  Keep hearing the commentators said Chubby Chubby. Think he wants to say Xabi.  The match seems like a kung fu and wrestling match. The shocking part is when Da Jong kicked Alonso chest.  Ouch, must be very painful for Alonso. I want to help to massage Alonso chest now. 

The Netherlands were playing very rough and seems nobody of the squad were at the field when time to score goal.  However, Spains were in control of the Jabulani ball well during the match.  I feel that Spains deserved the cup.  Congrats Spains on being the World Cup 2010 Champion.

My most memorable match for this World Cup is when Germany beat Argentina 4 - 0.  In my eyes Germany is the winner. It is very exciting match whenever Germany play. I like to watch Muller, Podolski and Klose on the field.  Glad I watched the 3rd and 4th placing match between  Germany Vs Uruguay on Sunday morning. That was another exciting match despite Klose did not play due to a back injury.  Hope Klose rest well and get well soon for his back injury.  Congrats to Germany on being 3rd place too.

End of World Cup 2010 as the Spanish are celebrating their championship title.  I feel the joy when I saw Casilla held the trophy.  I also want to kiss and touch the trophy.  Talking about trophy now it reminds me of my soccer friend who said want to let me touch the trophy at S League.  Must arrange for that :)  

Have a great week ahead everyone. 

P.S. will miss all the handsome men - Muller, Poldoski, Klose, Diego Forlan, David Villa, and Cristiano Ronaldo

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