Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My new pair of wedge

Fashionably yours is very very happy with my this pair of new wedge.  So comfortable and feels so sexy wearing it.  I am so in the mood for wearing wedge now.

My new pair of  Wedge

Fashionably yours modelling in my new pair of wedge

The difference between the platform and the wedge is that the platform hoists you in one direction, wedge elevates you in another.  A wedge is a more delicate platform, and essentially lifts just the heel to give you all the height yet none of the hassle.  There is a much more generous centre of gravity, so I can run around all day.  The wedge was invented in 1936 by Salvatore Ferragamo.  I love Ferragamo heels but not wearing it on this wet wet wet weather.

Gonna hunt for another pair of wedge.  In the mood for wedge. I am a happy girl walking in my wedge.

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