Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Count down, count up, count money

Most of you will be somewhere counting down to the new Year 2009 tonight. Fortunately I don't have to squeeze with the crowds downtown or at clubbing tonight. The bungalow next to my house is having a Private Countdown House Party tonight. I can hear the DJ spinning the music, blasting so loud, the full stretch of neighbourhood can party together till the wee hours. I cannot beat them, so I will join them in the Private Countdown House Party later. In fact, the whole neighbourhood can also join in because it will go on till around 3 to 4 am. It's Party and private party ! Thanks to my bungalow's neighbour for being so kind. We can all party together. When the party ended, we just walk home, no traffic and no human jam.

Just now was talking to Billy and asking him where he will be doing the countdown to Year 2009 tonight. Then something interesting happen which fashionably yours want to jot it down here. I told Billy I don't like countdown party. I would prefer to count money and make sure it is count up and up and up......My occupational hazard........I am a very practical person though I splurge at times and enjoy life. However I will do trade off and do my calculations.

Times are bad, so every cents count and looks like the economy is not going to be any better in need to tighten our belts. Of course hoping the recession to be over soonest possible.

Wherever you are tonight doing the countdown, have fun and enjoy yourself. Be sober, do your calculations, spend wisely before burning a big hole in your bank account. That's the last thing you wanna do to yourself as you close your chapter in 2008. Be good to yourself and do yourself a good favour to have a good ending to your 2008 chapter.

Toast to a wonderful year in 2009 and a new chapter is beginning soon for everyone who starts at the same timing. It is up to you to weave your chapters in 2009.

New Year Eve - Last day of 2008

Today marks the last day of 2008.....the last sheet to tear from the calendar and will be replacing by a new calendar year 2009. Praying that 2009 will be a better year for everyone. May there be Joy, Peace, Love and happiness for everyone.

Opened the letter box just now and was glad to receive something from Fancl. It is so sweet of them.

Package from Fancl
Even printed my name on the journal

Beautiful lines for fashionably yours to scribble my thoughts on them

Also chatted with big just now....he can't wait to come back to count down with me tonight. That got to take him 18 hours of flight to reach here, so he said he is so sad he will miss it. He sounds restless. His work is never ending and recession proof but he is coping it well. As long as he is fine, I am happy for him.
Supposed to meet up with M just now for coffee, but he has a last minute notice, so got to rush for it. Will meet up with him another day then. I know he can't wait to see me too. Just spoke to him too. He said will ring me back later :)
Enjoy the last few hours in 2008 and then it is time to sing Auld Lang Syne.
I am drinking beer while blogging. Cheers :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spa, retail therapy, and fashionably yours fruit salad

Yesterday fashionably yours had a day of tai-tai lifestyle. Chauffeured to town in my favourite SLK. So stylo mylo.......After lunchie with the dude, went for my spa session at The Paragon - my favourite shopping mall. The massuer was so happy to see me, after so long. Had a full body massage and facial done. Feel so rejuvenated and refresh after my spa session.

Feeling hungry, so drop by The Coffee Club for a cuppa of Ice Latte and a piece of hazelnut cake. Yummy ! love the hazelnut cake. So coincident, met Ann, who is in town with her sister-in-law and niece who were having their desserts at The Coffee Club too. Thus say Hi to them. Ann look so beautiful in person and so her Chanel bag. Ann, nice meeting you and happy to see you in town. See you around. Hope next time can meet Jack together with you too.

My Ice Latte

My Yummy Hazelnut cake

So after filling the stomach, it is time to shop till you drop. It was so breezy to shop at Orchard Road yesterday. It was not so crowded, no human jam and no traffic jam. Had lots of full attention from the sales staff.

A little nice pink box wrapped in nice ribbon
(was thinking to use the ribbon to wrap myself and give to big since he requested me to tie in riboon and present to him as his Christmas
It is my pair of Brenda Inc's earrings

Bought my Clarins skin care products

Closed Up of my Clarins skin care products

Clarins FREE gift

since I bought above SGD150

Bought this MAC VIVA Glam lipstick

(100% proceeds will go to the Children foundation)
Shopping for a good cause & makes a difference to someone's life
it may not mean much to you
but it means alot to the children

Received this Christmas gift from my SIL. Thanks.

After my retail therapy, fashionably yours went home a happy girl. Feels so happy with my purchases :) Actually saw a pair of nice pair of black ferragamo heels which cost SGD1,030. It is about 4 inch high. Will think about it, wanted to take a look at the Manolo Blahnik heels another day first.

Today fashionably yours just chilled out at home, drinking beer and munching some tidbits. Shall let the pictures do the talking :
Strawberry from Korean
They are real sweet

Eating fashionably yours favourite home make fruit salad
(peach, strawberry in cranberry juice)
Fashionably yours home make fruit salad
(peach,strawberry and apple in cranberry jucie)

The fruit salad is yummy. Try it when you can. I also run some errands at Holland Village this afternoon. Nice to chill out this way......need to enjoy whatever balance there is in my vacation, before it is back to work on this Friday, though it is work one day and rest two days over the weekend. Tons of work waiting for me in the is good too because I still have a job and income. Think need to slowly orientate myself this Friday. First for a start, I need to learn to wake up early and not to wake up at 12noon, as in my long vacation. I shall start doing this tomorrow, the last day of 2008, New Year Eve.
How are you going to spend your New Year Eve ? I think it is just a normal day, just take it easy, nothing special, just changing of new calender, in a twist of finger, 2009 is here soon. I can hear it, 2009 is coming closer now.
Wishing everyone a happy new year eve, whatever you are doing :) Enjoy the last day of 2008.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Quote of the day

The fruit of righteousness will be peace
the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.
(Isaiah 32:17)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Last week and Last Sunday of 2008

Today is the last week and last Sunday of 2008. Christmas is over oh so fast and in 3 days time it is gonna be goodbye 2008 and hello 2009. Well well well, it has been a whirlwind year for fashionably yours. Have been in and out of relationships and getting complicated at times in the personal front. Social front has been a very very busy but fulfilling and fruitful year meeting lots of interesting people and learnt lots of new things. As for career front, it is still manageable though stressful at times. Glad to have nice colleagues, my wonderful buddies and my lovely work spouses.

Feel blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who have walked the ups and downs together with me, as well as supporting and encouraging me. I thank God for sending all the angels to help, encourage and support me. Thank God for all the blessings the Lord has showered on me.

I don't believe in New Year Resolution because I don't keep them. I believe in live life to the fullest everyday, daily resolutions and weekly resolutions. It is easier this way for me.

My goal in life is wanting to make a difference in someone's life by giving unconditionally. Be an anonymous benefactor. It is enough that they knew someone out there care on them. When I do good, I don't expect anything in return. It is experiencing the sense of true happiness because I help someone who is genuinely in need of help. However, sometimes people may take advantage of that, but cannot be help for a kind soul like me. Have you ever helped people and be anonymous ? Try it and you will feel the true happiness in your life. Trust me.....we don't have to brag and tell people that you helped them....just helped them quietly and you will be happy when you see their happy faces.

I have experienced this sense of happiness since my University days. I helped my schoolmates and did not reveal myself till one day the person I helped found out, saw me and told her friends that fashionably yours was their benefactor. (I shared with them some important notes for our University exam). That happened eons ago.... I am not bragging here, just sharing and encouraging you to try to be an anonymous benefactor.

Alrighty perhaps time for you to reflect on your life goal(s) and reflections for 2008. Let me share with you one of my favourite bible phrase :

I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.(Ecclesiastes 3:12)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eye Infections on my left eye

Yesterday was boxing day and was supposed to meet up with Bestie for shoppings at the Isetan Private Sales. However fashionably yours has an eye infections and need to consult the doctor. My left eyes keep tearing non-stop. It was so uncomfortable and feel very irritating. I cannot see properly due to the tears in my left eyes.

Was prescribed some lotions and cream to apply by the doctor. Now I am feeling much better, though still tearing on and off. Guess it takes at least 3 to 4 days for it to fully recover.

I have to forgo all the sales on boxing day. Everywhere is having boxing day sales. It is alright, I save money by staying at home to nurse my left eye infections. There are SALES everywhere in Singapore almost throughout the year, so missing one or two is alright.


I will learn to be a good girl
Awaiting his return
but lately I have been very very naughty
God, please help me. Thanks.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Interesting Conversation

Just now talked to big. He teased me....

Extract of our conversation :
Me : Hope you are enjoying your Xmas in big apple now.
Him : So so and you ?
Me : I ate Xmas Eve Buffet at Suntec with bestie
Him : I try to avoid buffet now.....eaten too much. It is ok for you but not for me though. You don't have fat cells
Me : I have. I hide it from you so you cannot see them. Don't want to let you see. How do you know I don't have fat cells
Him : Good thing I did not see them. (laughing)

He is so jovial.....I love his sense of humour.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Good food, good company and good stuffy

Last Monday met up with Bestie for downtown shoppings. It was so crowded though it was a Monday afternoon. Seems like a Friday than a Monday. Anyway we fought with the crowds who were doing their last minute shoppings. Fashionably yours bought my Magazines and it was long lines at Bookstore Kinokuniya since they are having their 20% discount storewide.
Womens' Weekly - January 2009 issue
Free Gift - Year 2009 calendar Her World - Januay 2009 issue

Free Gift - Pouch

The free calendar comes with The Women's Weekly - January 2009 issue while the free red pouch comes with Her World - January 2009 issue. This Her World free gift is exclusively only available in Bookstore Kinokuniya.

In the evening, had sumptuous dinner with bestie at Sun at CHIJMES. They have the 50% off all Sashimi at CHIJMES promotion. We love their Otoro and Sashimi. Yummy. The promotions ended on 22nd December 2008 which was last Monday. Fortunately we make it in time for the promotions. Good services and nice ambience. We will go back to dine again. Highly recommend to friends to dine there for their fresh Sashimi. I love to eat fresh Sashimi.
Fresh Sashimi

Our Hokkaido Ramen

Our table

Sesame pudding cake

Fashionably yours is happy with her shopping feeds at Hermes last Monday. I came out from the boutique with an orange bag in my hand. Will be back to shop at Hermes. I love Hermes.

Presenting my Hermes twilly

While fashionably yours was trying out the twilly at the boutique, there was this gentleman who was eyeing my this piece of nice twilly. I think he wants to buy a twilly for his love ones. Too bad this is the only piece left at the boutique. It is sold to me.

I am a happy girl with my Hermes twilly.....Yippee !

Well, what can I asked for.....Good food, good company and good quality stuff on hand. Life is beautiful......counting my blessings. Thank God for everything and praise the Lord. Amen.

P.S. Note to myself, must buy pressie for my big.....because we promise each other before he left for the big apple.

Christmas Eve - 24.12.2008 (Wednesday)

It is Christmas Day today. Time flies and in a few days time, it will be New Year Eve whereby we will be welcoming Year 2009. Are there anything you want to do but yet to do it in 2008 ? Well there are still some time to catch up before Year 2009 arrives.

I have been holidazing so far and enjoying myself. Life is good and nothing much to complain. Of course in life there are ups and down but let's not dwell so much on the down......I am counting my blessings and of course Thank God for everything he has blessed me with. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, fashionably yours had a new hair cut, ready to welcome the New Year 2009. Start the New Year off with a new hairdo....oh la la.....New image...I had my hair colour changed too....Seems like I am always changing my image. I love my new crowning glory.

After spending hours at the hair salon with Bestie, we shopped a little bit in the afternoon. Yes Bestie also had a new crowning glory to welcome the new year 2009. Love doing girlie stuffy together. We chatted happily while the hairstylists worked on our hair to make us pretty.

After shopping for a while, we were feeling hungry, which means time for food. We had a very sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner. It was yummilicious ! Love the food at Pearl River Palace. We ate till so full. Loving the sashimi and mini buddha jump over the wall.

Pearl River Palace

The mini buddha jump over the wall

For the rest of the pictures, click

While dining, fashionably yours received lots of messages wishing me Merry Christmas. The messages never stop till the wee many people and friends love me and remembering to wish me. So blissful. Of course, I wish them all back. The most sweetest messages I received was from Dan, the boy, who is now in his hometown in Down Under. He was at home with family watching carols by the candlelights. He is really sweet. Will catch up with him again when he flies back to the Lion City in Feb 2009. Really miss that boy. A few other sweet messages are from my Big's friends, who are now our mutual friends. Though my big is in the big Apple city now, these friends are still thinking of me in their heart. Very touching indeed.

Alrighty, here is wishing everyone Joy, Peace, Love and Happiness for a Blessed Christmas from Fashionably yours. Enjoy the festive holidays.

PS. I pray to be together with my special someone in my next Christmas celebrations. We can celebrate together with friends, love ones and families, as long as he is by my side. Amen.


Wishing Everyone
A Merry Blessed Christmas
a Happy New Year 2009.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The eve of Christmas eve

Went shopping this afternoon. Bought a blouse and a pair of jeans. Also dropped by Ikea to buy my tealight candles for my aromatherapy burner. Thereafter had my monthly pedicure session in the evening. It is so relaxing. Now my sexy toes are painted in a shade of ruby red from China Glaze. I love this shade of red with shimmer.

My nicely done pedicure in Ruby Red from China Glaze

After I am done with my pedicure, I shopped at Watson. Bought Majolica Marjoca's eye shadow after I heard lots of raves about it. Will feedback after I used it.

My Majolica Marjoca's pink eye shadow

Also bought some potato chips and biscuits to munch over the festive holidays. Thereafter is home sweet home.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home cooked dinner

Had a wonderful weekend with a wonderful man who brought so much laughters to my life. It is a new kind of experience for fashionably yours. Makes me feel like I am in Europe. OMG ! is this my vacation ? Well the other day WM said he wants to cook for me, so I was looking forward to it. At first I thought he just said for fun. He even listed out his menu to me. He really pampered me with lots of my favourite food. On Saturday night, these were what we consumed together for our dinner.

First we had the starters where we sat by the balcony, sipped white wine surrounded by the nice scenery of the city skyline.

1st Starter - Salmon Maki Sushi with White Wine

2nd starter - some pickles olive and pure cheese

3rd starter - Tomatoes, basil leave and some pure Italian expensive cheese

(This is my favourite)

4th starter - Smoke salmon with cheese

After we had our starters, WM proceed to grill the fresh sirloin steak which he bought. It was very fresh and I like it.

Black pepper sauce

Fresh sirloin steak
Our sirloin steak on the dining table with red wine
Closed up on the sirloin steak dish which WM cooked especially for me

Happy me with my sirloin steak which he did for me

We dine and wine at his apartment with nice music playing in the background....we drank lots of wine. Of course he drank more than me. It is good quality wine. He even can tell me before we starts our dinner that it was the wrong music, so he changed the music. Such perfection, he even look into this details. Love it.......he said he is gonna cook for me again. I can't wait. Thanks for taking so much of your time and effort to cook for fashionably yours. You are really really so sweet and spoiling me. I feel so happy to be with you and so blissful. All these cooking and preparation works really makes WM so tired.
We also had my favourite Häagen-Dazs ice cream for desserts. Ate it together while sitting at the balcony to view the nice night scenery. It was so romantic especially the way his blue eyes gazed into mine. WM is really spoiling me. This was only the ordinary dinner at home, but it was very enjoyable and experience dining. It makes me feel like I am dining at restaurant kind of feeling. He is really a romantic chap and makes me laugh a lot.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lovely night out on town

TGIF.....The festive seasons is mood and holi holday....It is holi holidaze for fashionably yours. The weather is cooling today. Actually supposed to be out and about in town today but due to fashionably yours have been sleeping so much of my time, that alot of things are piling up, so have to stay at home to get things going. Had a wonderful time yesterday with a wonderful man. He is so sweet to me and is spoiling me.

We first met on this Alkaff bridge at Robertson Quay. This is such a beautiful and colourful bridge.

The Alkaff Bridge (Art Bridge)

We had dinner at the Zen Japanese Restaurant. We love to eat Japanese food especially the fresh sashimi. Z’en Japanese Cuisine (205 River Valley Road #01-75 UE Square),
The Z'en Japanese Cuisine
The salad

The very fresh sashimi, our green tea and sake Tempura

It has nice atmoshpere and lots of Japanese were dining there. After we are done with our Japanese food, we went for our drinks and desserts at Le Amis’s Canelé Pâtisserie Chocolatier (11 Unity Street, Robertson Walk #01-09). Love this place and the chocolates.

His Almond Hot Chocolate's Drink

The Classic Hot Chocolate drink (a must try) which fashionably yours had

He was telling me this is so cute and he also likes to drnk this
Chocolate & Strawberry ice cream (Yummy)

Both of us were so full, so we strolled around Clarke Quay and dropped by the AQUA party. Wanted to say Hi to our friend Alex, but he was not in at that point of time when we were there. So we continued strolling.

We were yearning for a glass of red wine so we dropped by The Wine Connection at 11 Unity Street#01-06 Robertson Walk Singapore 237995.

Our Petit Noir Wine

I like the wine at The Wine Connection. Petit Noir is light and I enjoyed it. So we just sipped our wine, chatted and laughed a lot till the wee hours.

We also chatted alot of things and we had very good discussion with each other which is good, so that we can understand each other. In other words we communicate alot.

All in all we enjoyed each other company with nice food - Japanese food, Chocolate drinks and end our night with wine....We both love to drink wine.