Monday, December 8, 2008

Wonderful long weekend

Today is Monday and a Public Holiday in Singapore - Hari Raya Haji, which means fashionably yours don't have to report for work. Oh la la la and it is raining.....which means nice and cooling weather to snuggle in bed. A wonderful long weekend indeed.

Fashionably yours had an enjoyable weekend. Attended the wedding dinner of my colleague Ying on last Saturday. Had a great time hanging out with my crazy bunch of colleagues with lots of laughters and what else, good food at the wedding dinner.

Click here for the rest of the pictures

Oh I think the food pictures are making me so hungry now. Well it is time for fashionably yours to take my lunch now. It is raining now so I should drink something hot and nice soupy. Thereafter time to have my short beauty sleep and do my nails, while catching up on my fashion feeds.

Enjoy the remainder of the long weekend everyone before it zoom past you. :)

P.S. Happy Holiday everyone :)

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