Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home cooked dinner

Had a wonderful weekend with a wonderful man who brought so much laughters to my life. It is a new kind of experience for fashionably yours. Makes me feel like I am in Europe. OMG ! is this my vacation ? Well the other day WM said he wants to cook for me, so I was looking forward to it. At first I thought he just said for fun. He even listed out his menu to me. He really pampered me with lots of my favourite food. On Saturday night, these were what we consumed together for our dinner.

First we had the starters where we sat by the balcony, sipped white wine surrounded by the nice scenery of the city skyline.

1st Starter - Salmon Maki Sushi with White Wine

2nd starter - some pickles olive and pure cheese

3rd starter - Tomatoes, basil leave and some pure Italian expensive cheese

(This is my favourite)

4th starter - Smoke salmon with cheese

After we had our starters, WM proceed to grill the fresh sirloin steak which he bought. It was very fresh and I like it.

Black pepper sauce

Fresh sirloin steak
Our sirloin steak on the dining table with red wine
Closed up on the sirloin steak dish which WM cooked especially for me

Happy me with my sirloin steak which he did for me

We dine and wine at his apartment with nice music playing in the background....we drank lots of wine. Of course he drank more than me. It is good quality wine. He even can tell me before we starts our dinner that it was the wrong music, so he changed the music. Such perfection, he even look into this details. Love it.......he said he is gonna cook for me again. I can't wait. Thanks for taking so much of your time and effort to cook for fashionably yours. You are really really so sweet and spoiling me. I feel so happy to be with you and so blissful. All these cooking and preparation works really makes WM so tired.
We also had my favourite Häagen-Dazs ice cream for desserts. Ate it together while sitting at the balcony to view the nice night scenery. It was so romantic especially the way his blue eyes gazed into mine. WM is really spoiling me. This was only the ordinary dinner at home, but it was very enjoyable and experience dining. It makes me feel like I am dining at restaurant kind of feeling. He is really a romantic chap and makes me laugh a lot.

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