Saturday, December 13, 2008

Got picked up AGAIN......

Yesterday fashionably yours chilled out at Holland V while running some errands in the afternoon. It was nice to see old friends there. Managed to get some errands done and did my groceries shoppings at the Cold Storage in the evening.
The quiet Holland Village in the afternoon
While I was with Nana, something funny happened. Fashionably yours was picked up again. I was looking at some beautiful necklaces, suddenly this man came up to approach me.
The interesting Pick-up conversation :
Man : Hi, I was looking at you just now and was attracted by you.
Me : Oh is it.
Man : You are very beautiful and I would like to get to know you. I am XXXX.
Me : Hi, I am XXXXX
(We shake hands)
Man : Are you married and a tai-tai ? I was looking at your rings you are wearing on your hands and you look like a tai-tai.
Me : Can I don't say it ? You will be disappointed if I tell you I am married and a tai-tai right ?
Man : Sure and yes. Can I buy you a drink and get to know you.
Me : I'm sorry I am not free now, have things to do.
Man : How can we keep in contact ?
Me : You can leave me your contacts and I will contact you.
Man : I have a pen but no paper.
Nana : I will contribute the paper.....Never in my 26 years, have I seen a local so daring to approach a lady. (lol)
So he leave down his contacts (mobile phone and email id) for fashionably yours but I did not give him my contacts. That is the way to handle those man approaching you, the lady, outside. Never exchange your contacts with them because you don't know their background. If you must leave, just leave your email contact will do.
I was in shocked because I was looking at some necklaces and suddenly this man approached me out of the blue. Initially I was thinking is he a film director, requesting me to appear in his movie....but it was not. He just want to get to know me. Urgh !
Of course, the first person I informed was my big. Told him about this incident and he gets nervous. LOL. My big was working hard at his office when I informed him on this. At least my big cares for me when he showed he was nervous.....but I think my big is full of confidence. I was thinking maybe after I told my big about this incident, my big will cancel his plans to fly off today. Not at all, after I assured my big that nothing is gonna happen and I will not date that man, still want my big to fly to run some errands for me back home in the States.
Well, I was thinking, at that hour in the evening, how come this man who approached me was so free to be at Holland V. Shouldn't he be at his office working hard at his career and job. My big is definitely 100 times better than him. Cannot fight with my big. I like man who worked hard at his career. That's also one of the reason why I love my big. My big is getting used to fashionably yours being picked up by men outside. My big will tease me about it but I know he is nervous deep inside his heart......hahaha. We are always teasing each other.
I know my big is a busy man with a demanding professional career and I really appreciate him talking to me while he is working. His time is expensive too. I try not to disturb him when he is busy at work. His small gestures and concerns towards me, means alot to me. Love is not measured by material wealth. I would prefer those small gestures, care and concerns for me though my big has no problem to shower me with material wealth. I feel my big is a man whose actions speak louder than words.
Feel blissful and happy.

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