Friday, December 5, 2008

Open Concept Office & Retail Therapy

Phew ! back to the office today full of energy. Settled so many tasks, one after another at work. Feel GREAT, though fashionably yours worked till about 2100 hour just now to clear my work. Also need to start packing since we are shifting office next Wednesday. In fact, I have shifted some of my stuff to my newly renovated office this afternoon. Shall do the rest of the shifting myself on Tuesday afternoon.

On next Wednesday morning, will ask the contractors to help me to shift my about 20 over boxes from my current temporary office storeroom to my newly renovated office storeroom. These boxes are filled with those heavy box files which I don't think I am gonna unpack them. Mainly these are archive documents and will destroy them when reach their expiry date......which has to be kept for seven years since these documents contains dollars and cents. According to the bank regulations, financial documents have to be kept for seven years, so my industry follow this bank regulations.

The Open Concept Newly Renovated Office

My newly renovated office is open concept type. Most of my colleagues commented that I have the PERFECT and BEST cubicle seating area in the whole office. They said my seating area is very privacy, has good view and window seat. Thank God for that. They like my seating area because mine is a corner unit. Some even asking me how much will it take me to exchange my cubicle with them for their cubicle. Sorry folks, I am not trading it. Some even told me can develop my area further by putting up a curtain, a marjong table and a bed at my cubicle. Yeah the area is big enough if your want to do it for fashionably yours. It is actually to be done at the extension area of my cubicle.

Fashionably Yours new cubicle

Besides working hard, of course the shopaholic in me cannot resist a good sales. Heard from people that there is a L'oreal Sales on 5 Dec 08 to 6 Dec 08 (2 days only). It is at Concorde Hotel (Formerly known as Le Meridien Orchard), level 3, from 10am to 6pm. Bought some Vichy cream, Matrix shampoo and conditioner. I left my bottle of Matrix shampoo and conditioner at the office. Will bring them home another day. It is one litre each and so heavy.

Sorry I have problems rotating them clockwise, so tilt your head to see them.

Bought Vichy products

After I knocked off from work in the evening, fashionably yours dropped by Isetan Orchard to purhase Ettusias Acne Night time defence powder and get a FREE diary. If you spent SGD28, you can get the free diary, while stocks last.

My Ettusais night powder and FREE diary

I like my pink colour diary. It is so convenient for fashionably yours to shop, since my office is in Orchard Road. Retail Therapy always bring cheers to my face, especially after a stressful day at work. In fact, I think I hardly shopped the last few weeks because work is very busy. Though just a bit of retail therapy in between. I love lunch time retail therapy after drinking coffee with my wonderful buddies at Starbucks.

After clocking long hours at work for the past few weeks and burnt my last weekend, thank God, I have finished most of my work by now. Just need to tie the loose end, touch up here and there plus prepare for shifting office. At least I don't have to work over this long weekend. I can rest and relax and have a good time with my friends over the long weekend. Looking forward to my long vacation to call it a year and wrap up my workings days for Year 2008. Holi, Holiday ! Holiday mood during the festive seasons. Hoping to shop more while I am on long vacation soon. But also need to rest during my long vacation after working so hard for the Year 2008. Most of my colleagues are on leave now and will only report for work on 2nd January 2009. Soon, it will be my turn......counting down.....

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone. I'm sure I will.....make sure you do too.

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