Monday, December 1, 2008

Manic Monday

Wow wee.....It is Monday and so chaotic in the office in the morning. Fashionably yours is super busy running 2 offices today & tomorrow. I will command. So many meetings to schedule and reschedule. Not easy being a high flyer too. Must work so closely with the top management. Worse still is 2 high flyers are dating.....each are busy with their own career. I am still at work at this hour at the office, working long hours....Guess by this hour, most of you would have taken your dinner, shower and watching TV show at home now.

Nevertheless, fashionably yours still find time to chill out during lunch time with my two lovers. What did we do ? Well, we are so horny that we need quickie and cheap thrill during our lunch time. We had threesome. One man on my right and one man on my left...One infront of me and one behind we have sex and the city.......hahaha.... (just kidding). Went to Funan the IT mall with Yuan-san and Lemon-san for drinks at Ya Kun and run official errands for top management. Had a great time hanging out with them. Need to relax in the midst of the chaotic at work. Thanks guys !

My two lovers cum work spouse - Yuan-san and Lemon-san

Our drinks at our table

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