Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve - 24.12.2008 (Wednesday)

It is Christmas Day today. Time flies and in a few days time, it will be New Year Eve whereby we will be welcoming Year 2009. Are there anything you want to do but yet to do it in 2008 ? Well there are still some time to catch up before Year 2009 arrives.

I have been holidazing so far and enjoying myself. Life is good and nothing much to complain. Of course in life there are ups and down but let's not dwell so much on the down......I am counting my blessings and of course Thank God for everything he has blessed me with. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, fashionably yours had a new hair cut, ready to welcome the New Year 2009. Start the New Year off with a new hairdo....oh la la.....New image...I had my hair colour changed too....Seems like I am always changing my image. I love my new crowning glory.

After spending hours at the hair salon with Bestie, we shopped a little bit in the afternoon. Yes Bestie also had a new crowning glory to welcome the new year 2009. Love doing girlie stuffy together. We chatted happily while the hairstylists worked on our hair to make us pretty.

After shopping for a while, we were feeling hungry, which means time for food. We had a very sumptuous Christmas Eve dinner. It was yummilicious ! Love the food at Pearl River Palace. We ate till so full. Loving the sashimi and mini buddha jump over the wall.

Pearl River Palace

The mini buddha jump over the wall

For the rest of the pictures, click

While dining, fashionably yours received lots of messages wishing me Merry Christmas. The messages never stop till the wee many people and friends love me and remembering to wish me. So blissful. Of course, I wish them all back. The most sweetest messages I received was from Dan, the boy, who is now in his hometown in Down Under. He was at home with family watching carols by the candlelights. He is really sweet. Will catch up with him again when he flies back to the Lion City in Feb 2009. Really miss that boy. A few other sweet messages are from my Big's friends, who are now our mutual friends. Though my big is in the big Apple city now, these friends are still thinking of me in their heart. Very touching indeed.

Alrighty, here is wishing everyone Joy, Peace, Love and Happiness for a Blessed Christmas from Fashionably yours. Enjoy the festive holidays.

PS. I pray to be together with my special someone in my next Christmas celebrations. We can celebrate together with friends, love ones and families, as long as he is by my side. Amen.

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