Monday, December 8, 2008

Carlsberg Beer & Mr Watermelon

Fashionably yours cannot resist a good can of Carlsberg. Oh la cold beer to drink on such a hot hot hot day and night. It cools me down. I cannot survive without my Carlsberg.....give me my Carlsberg anytime please. Thanks.

I think Carlsberg can consider to advertise in my blog.....since fashionably yours is drinking it almost everyday. I need Carlsberg endorsement deal too. It is one of my favourite beer. I am drinking Carlsberg beer now while blogging....SHIOK !
Met an interesting caucasian man at a supermarket near my place yesterday, while fashionably yours was doing my grocery shopping. He was tall, riding his bicycle, wearing glasses, wearing a pair of sports shoe, wearing a riding helmet, and wearing an interesting T-shirt with some interesting Singlish wording printed behind his T-shirt....something about Kan Cheong or something....Excuse me, my Singlish isn't that great because most of the time I speak the American or Aussie English. Think he must be staying nearby. He initiated a conversation with fashionably yours while queneing at the cashier making payment. He was lining up behind me.
Our interesting conversation :
Him : Oh wrong amount ?
Me : Yeah, two can of Carlsberg beer cost $9.15 is ridiculous...It costs $3.05 per can. I told the cashier that the amount is wrong
(Excuse me, while I brought the cashier to the beer counter to see the price tag. Eventually the cashier apologised to me and told me that she keyed in as 3 cans instead of 2 cans).
Him : You have good feel for numbers.
Me : Yes I am very sharp for numbers. My job revolves around numbers
Him : That's good. Enjoy your beer.
Me : Thanks. Ice cold beer for a hot hot hot day is great. See you around.
Then I left the supermarket. I saw he bought a big watermelon, 2 loaves of bread, 5 apples in a pack and some vegetables.....very healthy food. I should have told him to enjoy his big if he mind sharing it with me....I can treat him to a can of Carlsberg since I just bought 2 cans.
Will say Hi to him should I see him around. It was his interesting T-shirt that caught my attention to him. He was not bad looking......Hey Mr Watermelon (since I don't know your name), if you happen to read my blog, I am saying Hi to you, from the lady who bought 2 cans of Carlsberg beer. When are you free to buy me a drink ? Would like to get to know you. You know where to find me. Just wait for me at the supermarket where we met yesterday at about the same time. We'll meet there someday should we cross path. Nice chatting with you, Mr Watermelon.
I am just so friendly and sociable....can easily talk to anyone if you open up to me. So my dear silent readers, don't be shy, just say Hi to me and we can be friends. I seems to be attracting and making lots of Caucasians friends, especially men. Guess they are more open, just like fashionably yours.
Cheers :)
P.S. Mr Watermelon, fashionably yours love cycling....we can go cycling together someday.
P.P.S : OMG ! while on my way to the supermarket yesterday, the music store at the market started to play Chinese New Year song, even before Christmas and New Year are over......I heard Kong Si, Kong Si, Kong Si Ni, CNY

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