Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flu Bug caught fashionably yours

Fashionably yours is down with the flu bug today....OMG ! I was alright yesterday and now caught the flu bug. So many people around me are down with the flu bug recently. I must have caught the flu bug from Lemon-san yesterday. He came to my cubicle to blow his nose. Then we talked about the erection of the umbrella. Next moment we were smooching at a corner and doing blow job, so that is how I caught the virus. (Just kidding). In fact, he has been down with the flu bug since last week, so now the bug spreaded to me, since we are always hanging around together.

Woke up this morning feeling so ill, body aching and feverish with a running nose. Thus consulted my company doctor just now and prescribed with some medicines.

The company doctor gave fashionably yours a day of medical leave to rest. He said I have been under tremendous stress so have the tension headache. He asked me to rest more. In fact, he wanted to give me 2 days of medical leave, but I told him I gotta work tomorrow because alot of work waiting for me in the office to do. I will sleep and rest alot today so that tomorrow I can battle in the office. Actually I am clearing my emails from home, it is like working from home, though on medical leave.
I just finished my yummy hot seafood soup for lunch. Took my medicine and gonna zzzzzzzzz in this rainy day......nice weather......Looks like God know his child is tired and need rest at this point of time.
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. (Matthews 11:28)

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