Monday, September 29, 2008

Packing and Packing and Packing

Today is Monday. Do you have Monday blues ? Well, I don't have Monday blues but I do have packing blues......because I have been packing and packing and packing the whole day today. Still so many things to pack. The reason why I am packing is my office will be shifting this Friday while my current floor will undergo renovation. We will be shifting to 7th storey temporarily till the renovation work at 10th storey is completed. Estimated date of completion of renovation is around mid November 2008. I am turning professional packer soon !

I am feeling so tired now from the packing. I have so many boxes and I am surrounded by boxes....Phew ! shall call it a day and continue to pack tomorrow.

This week is a 4-day work week because this Wednesday is Hari Raya Puasa which is a Public Holiday. So tomorrow work one more day will be rest day on Wednesday. Then come Thursday and Friday and the weekend is here.....Well I have lots of events and activities line up on personal, work and social front.

Very happening week indeed ! Stay tuned !

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Decision, decision, decision......

Bestie said this pair of heels looks glamourous....I am now so tempted to buy it. Doesn't it look glamourous on my feet ? At first, thought it looks very mamasan but now looks glamourous. Decision, decision, decision.......maybe should go down to the store to try it out again and walk around to see if I really like it. If yes, then to the cashier to make payment.....Any comments ?

Isetan Private Sale - 25 Sep 2008

It is shopping time again....Yours truly, the shopping queen love shopping. Last Thursday was Isetan Private Sale for cardmembers. I bought some Clarins skincare products at Isetan Wisma during lunch time and that is my first part of the Isetan Private Sale. At the same time, help bestie to collect and pay for her Clarins skincare products. The fitting room was not so crowded, so I tried on a few dresses but they didn't look nice on me, so gave it a pass. The Isetan Private Sale is only for cardmembers at Isetan Scotts. Need to show your Isetan Card to the staff stationed at the entrance in order to enter Isetan Scotts that day. However Isetan Wisma was opened to the Public during the Private Sale.

My Clarins skincare products

The 2nd part of the Isetan Private Sale was in the evening when I met up with Bestie to shop at Isetan Scotts. In fact, Isetan Scotts has more things and is more crowded compared to Isetan Wisma. Surprisingly the quene to the cashiers and to redeem our beauty vouchers was a breeze. The quene are moving fast and within 5 minutes, we are done with the payment and beauty voucher redemptions. It is less crowded and faster when you make payment nearer to 2200 hours when they are closing their store. However most goodies are gone by then because the early birds catches the worms......As we are only interested to buy skincare products and cosmetics, so we reserved our stuff earlier and we just grab and go, on the private sale day. Of course since we were there, we shopped around too, besides buying our reserved skincare products and cosmetics.

Crowds at the Fancl counter when we were there to collect Bestie's items

Bestie bought a pair of Americaya's white looks nice on her. It is worth buying using the beauty vouchers. We have some fun trying on shoes......I tried on a pair of shiny high heels that makes me look like a mamasan, working in a night club.....Have a good laugh over it.....Took pictures of goes.......

Mamasan high heels

I didn't buy this pair of high heels since I don't like it. Thus just for a laugh during our shopping spree. Kinda of mini entertainment huh.

Both bestie and I bought the Estee Lauder's Blockblaster set.

Click here for pictures of my blockblaster purchase.

Besides purchasing skincare products and cosmetics, we also bought stationery. The stationery are retailing at 20% discount on last Thursday only. I bought a nice notebook and some pens.

My sweet notebook
My sweet notebook and pens

Carrie's Disposable Pilot Fountain Pen tucked on her sleeve in

Sex and the city

Close up of the Disposable Pilot Fountain Pen

I bought the Disposable Pilot Fountain Pen

The one used by Carrie in Sex and the city and

in real life, she is also using this pen

We shopped till the store is closing. When it was closed, we were still inside the store talking to our beauty advisor happily. I am very happy with my purchases, so is Bestie.....we went home smiling all the way happily.......All in all, a very enjoyable shopping spree Girls' night out on town.

Friday, September 26, 2008

TGIF and The 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix

It is TGIF.....finally the weekend is here.....yippee....I have so many things to do despite my skin allergic. It was raining cats and dogs this morning and caused lots of traffic jam and water ponding, thus many people were late for work. How I wish today is my off day so that I can snuggle in bed in the rainy morning weather. Unfortunately gotta get myself out of bed and rushed to work in this heavy rain with my brolly.

Next Friday people in my current floor will be shifting office to another floor temporarily for about 2 months, while our current floor will be undergoing renovation. Hence, many of us were busy packing our belongings and documents these few days. Threw away lots of old stuff too and we were kinda of having a packing party. As we packed, we tend to dig out old stuff and some memory came flooding back. Then we talked about it among our group and laughed at the good old times. Such joy of packing together. I kinda of becoming a professional packer soon and surrounded by tons of boxes. As at now, I would say 75% of my stuff are packed, shall continue packing next week. It is so tiring to pack. I have packed alot of boxes, will be exceeding 10 boxes soon.

In fact, since I joined my current company, I have shifted many many times and is a pro in shifting office. I can evacuate anytime. Ever ready to shift. My history of shifting :

From 11th floor shifted to 7th floor
From 7th floor shifted back to 11th floor
From 11th floor shifted to 9th floor
From 9th floor shfted to 10th floor (current floor)
From 10th floor going to shift to 7th floor (next Friday)
From 7th floor, to shift back to 10th floor (after renovation around Nov 08)

Impressive of my shifting ? Some of my colleagues are confused which floor I am station at due to my frequent shifting of office.

Besides packing stuffy in the office today, I also had tea with Lemon-san at Ah Mei cafe at The Paragon during our lunch break. We also shopped at HMV, Kinokuniya bookstore and Bengawan Solo during our lunch break. Lemon-san bought a CD from HMV and a Banana cake from Bengawan Solo. Yours truly bought Shape Magazine - Oct 2008 issue at Kinokuniya bookstore.

Shape Magazine - Oct 2008 issue

It is always fun and enjoyable chilling out with Lemon-san. We sit beside each other cubicle at work, eat lunch together, have tea together and can talk anything under the sun. Soon these will be our sweet memory because after office renovation, we will not be sitting beside each other at work. Due to re-org, I am now from VP office and will be sitting with what my colleague say High Profile people. If we can sit together after our office reno, of course we would like to sit beside each other. However, we still can have lunch and tea/coffee together, with my other wonderful buddies too. We are still working on the same floor, just that we are not sitting beside each other cubicle. We are gonna to miss those good old days by then down the road.

Lemon-san is so funny today and he makes me laugh so hard. We were having lunch at our usual place just now. As I was approaching our table with my food, Lemon-san talked to me.

Our interesting conversation :

Lemon : Just now I called you on your mobile phone, how come you cannot recognised my voice ?

Me : I did not receive your phone call. Did you call the right person ?

Lemon : Oh no, don't tell me I called the wrong girl just now. Let me check my mobile phone. 9XXXXXXX. This one is not your number.....Oh no ! who did I call and talk to just now. When I called just now, I said Hello, I am Lemon. Do you want to come to XXXX ? Then the girl said, where is XXXX and come for what ? I am surprised when the girl said that. I thought you cannot recognised my voice.....Luckily I did not say my real name and call using another mobile phone number. So she doesn't know who is Lemon......luckily.....hahaha......

Jon-san and I were laughing so hard at Lemon-san when he told us this just now. Lemon-san is so blur. He wanted to call me but dial a wrong number and spoke to another girl. Oh my blurry Lemon-san, he sounded so disappointed when he asked me if i cannot recognised his voice. Of course, I can recognise your voice if you dial my mobile phone number, but you dialed a wrong number. hahahhahahaa.......

The 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix kicks off on 26 Sep 2008. F1 races is on 26, 27 and 28 Sep at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. I would like to attend to gain exposure but I have no tickets so can only watch it shown on TV. My F1 vocabulary consists of Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, BMW and Porshe. I am more of a beauty, fashion and shopping kinda of person. Not so good on F1 knowledge. Yuan-san is so lucky that he has a free ticket to watch the practice round on 26 Sep 2008. The event commenced at 1400 hour till midnight. Yuan-san told me it provides guests with tea, dinner and supper. I am sure Yuan-san had a good time at the F1. He will show me pictures he took at F1.

The qualifying round is on 27 Sep 2008 and The actual race is on 28 Sep 2008. For more information, click here

Have a nice weekend everyone. Do catch F1 on TV Channel 5.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

QV Skin Lotion

Bought 2 bottles of QV Skin Lotion Repair Dry Skin from Robinson just now with 20% discount for cardmembers. One bottles to put in the office to apply and one for home use. Very worth buying. This is good and effective. It makes my skin not so itchy after I applied it and my skin feel so moisturised. At first planned to buy Eucerin but I find I like this better, so I bought QV Skin Lotion. Some kinda of retail therapy for me.
My QV Skin Lotion
My cute Tara Panda
Given to me by my colleague - Norman. Thanks.

Tonight will be meeting Bestie for our shopaholics night out......I am shopping queen. I love shopping.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Doctor's Diagnosis of my skin allergic

Just consulted the doctor who cured my auntie's skin allergic years ago. Yours truly was diagnosed to have very dry and sensitive skin now that caused the itch and skin allergic. Some kind of bad skin allergic outbreak. Besides could also have been affected by the dust. Was given some pills to control it and advised to use a pH balance soap free cleanser to shower till my skin calm down (at least 2 weeks). Bought one from the doctor to shower since my skin is very dry and sensitive now. Cannot afford to make it worse by using my own shower gel which are not pH balance.

My medicine to control my skin allergic
This soap-free shower cleanser is only available in clinics and hospitals

So for the time being, will shower with pH balanced soap-free shower cleanser. I am indeed so dry that my lips crack.....cannot talk so loud, it hurts. Urgh ! I need to apply more lip balm to moisturise it.
I so wanna go to F1 private party tonight but seems like I have to give it a pass....No alcoholic drinks for yours truly as it will further dehydrate me....My body and skin need lots of moisture and pH balance.
The weather seems so cooling today.....shall take my beauty sleep shortly.
Note to myself : Need to buy Eucerin or QV pH balance body lotion to apply otherwise my skin will get worse in my air-con office.
Was glad to see Nana just now on my way back from the clinic. It has been a long time since we met. Glad she is doing fine. Actually I am doing great till this skin allergic attack. Urgh ! sucks and I have to forgo clubbing and f1 parties because body is dehydrated and no alcoholic drinks. I doubt I can resist the temptations to drink when I go clubbing and at party. Even when I opened my house fridge, I have the temptations to reach for the beer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Liptchy, Liptsy, Lippy Day

My skin is still so itchy today. Another itchy bitsy day. Furthermore my left side corner of my lip is too dry that it cracks. Ouch ! it is so painful when I eat. Such a liptchy, liptsy, lippy day for yours truly.....It is a Itchy bitsy skin plus liptchy, liptsy, lippy day. I need to apply more lip balm to moisture my lip often these few days.

Took the afternoon off today and planned to go home to rest since my skin allergic is making me so itchy and tired. However ended up did some retail therapy in the afternoon.

Bought two magazines from Kinokuniya just now.
BAZAAR - Oct 2008 issue

FREE Gifts - Shu Uemura worth about SGD34

Simply Her - Oct 2008 issue
I hope my skin allergic will recover soon....I hate the itchiness......If anyone of you know of any good skin doctor or any remedy to cure my skin allergic, please share with me. Thanks.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Itchy Bitsy Day. Urgh !

It is such a itchy bitsy day for yours truly today.....scratching left, right, top, bottom, front, behind and everywhere of my body.....I have skin allergic and so itchy. I think I need extra hands to help me to scratch. Who wants to help me to scratch my itchy body.

It starts to itch since Sunday afternoon and get worse last night. I am sensitive to heat and have sensititve skin so gets itchy. I think the weather for the last few days was extremely hot, so kinda of give me some heat rash as well with my skin allergic condition.

I find that when I feel warm and hot, my body will feel itchy. I need to stay in a cool place for now. My Personal doctor aka my Mr Big ask me to move to Alaska but that will be too cold for me....maybe San Francisco is a nice weather place for yours truly to stay. So nice of him to keep me company during my itch and provides lots of information to me just now. Greatly appreciated. I feel so nice cos you are with me, despite your very hectic and busy schedule. Glad I did learn alot from you and gain new knowledge.So interesting. Thank God for sending you to my life.

For the time being, I better stay out of the sun, be under the shade and stay at cooling places.

It is such a itchy, bitsy day for me....Urgh....need to scratch here and there. Itch itch please go away and don't ever come back again.

On a side note, supposed to meet up with Bestie today but due to my skin allergic, I gotta stay indoor. Sorry. I cannot go outside to scare people with my itch and they will be scared to see me scratching my body everywhere. I feel so tired from the itchiness, maybe scratching too much and feel very miserable and irritated. Luckily My Mr Big cheered me up just now. Kind of bring a curve to my face. However I would prefer to be out and about than to be itchy with the skin allergic. It happens so sudden.

Yeah the cure is I need to stay indoors and be near the fan. I can feel that my skin allergic is improving though on and off still itchy when I feel hot.

Praying that my skin allergic condition will be gone by tomorrow and I want to be out and about. I miss the outdoors' activities and have lots of errands to run.

Laudable Quote

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Saturday, September 20, 2008

WAREHOUSE Private Event - 19 Sep 208 (Friday)

Yesterday took the afternoon off work to meet up with Bestie for a fun filled afternoon of retail therapy. Both of us had so much fun together and shopped happily in town. After we are done with our retail therapy, went to eat our dinner at Burger Kings before heading to buy some stationery from Isetan Scotts. Bestie bought some pens while I bought a violet pen. I also bought a notepad from Kinokuniya bookstore. So with my violet pen and the notepad inside my handbag, I can pen down my thoughts or any inspirations that comes to my mind while on the go. I am a creative scriptwriter and bestie is the artist. We are gonna make our debut and make it big one day. Please give us your support when our books are published. Thanks.

To the Publishers who are readers of my blog, if you are interested in our works and enjoy reading my blog, please feel free to email me at Thanks.

Thereafter we make our way to attend the Private Event for the Autumn Winter Exclusive Preview at the WAREHOUSE Boutique. When we reached there, it was so crowded at the store. After we are done with the registration at the reception, we were allowed to enter the event venue. They actually closed the store for invited guests only last night. The fashion show has just commenced when we reached the venue. Some people who were not the invited guests viewed the fashion show from outside the store. We drank champagne and ate canapes which was served, while watching the fashion show. After the fashion has ended, bestie bought a bangle which I think looks nice on her. The official photographer took a picture of me.....wondering they are publishing it in the local fashion magazines. Actually the photographer also asked bestie to pose together with me to let him take pictures for the 2 of us, but bestie declined, so only yours truly posed for him. I am used to being photographed by the official photographer whenever I attended any events. Was spotted by my colleagues when they saw my face appeared on magazines at times. If they don't tell me, I will still be in the dark.

I massaged my leg with the the osim u-squeeze which was just outside the store. It was so comfortable. We would like to shop further, but as yours truly was feeling so really high high from the champagne, went for coffee at Bakerzin before calling it a night and headed home sweet home.

All in all, it was a wonderful night out on the town, with good food, drinks, fashion show and lovely company.

When I reached home, I was not tipsy at all and was very much awake that both bestie and I msned with each other till 3am before we hit slumberland.......guess we had not hit our speech quota, so continue online though we just met a few hours ago. Besides, I aslo was busy smsed with my friend Dan and I did not hit slumberland till 4am......Dan and I are two night owls who are really really high high last night, because he was drinking the whole night.........He is a good drinker compared to yours truly but we love our beer, wine and good food. It was nice smsing and talking to Dan.

For pictures on the event, please click here

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ice Latte & Women's Weekly Mag

Drank Ice Latte from
Coffee Club

Bought Women's Weekly - Oct 2008 issueFREE Gift with Women's Weekly - Oct 2008 issue
Worth SGD10.80

I feel so sleepy.....going to bed shortly.....

Good Night and sweet dreams......Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drinks & Magazine

Drank Ice Lychee Mint
from Bakerzin
Taste sweet & sour

bought CLEO - Oct 2008 issue

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My shoppings

Bought this Poshe Base Coat and Poshe Topcoat from my salon after my Pedicure session on Monday. Actually was reading about it on Sunday. Poshe has got good review from Her World Aug 2008 issue. After I read it, I was thinking to buy the base coat......tada....went for Pedi sess on Monday and bought it after the nail technician recommended them to me. Hope it is effective in strengthening and moisturising my nails.
Bought this deep sleep dreamy pillow and body mist from the body shop.
It helps one to sleep better. Sweet dreams

Finally found this Hudson's sweet from Guardian@Ngee Ann City

Thanks to Jason for recommending this to me. It really is effective to soothe my throat.

Bought ELLE - Oct 2008 issue on Tuesday,

after I had tea with Lemon at The Paragon

Nicely done pedicure

Presenting my nicely done Pedicure
in OPI colour
wearing my Beverly Fieldman Gold heels

My lovely Beverly Fieldman Gold heels

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sleepy Monday and relaxing Pedi Session

Had a long day today.....busy at work and in the evening indulge myself for my monthly pedicure session. It was lovely and had my toes painted in a shade of OPI Red. Will post picture asap of my nicely done pedicure....Oh met one Hong Kong celebrity during my Pedicure session just now. However I don't know her well because I don't really listen to Mandarin song. She is part of a Chinese group something 2R sisters......I am sure those of you who are into Mandarin music may know who she is. She was there to do her manicure. From my understanding she has a cover shoot tomorrow for a local English Magazine. Wow ! I had my pedicure done today with a Hong Kong celebrity sitting next to me. Feel so honoured. Heard she is close friend with Aaron Kwok, the Hong Kong famous singer.

For 2R information, click here

On a lighter note, am happy to see my friend Dan today. He just came back from his short weekend getaway from Bintan with his group of friends - 2 Singaporeans, 1 German and two Danish....He was at this Yasan Resort or something.....very close to nature....Poor Dan's leg was bitten by mosquitoes. They had some water sports there. Think he enjoyed himself so much that he stayed up late till 4am last night to prepare slides for his 9.30am presentation this morning, He told me he was so sleepy when I met him this too very sleepy today.

Just received his sms message, told me he just ended his Chinese lesson and on his way home. HIs bed is only a short walk away.....Both of us are so sleepy today and I had a blur vision day.... will talk about it in the next blog.

We are going to our bed soon.....Nitey nite everyone !

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Crabtree & Evelyn's Hand Therapy

It is retail therapy time again. I purchased my favourite hand therapy from Crabtree & Evelyn. I love Crabtree & Evelyn's products.

Presenting my purchases

I have been using Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream for quite some time. I find it is very rich, creamy and very moisturising. My all time 2 favourites are the Gardener and Lavender hand thereapy.

Feel free to share with me what are your favourite hand cream or lotion.