Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Liptchy, Liptsy, Lippy Day

My skin is still so itchy today. Another itchy bitsy day. Furthermore my left side corner of my lip is too dry that it cracks. Ouch ! it is so painful when I eat. Such a liptchy, liptsy, lippy day for yours truly.....It is a Itchy bitsy skin plus liptchy, liptsy, lippy day. I need to apply more lip balm to moisture my lip often these few days.

Took the afternoon off today and planned to go home to rest since my skin allergic is making me so itchy and tired. However ended up did some retail therapy in the afternoon.

Bought two magazines from Kinokuniya just now.
BAZAAR - Oct 2008 issue

FREE Gifts - Shu Uemura worth about SGD34

Simply Her - Oct 2008 issue
I hope my skin allergic will recover soon....I hate the itchiness......If anyone of you know of any good skin doctor or any remedy to cure my skin allergic, please share with me. Thanks.

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