Saturday, September 20, 2008

WAREHOUSE Private Event - 19 Sep 208 (Friday)

Yesterday took the afternoon off work to meet up with Bestie for a fun filled afternoon of retail therapy. Both of us had so much fun together and shopped happily in town. After we are done with our retail therapy, went to eat our dinner at Burger Kings before heading to buy some stationery from Isetan Scotts. Bestie bought some pens while I bought a violet pen. I also bought a notepad from Kinokuniya bookstore. So with my violet pen and the notepad inside my handbag, I can pen down my thoughts or any inspirations that comes to my mind while on the go. I am a creative scriptwriter and bestie is the artist. We are gonna make our debut and make it big one day. Please give us your support when our books are published. Thanks.

To the Publishers who are readers of my blog, if you are interested in our works and enjoy reading my blog, please feel free to email me at Thanks.

Thereafter we make our way to attend the Private Event for the Autumn Winter Exclusive Preview at the WAREHOUSE Boutique. When we reached there, it was so crowded at the store. After we are done with the registration at the reception, we were allowed to enter the event venue. They actually closed the store for invited guests only last night. The fashion show has just commenced when we reached the venue. Some people who were not the invited guests viewed the fashion show from outside the store. We drank champagne and ate canapes which was served, while watching the fashion show. After the fashion has ended, bestie bought a bangle which I think looks nice on her. The official photographer took a picture of me.....wondering they are publishing it in the local fashion magazines. Actually the photographer also asked bestie to pose together with me to let him take pictures for the 2 of us, but bestie declined, so only yours truly posed for him. I am used to being photographed by the official photographer whenever I attended any events. Was spotted by my colleagues when they saw my face appeared on magazines at times. If they don't tell me, I will still be in the dark.

I massaged my leg with the the osim u-squeeze which was just outside the store. It was so comfortable. We would like to shop further, but as yours truly was feeling so really high high from the champagne, went for coffee at Bakerzin before calling it a night and headed home sweet home.

All in all, it was a wonderful night out on the town, with good food, drinks, fashion show and lovely company.

When I reached home, I was not tipsy at all and was very much awake that both bestie and I msned with each other till 3am before we hit slumberland.......guess we had not hit our speech quota, so continue online though we just met a few hours ago. Besides, I aslo was busy smsed with my friend Dan and I did not hit slumberland till 4am......Dan and I are two night owls who are really really high high last night, because he was drinking the whole night.........He is a good drinker compared to yours truly but we love our beer, wine and good food. It was nice smsing and talking to Dan.

For pictures on the event, please click here


Billy Chua said...

Wow, I think sooner or later u going to appear in The Sunday Times lifestyle section...

Classiclicious said...

I am flattered. Thanks. Look out for it when I appeared in the Sunday Times lifestyle section. Then you must inform me because normally spotted by people and then they informed me. Thanks.